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  1. Through roleplay, how would one attempt to travel to the First from the Source, so that our whimsical fantasies of our PCs playing through the light-flooded world could be reality (sort of). I may have a few ideas, and I would definitely love feed back! (Please note, at the time of writing this, I am just starting the ShB MSQ) * Way #1: Faeries of the First are capable of travelling from the First to the Source, through the usage of (what I can guess) physical material from the Source. Thus, I believe that it could be very possible that, by happenstance, a stray faery wandering the Source could be used as transportation to the First. * Way #2: A simple portal. Possibly a freak accident, or the effect of a small invasion of Sin Eaters entering the Source. A very. . . difficult occurrence to conjure up within one's mind, but also could be a possibly viable mode of transportation. * Way #3: Aetheryte Mishap. This one is very unlikely, but I still put it on the table. Imagine you are using an experimental teleportation spell or are using aetheryte travel to a rather 'defunct' aetheryte. This may cause some fluctuation, and most likely resolve in a violent death. However, I am sure there could also be a slight chance that streams would cross and you can just so happen to end up within the world of the First. However, I find this idea, even if I made it myself, highly unlikely in any event. * Way #4: Hydaelyn. A very simple concept for those who roleplay as those with the power of the Echo. Hydaelyn, either by proxy or by her own power, sends your character to the First, as possible aid in the effort to stem the flood of light. These are the only things I could muster, and I will note that I am not particularly was well-versed on most topics and lore within the game. However, I truly wish that this post will hopefully sparks all manners of discussion on the manner, so that we could all find a way to allow our characters to enjoy the experiences of the First.
  2. I am quite new as well, and I am hoping if you would invite me to RP with you guys in Jenova!
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