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  1. Oops! Work kept me far too distracted! No worry, I'll pop you a message!
  2. I'd love to talk more about a good mix! Can't go wrong with getting to know more people. I'll drop you a message to touch base!
  3. Quick Info: Gender: Male Race/Clan: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Age: 34 Height: 5 Fulms 10 Ilms Weight: 192 Ponze Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Location: Ul’dah/Gridania/Kugane Occupation: Relic Seeker, Black Mage Thaumaturge for hire, owner of Relics and Rarities Personality: Years of study has produced someone of a rather patient demeanor who has learned to take events in stride as well as assess a situation with all the knowledge he has acquired, yet has also developed a bitter individual who has allowed said knowledge to become overconfidence to the point of his goals becoming far above his own head; threatening to overwhelm him. Jihl'a can be seen as a proactive character who chases after leads he finds to explore forgotten tombs, ancient ruins and dead cities with his confidence and sarcasm in full swing, whereas he becomes patient, understanding and knowledgeable the moment he attends to his shop. Negatively, his overconfidence may kill him, and his skill with magic may attract unwelcome attention. RP Hooks: Gridania and the Twelveswood: "You hail from the Twelveswood? Perhaps you've met my parents. Better yet, don't tell me." As a Keeper of the Moon, Jihl'a was born in the woods near the city of Gridania, a member of one such tribe. At a young age, his thaumaturgical ability had been discovered shortly after setting a tree ablaze while on an adventure with a friend. He was sent to Ul'dah until graduating with the Thaumaturge guild, where he has since visited Gridania from time to time to speak with his parents as well as attend to Relics and Rarities, the premiere relic appraising, studying and selling location! Know the shop? Heard rumors of the goings on behind closed doors involving rituals, voidsent or the like? Plenty of opportunity awaits! Ul'dah: Second Home for a Mischievous Youth: "One of the safest havens in Ul'dah is the Thaumaturge Guild. It's hard to be robbed or kidnapped when you have both teachers and students poised to use aetheric fire at a moment's notice." Perhaps one of his favorite locations, Ul'dah is where Jihl'a spent his youth and young adulthood. Much of his time was spent learning how to pickpocket as well as poking his nose into books to perfectly perfect his magical arts. Soon after graduating with the Thaumaturge Guild, he was granted access to the forbidden section, where his thirst for adventure truly began. He often returns now for business involving relics, visiting the guild to refresh himself and speak to his teachers, or simply becoming nostalgic to once innocent times. Have you seen him walking past? Perhaps you overheard his name while inside the guild? Maybe even encountered him as a child, his appearance somehow recognizable. Kugane: The newest addition to his services as a relic seeker, Kugane became the location of the first expansion of his business once rumors of eastern empires and tomes of dead magicks brushed past his ears. Quickly putting up shop inside the city, Jihl'a chased every opportunity given by a previous employer. Now that the deal has been long finished, perhaps there is still a location yet unexplored, a book unread or perhaps a piece of magic he still hasn't learned. Being the second location of Relics and Rarities, he often travels between the two to ensure both are running in top shape, his employees ensuring the gil is in constant flow. Old Friend, or Old Competition: Given his aptitude for magic, Jihl'a holds himself highly when it comes to the aetheric arts. He would claim there are few who would compete and would fiercely defend this opinion, claiming of stories where near death was a joke and the worst of threats bonked with his staff as opportunity struck. Perhaps it's all false. There is a potential his old classmates or even an old rival reacquaint themselves with him to prove this fact otherwise. Is he overconfident, or honest? Is there the chance both rip reality asunder or become friends that better each other? What I'm Seeking!: I'm looking for both contacts and friendship for Jihl'a, as well as work involving ruins or even reading a dusty old book. Should anything involve The First, I'd welcome a potential combining of knowledge to traverse the rift or even something already located in the shard. They may be short of course, but long term acquaintances are preferred. He requires a bit of socialization to realize there's more than the shop and his work. Events are welcome as are potential magic pupils and bouts. I'm happy to brainstorm! And if you're interested in learning a little more about Jihl'a, check out his RPC! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Jihl'a_Wilzuun Anything Else?: I myself run on EST time and am available in game from 4pm - 12am on workdays and from 9am - 3am on off days! On Discord I'm available any time. Jihl'a can be both a fairly light character as well as fairly dark, so don't be afraid to ask about an idea you have. If you're someone curious about romance, I'll offer that while it's not something I seek for Jihl'a, it is a potential should the two characters work well together. I'm also looking for an RP FC, so if you happen to know of one you believe I may be interested in, let me know!
