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  1. New player here! I’ve just started playing FF XIV this year and am loving the game! I have dabbled in other MMOs, but the only other one I have truly played was WoW. Yeah, I am one of those WoW refugees that left looking for something better, and I have found the amazing world of Eorzea. I have rped in WoW for many years now, having several character that I played over that time. I love the world in FF and am looking to really get into role playing. My main character is Karoline Bekker a Hyur Highlander on Gilgamesh, and the idea I am rolling around with her is a Magitek Red Mage. She uses magitek to amplify her red magik. I am still trying to sort of the lore myself, so if this is something that seems far fetched or impossible, I would love to have those discussions so I can better understand! I learned about the coalition when I stumbled across it. I was looking for rp sources for FF XIV and found it! I’m hoping that it will help me get started in the world, and hopefully I can find some answers to so many of those age old questions. You know, like why are we here. Any Gilgamesh rpers out there give me a holler! Or really, anyone that I can meet in game and learn all about the community! I look forward to meeting and getting to all you people out there!
  2. Hello, Bentii here. I am a returning player from 2015. It's been a minute since I've played Final Fantasy and I am really excited to rejoin the RPC. I had originally joined FFXIV for roleplay almost exclusively along with a group of friends from TERA, now I am looking to try and be more active in PvE with RP as my main focus. A little 'bout me: I was part of the RPC for 5 years before my hiatus. TERA, ArcheAge, WoW, Wildstar, and Black Desert Online are a few of the games I RPed in, with TERA and ArcheAge being the main games I played. In real life I love to cook, play with my furry four-legged sons, socialize, volunteer for charity, be outside doing all sorts of outdoor things, writing, and reading. I look forward to seeing you all in-game~
  3. So I'm completely new to FFXIV... My account was purchased by a friend when it came out and he tried to get me to quit the current game I was playing and join him... But he's not much of a roleplayer. I only just now resubbed and am actually wanting to play the game now. If anyone is willing, I'd love a mentor to help me figure out what is going on. I am Victor Redscar and I'm located on Gilgamesh. It might be an improper name. Don't know, he's kind of an OC character pulled into this game and I'm not sure if that kind of name will fit or not. I can dream though, right?
  4. Hey guys! I'm a formerly very active player from Mateus/Gilgamesh/Balmung. I'm not actually actively playing FFXIV right now, mostly holding out for the next expansion while I handle other stuff on my backlog, but I love the setting and miss RP so much I figured it couldn't hurt to throw up a classified ad here. Hopefully this isn't against the rules, if so feel free to let me know! I'm looking for someone to do some longer term RP with via email or Discord, or both depending on circumstances, with a possibility of moving it to in-game stuff from time to time if I can't resist the itch or after Shadowbringers launches. I prefer an RP partner that's about as literate as me and I generally write 1-3 paragraphs per post so someone who can match that would be ideal. It's been a long time since I last played or RP'd seriously so I don't really have a "main" guy in mind, but would be more than glad to hash out ideas for a character or a plot with people via PMs or something. Heck, that's almost half the fun when arranging RP like this, isn't it? I'm pretty open to any type or genre of RP, and am always down to try new stuff either way, so if you've been looking for a guinea pig to try an idea you've had on for a while I can be your guy! I enjoy everything from dark drama, action adventure, to fluffy romance stuff and everything in between, though as I said before I do prefer a longer term thing that allows for a lot of character growth. If it matters, I tend to play straight male characters and they're generally Hyur, Elezen, AuRa or Miqo'te. So whether you're just looking for a little RP to do on the side to flesh out a character or are in the same boat as me and looking for an RP buddy that won't flake out on you, gimme a PM or post in here and let's make something happen!
  5. MMORPG background: Very little FFXI and WoW. Played FFXIV since 1.0, still bad at it. RP experience: Very little. Mostly in short conversations or bursts. I like it this way. Character info: These lands are full of all sorts of...dangers. Would be a shame if something happened to you out on your travels. Oh, they told you these roads were safe? Well, how do you expect a fine Eorzean, like myself, to keep it safe? All you have to do is pay the toll and I'll let you be on your merry little way...Extortion, you say? I'd like to think of it more as a...safe travel tax. How did you learn about the coalition?: Reddit What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?: I prefer light roleplaying. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?: I don't get to play much, so don't expect to see me around often.
