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  1. Whispers Of Fate (MB-RP) Is a newly formed Free company on Malboro. Our goal is to set up a Roleplay centred FC for other roleplayers on Malboro to join and roleplay together! We're currently at rank 6 with a small FC house. We also have 3 Medium houses with Roleplay businesses within them for people to enjoy! We welcome all types of roleplayers of any age group. Contact me for details on here or on Discord @ Andrew Quincey #0406 Thanks!
  2. Hey, good to see another RPer from Malboro. I've looked at your character and was wondering if you'd be fine with developing a story with my main character. He's on Malboro. Names, Andrew Quincey - https://quincey.carrd.co/ There's a brief overview of his character. I'd most likely find it more enjoyable to RP a story with MANA ITEYA if you'd want to RP with myself. I'm usually around often to RP on discord and in-game.
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