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  1. Hey there, Masao! While I do not, unfortunately, have any characters that could entertain the thought and pick up the Roe here as a Retainer, I do simply do wish to say that that Roe's beard is glorious and compliments nicely with the outfit overall! I hope ya find what you're lookin' for!
  2. EDIT: I will be temporarily holding off on establishing future connections and contacts as of the moment due to the sheer number of requests that I've been given. I wish to get to know and give as much time as I can to those I've spoken to already to equally distribute my time for all and so I can settle in comfortably! So again, thank you for everyone that has took a glance here and for being so welcoming! Hey, folks! I’ve been here for quite a bit now, and after finally getting my bearings, I’m confident (and gotten off my butt) enough to make a profile for some of my cha
  3. (Down below is some details about myself! I'll be updating this when I can for edits such quality of life for better meaning, more information about myself, and adding more characters!) 1. Basic Info Primary Character(s): Currently Varus, +2 unlisted Characters: --Varus Ryder-- (And even more to come in the future?) Linkshells: Since I’ve only recently come to fully delve into FFXIV, I haven’t really looked for any Free Companies to join. Primary RP Linkshell: N/A II. RP S
  4. Hey there, Sav! Welcome to the RPC! To help out where I can, it’s true that the most ideal, or active, RP communities within the Crystal Data-center is either located Mateus or Balmung. However! I think it’s important note of the semi-recent update to the game that has allowed travel to different servers within your date-center, so even though you’re on Goblin, you can visit the worlds both Mateus and Balmung due to the simple fact that they’re also located within the Crystal DC. So it may not entirely matter in the grand scheme of things as to rather or not to move over to either
  5. A big thanks for those who chimed in with my questions on here! It certainly clears quite a few things that I didn't know how to.. 'Interpret', perse. Especially with teleportation and the unconsciousness and death segments, as it were the areas I really didn't know if it was a simply a game mechanic, or something that could be utilized in-character.
  6. Hey again! I'm starting to really pump out the writings here recently in hopes to further move things along to establish a character within community and to dive in! What I have here today, as the title suggests, is a rough draft I managed to type up about my first character, Varus. While it doesn't have the 'neatness' to it as of yet, it contains the general backstory for my character. And so, here it is: =============================================================================================== Backstory: Hailing from a small, cozy settlement that’s squeezed in the far-off
  7. Hey folks! I’m finally having a moment to catch some time to better delve deeper into the game since my more initial debut back in early March. Since then and now, I’ve been peeking at the many lore posts by Sounsyy and what other posts could be salvaged for use by Unnamed Mercenary (Much appreciation to both of them for the time they put forth). While I get the gist of most of the aspects of the lore that I can digest, there’s simply still so much more to pour through and some that remain to be.. Uncertain at best. I’ll be posting a list down below about some areas that I’m confus
  8. Hey folks! I go by Jarret and I look forward to meeting one and all! I can't help at all being nervous with taking a leap here (hello, Anxiety), but here goes nothing! My MMORPG Background: I can say for certainly that my MMORPG career has been about for five years so far, with my very first being Star Wars The Old Republic starting me back in early 2014, the final years of when I was still in High School. Since then, I've dabbled in others like Guild Wars 2 that has come to hold a close spot to my heart, TERA, World of Warcraft, and Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately with so
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