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  1. Yeah. I was wondering what people thought about the rathalos for instance, it'd make total sense if the same could be possible for strongth as my previous strongth was from MHW anyway, so if the collab raid is considered widely canon I can just leave out the implication that they came from elsewhere beforehand?
  2. Thanks for the clarification, although I had not taken it this way
  3. Thanks for the responses, I've decided to make a new character on Mateus, since I don't want to limit my partner options unnecessarily. I'm going to say goodbye to my glamours (for now) and Strongth will continue to be my warrior of light. Guess it's time to start brainstorming some fun character ideas. Thanks for your honesty, and have a wonderful day!
  4. Hiya~ Name's Strongth, Nice to meet you all! Edit: I ended up transfering to Mateus, so I'm not going to be avaliable in Chaos server In case anybody read this and was thinking of contacting me. I'd still love to have someone to touch base with or a FC or something so I'll appreciate any advice or support I could get going forward happily. I'm always willing to learn. Anybody on the Chaos datacentre (or elsewhere, if I decide to transfer to NA) who is willing to take a newbie and show them the ropes I would be thrilled. I'm tentatively excited about start
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