  6. PLEASE LIST YOUR SERVER, HOUSING AREA, WARD, AND PLOT. This will help me place the listing in the proper area. Template code for a new server (please paste from the HTML/source edit mode) Easy form for entries: [b]Server:[b] Server name here [b]Housing:[b] Housing name here [b]Ward:[b] Ward number/division here [b]Plot:[b] Plot number here [b]Description:[b] Description here
  7. Sura Novi - Gilgamesh LFC Name - Sura Novi Race - Mi’qote Male - Keeper of the Moon Age - 33 Profession - Gatherer, Crafter, Red Mage, Astrologian, Dragoon Sura Novi is looking for friends and allies. His family grew up inside the walls of Ul’Dah, a well-to-do merchant family on the Exchange. He now lives in the suburbs of the Goblet, researching in his library, and displaying his minions. Physical Mi’qote with average ears, and loves his earrings. They are particularly twitchy and sensitive to changes in the wind. Freckled on his upper cheek, emerald green eyes. He’s got a dropped gaze, almost a cynical look on his face. He’s 5'11", long fluffy tail, proud of his physique. Blonde hair with platinum highlights. People notice he gives off a lot of heat, heating up a closed space quickly. Personality He’s an experienced traveler, often embarrassed by his wealthy upbringing and hesitant to show his private life as a result. He’s a great friend and a warm personality, loves to laugh. He has an incredible private library, passed down through his family, and loves to read and collect, often adding new pieces to his collection. He loves to listen to music and can be found dancing from occasion on the Sapphire Exchange. Notes He is driven by intent and reason, and looks to give to the world given his upbringing. He does not drink alcohol, because it does strange things to his personality. He keeps a lot of things private but might share with the right person. He CAN be slow on romance and is kind of clueless, but eager to meet new people. He’s particularly interested in Au Ra, Keepers of the Moon, and Hyur. His eyes are mostly for men, there does come a rare woman who catches his eye. He is “playfully” monogamous. OOC I’m open to any type of friendship for Sura, please keep romance in character. I’m open to Discord and Tumblr roleplay. I work during the weekdays, so while I may not respond immediately, I will respond when I can. I will never ignore any RP nor any friend. I have my discord notifications off. My discord is Sura#1977. In game, you can find me on Sura Novi.
  8. Hello, everyone! As you can tell, I am new to this place! I've searched far, and wide, and have landed here. I'm a veteran roleplayer, looking to get into the RP scene that Final Fantasy has to offer! I'm also looking for contacts, link shells, FC's that are all about the roleplays. My character will be a shy baker type. I don't want to give too much away, because, let's be honest, where is the fun in that?
  9. The Winter Market At the Observatorium in Coerthas 16th-18th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon, commencing from the 18th bell. Hosted by the Retailer's Party of Coerthas. ((This is an RPC-wide event on the Gilgamesh server. Held over a three day weekend from the 16th to the 18th of December, starting at 6PM EST each evening. There will be things to buy, food to eat, and even entertainment to see! All are welcome to attend. So come on by!))
  10. Well, the lock has been lifted from Gilgamesh and new people are joining the server, looking for an LS to join for RP fun and laughs, mysteries romance(soap opera-like ) and other activities for the holidays and beyond. You can message me directly in-game. When there is nothing to do when I am not raiding or capping on tomes or helping others out want to do something that is fun and also getting to know people on the server better.
  11. Gilgamesh, and feeling kinda lonely among all the Balmung ads, yes. Anyway, me and my sort-of-kind-of friend're considering returning to FFXIV after two months of a break from the game. Our characters are a couple; she's a miqo'te pugilist, native of Ul'dah, enjoying sun, tuna and helping people for money, and I am a highlander paladin (highlander bestlander, rawr) from Gyr Abania, in Eorzea to polish his fighting skills and taste new tobacco mixes. We (well, I haven't talked with her abou it yet, but I imagine she'll agree ) would like to have some role playing company when we play. We enjoy playing the game "normally", or role playing just between the two of us, but it would be nice to at least sometimes have a chance to mingle, to go on a large adventure in company and then spend all the riches we found on ale and wenches (or wenchmen, whatever). Be it a whole Free Company or a bunch of random folks, doesn't matter much. We don't overly care about your character's attitude, as long as they aren't evil. Only thing we dislike, from experience, are cliques. Perso-anally I hate joining a guild and then realizing that I'll always play second fiddle to a Circle that'll never allow me in, or will downright make me not want to join them anyway.
