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  1. Hello all! I was in the process of making a new Miqo’te character who was one of the healers/medics for his clan! With that being said, this is the first time I’ll be actively RPing a healer! Would anyone happen to have any tips on how I would go about healing someone who is hurt in an RP (for example, on conjurer)? Any and all tips are appreciated!
  2. It is from what I've experienced so far! I'm normally pretty shy about reaching out to other RPers, but the ones I've run into have been pretty nice so far!
  3. THE BASICS –––– NAME: Trishelle Kimishima AGE: 25 RACE: Lalafell ETHNICITY: Plainsfolk/Dunesfolk mix GENDER: Female SEXUALITY: Straight SERVER: Jenova PHYSICAL APPEARANCE –––– Short red hair with black highlights Caramel-colored skin Long nails that resemble claws Most noticeable by her bright red glasses PERSONAL –––– PROFESSION: Bookstore/Pharmacy owner, baker, traveling healer HOBBIES: studying, traveling, baking, gardening, knitting BIRTHPLACE: Ul
  4. Adding my bookstore/pharmacy combo to the fray! Server: Jenova Housing: Work of Heart Ward: 18th Ward Plot: Plot #42 Description: Bookstore/Pharmacy combo that also serves as a sanctuary for the weary. (Open every Friday when Party Finder Entry is up!)
  5. I recently made my way to Zalera, and it's a nice, peaceful server that I've been really enjoying thus far! I've seen a few folks with the RP tag here and there, and was wondering were there any RPers on the server? If so, is there an LS/Discord I could join? (I don't mind starting the charge on either if neither one exists!) Thanks in advance for reading! <3
  6. Sorry that you had to go through this, OP! It seems like there was a severe lack of communication here, which led to the downfall of what you guys had. Given, you both are free to RP with whomever you please, however, if one is no longer interested in RPing with the other, then that should be stated as soon as possible so that one is holding out false hope from the other. I had someone tell me once that "If someone no longer wants to RP with you, then they shouldn't have to report to you", and I feel as though that's the most disrespectful statement I've ever heard in all my life.
  7. Thank you so much for the response, Lydia! Albeit small, there is definitely an RP community over on Ultros! I can definitely agree that not everyone I've encountered on Balmung has done me wrong, and in the process of healing, I have tried to put myself back out there. Sadly, the circle of people in question identify as the "divas" of the community, so I practically see them everywhere I turn, no matter what I do. However, I do like your statement about thinking of groups as "chunks". After going through the ordeals I did and before taking a break from Balmung in general, I was
  8. Hello all! I'm finding myself in a bit of an impasse when it comes to RP in general. I have been craving it lately, which can probably be attributed to me wanting to write, but have not been able to find anything consistent. I've had others tell me that halting my RP efforts on Balmung was an unwise decision, but considering that I've encountered so many negative experiences on there, I feel that my decision was valid. I have now been trying to RP on a few other servers, as well as my main on Ultros, and I either catch what few RP partners I have at a bad time, no one's as excited as me,
  9. Hi there! Wasn't sure if you were still looking for RP contacts on Ultros or not, but I'm Trishelle Sangeki on there in the offchance you still are!
  10. Hello all! I run an up and coming RP linkshell on Ultros, and was wondering what would be some good ideas for some starter rp events to give new folks who join our linkshell something to look forward to! Was also thinking about having an Ultros RP Calendar too, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. ^^;
  11. Welcome to Ultros!! We have a small, up and coming RP group on Ultros, and would be more than happy to meet you one day!
  12. OMG!! I would DEFINITELY be interested! I was just in the process of creating a Discord server specifically for Ultros RP folks who would be interested! :3 I'd love to meet other Ultros RPers! :love::love:
  13. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone, especially with the redirect codes!! I'll go ahead and do this then once my character gets IC married. Thanks again! :love::love:
  14. Quick question: so I have my RP wiki set up and good to go, but my character is currently engaged. Once she gets married, she'll of course be changing her last name to her husband's. With that being said, would I be able to change my character's last name on the page title, or will I have to search her up by the name she'll have when she's married and make a new page for her there? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks so much for the tutorial, Aesthetic-senpai! :3 Theirs is actually one of the many edits I admire so much, so coming across this was an absolute treat!! :love: And I've only heard of Fraps, but never actually used it, myself! ^^; Thankfully I have Photoshop CC on hand!
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