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  1. Hey, all! I'm new to the roleplaying community of FFXIV! To be honest, the idea of posting on a public forum makes me a bit anxious, so I held back for a while, but I really would enjoy more chances to roleplay as my character! Some info on him: Name: Yen'to Tahzun Race: Miqo'te, Keeper of the Moon Height: 5'8" Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Red Age: 21 (As of Stormblood) Info: Yen'to tends to be a cheery, happy-go-lucky sort of guy. Liberation of his homeland was his driving motivation until it came, and at that point he decided he would make sure no one would ever suffer like he did. He has a fondness for nature, enjoying gardening, and any outdoor activity really. He also drinks quite often and enjoys just about any food. Has scars on his torso in the shape of Nidhogg's teeth. Also usually wears sunglasses to protect his eyes (as they're adapted for nocturnal activity, being a Keeper.) Backstory: Yen'to was born in Ala Mhigo and lived with his family in a small Miqo'te tribe for the early years of his life. His mother, Yen, as well as most other members of the tribe often raided Imperial patrols, doing anything they could to sabotage their oppressors, until one day the Garleans tracked them and attacked, killing everyone except for Yen and her children. The woman was a skilled lancefighter, and managed to hold off the Garleans until she found an opening to take her kids and run. She took them to her good friend Bermund, a Highlander who spent his days getting people across Baelsar's wall. They made plans to travel to Thanalan the following day, but due to her injuries, Yen passed away during the night. Bermund decided to adopt the boys and raised them as his own. In Little Ala Mhigo, Yen'to lived in poverty, having to do some bad things just to get by. As soon as he turned 19, he took all the gil he had and traveled to Gridania to learn how to use a spear. Eventually he became a Dragoon, joined the scions and... The rest is history! I'm not picky with what sort of RP we do- I quite enjoy ERP, and have some specific ideas, but I'd also be very excited to roleplay anything from a fun adventure, to romance! Though I prefer to roleplay off of XIV, we can if you really want! If anyone wants to give me a chance, I think the best way to discuss would be to contact me on my discord: Evvss55#8891 I look forward to hearing from someone here~!
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