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Credit by BunBunDango @ http://brookebattista.co.vu/
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Jubi Wish.png

I was wrong, you know,” Nabi had confessed to Anchor in that shed, whispering what truths came to her mind, when she thought he was drifting away. “I thought I wanted one thing from all this. Your freedom. That if somehow I helped you get free, that it would all be worth it.

“I was wrong. I want more. I want… to watch the cherry blossoms rain upon your head. And... I want to hear you say my name. I want us to watch the fireworks again. I want to show you the fireflies taking to the air just as the daylight sinks into the sea.” She was imploring him to stay. With her. “I want so much more."



The picture depicts events of this post.


by BunBunDango @ http://brookebattista.co.vu/
From the album:

Cigarettes and Fireflies

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