  12. I. Basic Info Tassin Duval That's all she wrote II. RP Style Generally Medium-Heavy MRP Mutually agreed upon RP combat and injuries awaited! IC Romance fine, ERP respectfully declined. Please also bear in mind, that I am not my character. All other RP welcome. Families ties and close connections currently improbable, but the possibility is always open for discussion. Emphasis of lore not important, so long as it is not deliberately contradicted. I am flexible on this. All of the chat functions are potential tools. As far as etiquette goes, in group RP I prefer to let everyone have a turn to respond to the driving event(s) before progressing the story. III. Other Info USA based UTC -7 [signal-Walrus] on Skype, [Technically Not] on Steam
  13. I. Basic Info Characters:Aamilah Kanaan Primary character: Aamilah Kanaan Linkshells: Aint It A Life? Primary RP linkshell: Ain't It A Life? [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium, I suppose is the right level here. Not super hardcore but willing to go for lovely drama here and there Views on RP combat and injuries: Hell yeah, what's an adventurer without a few scraps and scars under their belt, huh? Lets not kill eachother, but why not go for the more dramatic option? Views on IC romance: I'm shipping trash my dear friends. Like a garbage barge... But its best not to do the dirty stuff here, neh? Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Platonic relationships? Sure sure~! Siblings lost and found? Why not? Mentors and students? Rivals and enemies? All good! Views on lore: I really do like the lore for FFXIV, but I don't know it by heart... But I'll generally try to stick pretty close to it Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm willing to go through linkshell or tells or party chat, that kinda thing seems really convenient! [*] III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:CST Contact info:PM here and you can ask for my skype!
  14. So, I have been roleplaying on Gilgamesh for a around two months or so at this point. However, within the groups I currently know, there are some kinds of roleplay I am lacking that I hope to correct. Given that this forum is frequented by people all over the roleplay community, not just simply people on Gilgamesh or within my group, I figured this might be a good place to try and touch base and maybe see if the problem cannot be fixed. I believe I shall start with a short overview of my character, then go into what I am looking for in hopes of RP connections. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Character- Mason is a scholar of the Arcanist's Guild in Limsa Lominsa, as well as a healer in training at the Gravity Clinic. Born in Limsa to a lieutenant of the Maelstrom and a long time member of the Arcanist's Guild, Mason's family is fairly well off. At the moment he is studying healing magic as well as aetheric theory in general. He hopes to be able to make healing magic somewhat more efficient in aether usage. In terms of personality, Mason is a kind and empathetic individual who tends to think of others before himself. He also, however, suffers from severe introversion and something of a lack of self-esteem, as most of his life was sheltered within manors, libraries, and classrooms. He longs to see more of Eorzea, but at the moment is mostly tied to Limsa. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Desired RP Connections- So this is more of the meat of this post, describing what I hope to find in future roleplay and who I hope to see. Some of it is specific, some of it is more general. I will try to explain the details as best I can. Scholars/Academics: This is one thing I am in particular looking for. Mason could really use fellow academics to befriend. People with whom he can discuss his theories, work, and even people with whom he could collaborate with. Academic/scientific style RP is something I have always enjoyed and others who might be interested in that I would very much enjoy. Friends in General: This one is probably the most vague. Anyone who might be amicable would fit this. It's something of a given, but I figured it would not hurt to include it here. Potentially someone who could hang out with him in Limsa. In a way, it would be a great way to get Mason out of my free company's estate and potentially get out in the world more. Romantic Relationship: I know this one may have a bit of a mixed reaction, but I shall try to explain. I enjoy romantic roleplay quite a bit, and I very much enjoy the interaction and character growth it brings. So, I would like to pursue such a relationship for Mason here. One thing to note, however, is that Mason would only be interested in same-sex relationships. In addition, I would very much like to pair him with a roegadyn, as the contrast in character would make for interesting roleplay. I understand this is a rather specific request, and I understand this would likely be the least likely to fulfill. Family?: This would be highly optional, but it is an avenue I would like to consider at some point. I figured I would at least throw the idea up here, see if anyone might actually be interested in some point. I am not certain. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that, I believe that is about it for my requests. There is not much rush on any of this, but I look forward to seeing anyone has any characters to match these categories and maybe provide some roleplay opportunities in the future.
