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  1. Hi! I'm opening up commissions again! As some of you know I work with a 5+ years old laptop and im currently trying to save up for a desktop pc! Let me know if you are interested! And thanks #commissionopen TWITTER
  2. Finished two more comms today! Make sure to message me either on discord or on my twitter @sarahthesad if you are interested in having your own bean!
  3. Here are some recent examples of people who already commissioned me!
  4. Bean Comms are Open! Check out my Twitter thread for already finished commissions and inspiration for facial expressions and details! HERE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  5. I realized how unspecific I was on my first post so here are some info about Asah. Full name: Asah Naoaki He rarely attends by his first name since he is quite ashamed of it for its feminine tone, so he will usually go by Nao or Naoaki instead. Only extremely close people will be able to call him by his first name. Race: Miqo'te / Keeper He was born a little before the calamity and was left parentless after the occurence. He was soon found and adopted by an elderly couple from the Ishgardian high society, and raised as their own untill his late teens, when
  6. Hello! Anything from casual to mature themed RP really ^u^ I don't really have much that I wouldn't agree on rp-wise
  7. Hello RPC! Long time no see! I'm a long time FFXIV player who started out RPing but eventually grew tired of it and became a regular player. I recently re-did my character and I guess the spark to RP just came back as soon as I finished things up in character creation hehe. I still have a long way to go with character building, but I feel like giving rp a shot again is the best way to figure my characters personality. Sadly I can't rp in game, so if you are ok with rping over discord, I would love to get to know your character! I'll leave some info down bellow!
  8. [align=center][/align] [align=center]The Cat of Fortune is a Restaurant Theme, doman influenced RP-FC. We have weekly open RP nights, where we open our FC house for all of the balmung RP community, as well as weekly get togethers with our FC members, such as map hunts on fridays. We also have a very active discord channel where all of our friends and FC members are welcome.[/align] [align=center]http://stephanielynnphotos.com/postdivider.png'>http://stephanielynnphotos.com/postdivider.png[/img][/align] ♦ Formed on: 01/30/2016 ♦ Active members: Around 40+ ♦ Rank: 8 - Maelstro
  9. [align=center]Hello everyone! I'm just leaving this here for those who are interested! :moogle:[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]To see more of my art, please go to asah-xiv[/align]
  10. RP NIGHT IS TONIGHT! The café will be open in a few minutes.
  11. Thank you so much :love: I'm glad you had a good time, and thanks for coming over!
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