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  1. The crinkle and crunch of leaves beneath her footfalls were noticeable with each step as the short haired individual brushed off her jacket upon entering Gridania. Her jet black hair and red highlights glisten from the sunlight beams that filter through the leaf canopies and various branches above her. The sounds of various activities and idle chatter begin to grow louder in volume as Noel strides through the major thoroughfare of Gridania's markets. The metal of gil could be heard being stashed in to leather pouches, exchanged from hand to hand and thrown down on wooden tables. Flicking a coi
  2. Hi hi! I'm going to give you a poke as I'm working on getting back in to FF14 RP things. Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I'm just getting back in to things and trying to pick up RP again. Would love to see if we can have a session sometime if you're available! Thanks!
  4. Nothing wrong with taking a break. Welcome back! Hopefully you can get some hooks going on here!
  5. Hello! This is probably one of the best ways to make connections is by poking around here! You can also find people in game sometimes too, but that seems to be a bit more uncommon if it's not on a more RP focused server.
  6. Hello! Welcome! It might be a little daunting, but asking questions helps out a lot if you're worried about doing something lore wise. Everyone is pretty friendly and helpful about it!
  7. Can someone tell me a bit more about how the Crystal Tower operates or what allows it to even maintain its presence since isn't it from another world? Is there technology within it that can send you to another fragment?
  8. Oh I could think of some cool stuff with your character! Noel's a treasure hunter of long lost relics and Allagan things for the right amount of gil. I'd love to join a story hook and set something up! Sounds fun!
  9. While I'm not sure my character could be a retainer for you, I think your idea sounds like a blast! Maybe we could do a one-shot or craft something up when you have the time?
  10. I would totes adore that! Let's find some time to get a meetup going!
  11. Oh look, another treasure hunter! Just going to drop this here! https://ff14noelstirling.carrd.co/
  12. Helloooooo fellow RP friends! I did a bit of a revamp of my character in to what is a bit more fun and goofy to play around with for me. You can find the profile at this fancy carrd link below: Noel Stirling Feel free to poke me here in a PM or reply to the thread. Looking forward to making some connections and maybe some one shot stories!
  13. Hello! Are you still looking for RP opportunities? My character is a treasure hunter with sarcastic manners and may be prone to picking fights sometimes.
  14. Hello! I'm interested in some RP through discord means. Is that the best way to get in contact with you?
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