  15. I. Basic Info Characters: Mason Clark Primary character: Mason Clark Linkshells: Roleplay Gilgamesh!, Adventurer's Guild, RPG IC! Primary RP linkshell: RPG IC! Free Company(s): Gravity Clinic [*][*][*][*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): My RP style tends to stay around 'medium'. While I can post very lengthy roleplay posts and can roleplay for hours, I tend to try and strike more of a middle ground. I prefer substance over length and if it continues along the story, something being only a couple sentences long can be alright by me. Description is good, but I prefer to avoid too much purple-prose with my roleplay posts. Views on RP combat and injuries: I can be fine with both, as long as I trust all parties involved to do it well. Obviously I do not want my character to die, but I can deal with some injuries, especially if it provides good character growth. In terms of combat I tend to prefer rolls as it provides some neutrality. However, simply text roleplaying out combat can be fine, but again it must be with people I trust to be objective and impartial. Views on IC romance: Honestly, while some people do not enjoy this much, it is actually fairly important to me. I find it can be a great way to grow certain kinds of character. I would like to find an RP partner for romantic roleplay if at all possible. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I find this equally as important. Just like romances, these kinds of connections can help a character grow. I would certainly enjoy having this kind of roleplay, and the idea of family would be a very interesting roleplay idea that I would enjoy pursing if possible. Views on lore: Lore is very important to me. While I am fine with small amounts of lore-bending, large amounts of it honestly is something of a detracting factor for me. I prefer to stay as close to lore as I can. However, if there are blank spots in lore or things that aren't discussed in lore, I am willing to allow for creative interpretation or filling in the gaps. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I like having both IC and OOC linkshells to be able to communicate with other RPers and just to chat. /Say is what I tend to use for roleplay, except for when around large groups of non-RPers, in which case /tell or /party tends to be my go-to, to avoid potential trolls. /FC is, of course, for OOC chatter. At least, I believe so. [*][*][*][*][*][*] III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: UTC -7 Contact info: In-game (Mason Clark on Gilgamesh), This forum (PM me anytime) [*][*][*]
  16. I. Basic Info Characters:Neltharis Velathros, Aeltharavel Oberon Primary character: Neltharis Velathros Linkshells: (What is this?) Primary RP linkshell: (WHAT IS THIS?) [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I would consider myself a heavy RPer. I've been RPing for YEARS but only in MMOs for about five. Views on RP combat and injuries: I think that not having this in RP makes it very bland. I enjoy some good combat RP and I welcome the injuries that come with it. Very dynamic. Views on IC romance: I feel that this is important as well just because I feel it gives a character depth and more story. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Also very essentialy, I feel that all RP has its place from romance to combat to domestic. Views on lore: While I'm not up to date on lore I feel like being knowledgeable is very important especially in a cannon setting while at the same time you need to bend a few rules (not break) for originality. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I welcome it all even if I know don't what have of them are. [*] III. Other Info Country: Murica. Timezone: UTC -8 [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  17. I. Basic Info Characters:Striding Wolf Primary character:Striding Wolf (Hellsguard Clan Roegadyn) Linkshells:N/A Primary RP linkshell:N/A [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy (Once I hit WAR and DRK Jobs with Striding Wolf) Open to any kind of RP that would fit the character, be it as dark and horrific/graphic as possible or lighter than air. If the character fits, I will RP in it. Views on RP combat and injuries: Combat: Honor System (Rolls if disagreements arise) Also OOC permission for criminal action/otherwise long-term harm/PC Death unless otherwise stated. Open to PC Death and other Consequences. Views on IC romance: Keep it IC with OOC communication if there are questions. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open to family ties/former comrades/whatever so long as OOC communication is established. Views on lore: Like to be as strict to lore as possible, with some leniency depending on the case. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Open to Linkshell invites of an IC or OOC nature. [*] III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone: GMT -8 (PST) Contact info:Open to contact via Skype: "clint.key" (Look for guy with gas mask on.) otherwise can be contacted through this website. [*] [align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]
