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  1. I'm gonna send a friend invite your way on discord so I don't spam your post
  2. Hello there! What kind of role plays are you interested in?
  3. Okay, my heart really goes out to Marcelloix.
  4. Small update: I usually work any time between 4am to 3pm, sometimes later depending on the holidays. I try to stay awake until at least 9 or 10pm but am available any time inbetween.
  5. Hi there! First time making a post here, I'm looking for a long term romantic interest for my character on Adamantoise, or anywhere in general. I'm willing to make an alt on your server. I would like to build a story together, seeing the relationship develop, to plot a fun romantic adventure and overall someone I get can along with. I'm looking for a Male character to pair with my female Au Ra If there's any questions let me know! I'm happy to answer or add more information! Name: Airewen Age: 25 Race: Au Ra Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Light Background: She was born and raised in the Azim Steppe alongside her loving family and clan. She would spend her days dancing with the children and helping with picking herbs and maintaining their gardens. Once the Garleans had invaded, her parents had been taken hostage and soon later killed. Overcome with grief she managed to escape and made passage to Eorzea. After working side jobs as a dancer, she soon made her way to Gridania, hoping to travel as much of this new land and make connections with others along the way. Hopes: To one day find the love of her life and start a new family of her own. Fears: Being alone for the rest of her life Personality: She is a rather kindhearted person and is pretty willing to put others needs before her own. Despite losing her family, Airewen has a rather bright outlook on life and loves helping others as much as she can. She has a soft spot for children, always being the one to watch over the young ones from her home world. Despite her usual kindness, she is rather quick to anger if someone were bully another person for no reason. She is fully confident when it comes to her appearance, courtesy of her being a dancer yet doesn't know how to actually take a genuine comment.
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