  4. Going to bump things with a touch of magic!
  5. Hey! Kasi easily seems like someone great to have a conversation with. I'm always up for talking with different characters and seeing just how they mesh. Both of them seem to have somewhat similar morals in terms of certain subjects, and possibly a disagreeing one or two elsewhere. Could make for some nice RP, I'd love to talk sometime!
  6. I can agree. It seems a bit more difficult to find our own than it should be, but I know plenty of them are simply reading. Or still leveling and gearing. Or going afk. There's plenty of adventure to be had with us magic folk, we simply use other means to go about business. I do hope you've found luck in seeking a retainer for your own RP though! If you ever want a chat, or are in need of an item a bit more on the unique side, let me know.
  7. Just wanted to point out that anyone can contact me at any point, and there's no shortage of spots or any such thing. Any and all are accepted!
  8. That sounds like an idea to me! I'll likely send you a message, but I'll keep an eye out in case you're around as well. He might question your decision to not continue thaumaturge training, but he's never been one to consider healing much either. Well, I'm on Diabolos, but I'd love to get a good Discord Rp or even Forum stuff, if you're down. I just noticed that, oof. I'm happy to oblige though, so I'll send you details.
  9. That sounds like an idea to me! I'll likely send you a message, but I'll keep an eye out in case you're around as well. He might question your decision to not continue thaumaturge training, but he's never been one to consider healing much either.
  10. Welcome to the premier source of research, relics and rare magics! Jihl'a Wilzuun is seeking partners, informants and those available who might have something useful; dark or otherwise. Knowledge of them isn't required, as a drink or a conversation is always welcome. Anyone may send a missive to show their interest, and Jihl'a will be sure to contact them when he isn't staring at a research site. He's not without associating with the seedy sort to gain anything, and will happily question anyone with any information. While planning where to search, he'll stop in the cities for supplies or an interested eye. OOC Hello! Thanks for taking a glance! As it states, Jihla's looking for anyone interested in joining on research trips, relic hunts in ancient ruins, or having discussions on the effects of magic on ourselves and others. Otherwise feel free to contact me and discuss some options, I'm open to ideas. Availability I'm at the mercy of work, but I'm available more often than not and am usually on in the morning, or late afternoon and night. I'm within the eastern time zone [EST] so feel free to ask when I might be available! What do I RP? As Jihl'a is a black mage in character, (He won't admit that easily) and darker themes such as injury or murder are allowed, I still reserve the right to say no should I not be comfortable with the RP. As for ERP I do allow and am open to writing smut, but would prefer it to have a more plot related purpose. For these reasons, anyone above 18+ are the only accepted for RP, character and player both. I'm also available in Discord, and am happy to talk, throw ideas around and RP! You only have to ask! A Few RP Grabs A couple things to help anyone wondering how to snag his attention. Are you a Keeper? A Keeper might have a bit of an easier time initially speaking to him, as he was indeed raised within a Keeper clan in the Shroud. Mention being a Thaumaturge Considering who he is, this will easily have him asking questions about what you know. Heading to an event, or gathering? Jihl'a would be happy to be asked to join an event, as there's always something to be discovered while at a party. Have an interesting book? It should seem obvious, but he's a fan of books like many others, so he'd be interested in what you're reading. Into relics yourself? Start off by asking about some old book, or a dusty old magic vase you found; it'll make an ear twitch. I do have other characters available as well; feel free to ask about them!
  11. I'll do that! I love scatterbrained characters so I'm sure they'd have a great conversation.
  12. I'll keep it in mind and keep an eye out for you! I think another thaumaturge would be a dangerous and fun conversation! I looked at the wiki and she seems great. He's pretty neutral on the Amalj'aa situation, but isn't against getting rid of a few. I'll be on all day today so I'll keep an eye out for you!
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