  18. [align=center][/align] Quick Stats Name: U'vasuh Suhr Age: 19 Sexuality: Heterosexual Status: Unattached Height: 63'' Weight: 108 Occupation: Pugilist Family: U'rahv Tia {brother}, U'daia Suhr {Sister} Personality This one is the baby of her tight-knit family unit, and she knows it. Playful, mischievous, and always getting into trouble. U'vasuh is inquisitive to a fault, and won't hesitate to stick her nose into something it doesn't belong just to sate her curiosity. If there's something you don't want her to find, you better hide it well, because it's only a matter of time before she'll stumble across it. Now, that isn't to say that she's nosy enough to break into someone's belongings, but if it's in a common area and fair game, she's all over it. Another unfortunate side of her rather childish personality is how gullible she is. U'daia and U'rahv have pulled her out of more than one situation where she got caught up with shady people because they told her a sob story. Or protected her from a creepy stalker because he dropped a few lies to get her to follow him. Neither of her siblings understand how she can be taken in by so many different people, or why she hasn't learned how to recognize them yet, but that naivete seems completely ingrained into who she is. It makes those she counts as friends all the more precious, and those who are enemies all the more dangerous. It also leaves her open to getting caught up by a cult or two, though considering how artlessly she tends to run her mouth off, those who value secrecy should stay far away from this one. Relationships Oblivious to anything and anyone that might come onto her. While at the proper age for a relationship, someone looking for more than just friendship is going to have to work very, very hard in order to get past her oblivious nature. Friends she makes easily enough, and once considered her friend she'll fight for you as hard as she can. No friends quite yet. Random quirks Cannot hold her liquor. Even a few sips of mead is enough to get her stone drunk Has no sense of direction. Don't ever give her a map, because she can't read it. Tends to climb. She followed U'daia everywhere as a child, so her tendency for high places stems from that. Has no tact. Don't ever hope she'll put something delicately. Carries a blue glass marble. You'll see her playing with it sometimes. Misc U'vasuh is a brand new character on Gilgamesh. If you think you'd have fun with her, don't hesitate to drop a line~
  19. Since the template code isn't playing nice with me, I'm doing it myself! Harumph! CHARACTER NAME: Kroemgarr Hollborgsyn >Main and primary character >Beta test name: Hyurrim Greysky STARTING CLASS: Lancer (DRAGOON) SECONDARY CLASS: Gladiator (PALADIN), Miner, Armorer GRAND COMPANY: Immortal Flames FREE COMAPNY: House Aryll [stag] LINKSHELL: Bridgeguard, Anlace of the Stag, Jeweled Sands, Driftwood Coast, Adventurer's Guild RP Info Roleplay Intensity Level: Casual. Due to a full-time work schedule and juggling a second MMO (Champions Online) where I have guild leader duties, I only ever considered FFXIV as a on-and-off-again RP outlet. Views on RP Combat and Injuries: In terms of text, can be done well if the players involved are mutually collaborative and know when to wind down. I don't have much experience with any actual PvP. Views on General IC Interaction: Most of the RP I do these days, even on other games, is social-- so I'm very fine with "tavern talk" and the like. Views on IC Romantics: This is something I've not really experience personally, so no thoughts. OK with others in public as long as it remains tasteful. Views on Lore: This is a big sticking point for me. I pride myself in wanting to make sure that a character I create in an MMO remains respectful to the general theme and lore of the setting. While I would have a preference to find other players that might stick to similar conventions (especially where exotic races are concerned), I'm aware that it's not always possible. Views on Chat Mechanics, in relation to RP: Can be adaptable depending on how the situation requires. I do generally avoid /shout and /yell, though. Player Info Country: Canada Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00)
