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  1. From experience in past MMOs, this sort of things happens. This thread is a little old, so sorry for posting here again, but I'd really hate for a new RPer to quit a unique and fun hobby because of a bad experience like this. As others have said, sometimes there's a random DC, sometimes it's a deeper reason. Even if this person looks like they have a pattern, it might not be malicious; they could have a bad internet connection or limited access to the internet. And if it turns out they don't want to RP with you, that's an unfortunate fact that you would have to accept. Like in life
  2. On the bright side, if it was locked even for a bit, that's a good sign for the server's population.
  3. Following our Earth astrology instead of any kind of Eorzean equivalent, what's your character's star sign? Do they fit the typical description of that sign, go against it, or fall somewhere in between? What do they like about their sign, and what don't they like?
  4. Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I go by Midori online, and I've been reading this board fairly frequently for a while now. I tend not to post myself, but I'm currently enrolled in a class that has the goal of studying fan communities, in part by joining them, and out of all the ones I considered, the RPC stuck out to me. I'm not currently subscribed to FFXIV, but I love Final Fantasy and the lore of FFXIV. I look forward to posting more, and hopefully discussing the unique community that exists in and around MMORPGs with the people who bring it to life!
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