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  1. Seeing how Simhi's a female, she's out of the romantic realm for him, but if it's a friend with a head full of mischief that you'd accept, too, do accept my discord request!~
  2. Hi, I can't gather from your post if you'd like to RP over discord, but if so, do hit me up! Shimiharu#3202 is my tag.
  3. And I'm back to say I have time again. Sorry to anyone I might have missed in the meantime, I had some issues with depression.
  4. Simhi would be a re-occuring character - the odd homeless Miqo'te girl who keeps asking you to find the male Keepers she managed to convince to play "her mate" to keep her mother quiet. Or find items for her that she actually needs to fetch for her customers in Limsa.
  5. Uhm...people ghosting me leads to me bumping this once again. Also because I dearly miss someone who's ghosting me. EDIT: I'm hereby sorry for anyone I'm involuntarily ghosting. I got busier than I thought, but this is still up, so anyone interested, do contact me.
  6. I just sent you a friend request on discord! He seems like the type of guy to go on an adventure with.
  7. I'm an INTP-T playing an ENFP-T, apparently.^^ 69% EXTRAVERTED 71% INTUITIVE 53% FEELING 63% PROSPECTING 63% TURBULENT
  8. Bumpin' because I've had someone interested in this, but insecure due to post date. And I'm still looking.
  9. Shimi...a disney princess, definitely. Probably Ariel or Belle. Does something against traditions and wants adventure while still being on good terms with her family. On the good end of the spectrum.
  10. Yu Kobayashi for speaking and singing. I like that sometimes, her voice easily passes as male or at least seems androgynous.
  11. Shimi, even though a scholar, just carries out daily quests and odd jobs. Whatever she can find it will be, from healing strangers to taking care of chocobos and running errands. This probably explains why she also has quite little income in total.
  12. Honestly, I believe Shimi would cry all the time. At everything. Weltschmerz if there is no better reason to be sad. (Weltschmerz is a German word made up of the word for "world" and "pain", so somewhat meaning the pain of the entire world.) With no reason to be upset, she'd just worry about general problems all the time and lament to everyone around her. What do we learn from this? Do not slip alchohol into her drink, lest you want to end up her advice column.
  13. Seeing that my character actually is "in heat" every New Moon and avoids males of all races during that period, I'd probably have to go through both scenarios: Not in heat: Actually, she's still inexperienced and naive enough to kiss them right back and then ask "That was a greeting, right?" referring to that person probably just being used to that being a greeting, so she'd politely try to adapt. In heat: She'll blush, blink, blush, blink, blush...for let's say a minute or two before she gets out of that baffled state and begins to show her affection by embra
  14. Let's see. Element fits. Nymeia is her deity. Power and regeneration? Maybe? She's a scholar, so she deals damage and heals - fits. Body Part...okay, I do think she's headcanonly in heat during New Moon. But she is not a nymphomaniac. Still fits. Good day...totally, although I would not subscribe to the term "magnetic". Fits. Bad day...actually just jealous, secretive and vengeful. She's too simple-minded, when mad, to become obsessive, possessive or manipulative. 50 percent fit. Favorite Things All of the above except for music and vinyl. She likes classical musi
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