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  1. Greetings, all. I go by Savader, or "Sav" for short when out of character. As detailed in the title there, I am a returning player (up to about halfway through Stormblood, originally), having been on hiatus for the past year and a half. I decided to create a new character in a different world (Goblin), with my primary intentions being to enjoy the wonderful and beautiful world of Eorzea through roleplay. I am familiar with the concept of conventional roleplaying (i.e. writing), but must admit that this avenue will be fairly fresh to me. All the same, I am very interested in giving it a go. Now, I have been told by many sources that the ideal RP communities can be found in either Balmung or Mateus. Question is, should I world hop over to one of them, or does it not matter in the grand scheme of things? Thus, I turn to you fine people for guidance. How is roleplaying on Goblin, for instance? Are there many available plots of land to purchase? Is the community strong and welcoming? And I'd ask the same of Balmung and Mateus, respectively. How do they stack up against Goblin? Please, share your experiences, preferences, and advice on this matter. I would greatly appreciate it.
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