  20. [align=center][/align] *On posters hastily strewn across Eorzea... [align=center]"Too shy? Too bossy? Too lonely? To Aleport![/align] [align=center]For only 5 gil I've got a potion to solve all your problems. Trust me.[/align] [align=center]Just stop by my cart outside the Aleport tavern on <<Saturday, September 26th at 4:30 PM Central Standard Time>> and grab a Xi potion. It's guaranteed to have an effect or your money back! [align=center]**Exact effects may vary.[/align] [align=center]Out of Character Information [/align] What Is This? This is a light-hearted RP Event on the Gilgamesh server. My character, Xifang Crimson, will be selling potions at The Black Sails' trading bazaar. She says that they are "personality enhancing" potions, but Xi is a screw up and all the potions are flawed; they create any number of randomly determined personality changes instead. When, Where, How Long? Saturday, September 26th at 4:30 PM Central Standard Time. The event will go for several hours, but you are welcome to come and leave as you like! It's located at Aleport nearby the levequest NPC. As for how long the effects of the potions last? However long or short you'd like! What Are Some Examples? By default I'll be rolling a randomly determined effect for your character, but you can choose to have the potion affect you however you like if you wish (assuming it does not offend or hurt other players) Some examples are: *A shy character might develop Megalomania *An outgoing character might suddenly become insecure, blushing and stammering *Your character might become confused: thinking that they are someone else entirely *Your character might undergo a strange hypnosis effect: feeling compelled to behave in a specific way when another character says or does something specific *Your character might see a loved one as an enemy...or a rival as a loved one! *Your character's appearance might drastically change ((Feel free to use these potions as an excuse to use a fantasia if you've been looking for an IC reason to change!)) Can I Make Up My Own Effects? Yep! Absolutely! Use these potions as a catalyst for your own zany RP ideas and blame it on the crazy red-headed girl you met at the trading bazaar. I only ask that: *You do not use this as excuse to hurt or offend other players/characters. Love potions, hate potions, etc are all awesome and fun! But please be sure beforehand that it'd be fun for the player whose character you want it to interact with. Why Is This Event? It's a chance to shake up your character in a fun way! Sometimes the best way to get out of an RP rut is to play with aspects of your character and see them behave entirely differently than you had imagined. Besides: serious RP is a blast but sometimes it's nice to just do something completely silly! Please feel free to PM me with any questions! And please come visit me during the event if you get a chance! I love meeting and roleplaying with new people~ I'd also be super willing to run this on Balmung if there's enough interest.[/align] The Black Sails will be at Aleport selling wares as well and I enthusiastically suggest you check out their event too! http://www.gilgamesh-rp.com/forum/m/25411066/viewthread/21582392-black-sails-trading-bazaar/post/last#last
  21. Edit: I was able to start a new character in Gilgamesh. My main is on Behemoth and it'd be great to find some RPers. I generally prefer one on one, but I'm open to joining a group or FC. So any Behemoth RPers? I might just run off to Gilgamesh, but trying to give this a shot first.
  22. I. Basic Info Characters: Belaptir Dakwhil (for now) Primary character: Belaptir Dakwhil Linkshells: None yet Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium-Heavy. I usually stay IC, but i'm new to this game so i also try to level up, meaning you can see me doing quests and fighting. However, I try to stay IC even when questing, so if you see me killing pests, don't be afraid to say hi, I'm always willing to do some RP. Views on RP combat and injuries: You can't always be nice to everyone in real life so you can't here. Fights do exist, and I don't like them, but i won't run away if you corner me and I have to defend myself. Views on IC romance: As fights exist, love does too. My characters, usually, are lonely and don't like people very much but that just means it won't be easy to know them. However, as the felines they are, when you get to know them, they'll be loyal to the end and lovers as any other can be. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm open to these too, but with some limitations. Again, I'll compare to cats: they may have some close relatives, but they won't recognize "cousin's cousins" and things like those. Views on lore: I don't know much about this lore yet, however, I don't plan to be a loremaster, my chars tend to live the moment, they know what's happening in the world, who's who... But they don't usually care. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I usually do RP in /say, linkshells and /tells are, to me, game tools to talk, but I don't use them to RP normally. III. Other Info Country:Spain Timezone: GMT+1 Contact info: PM here or In Game. I also have a skype account so ask for it if you want
  23. Hey guys im Xero, i fairly new to RP in MMOs and to FFXI, but now that i have been doing so for a good amount of time not i thought i might as well take a leap forward and try something new. So what im looking for anyone on Gilgamesh who is a lancer or Dragoon that are interested in forming a 7 man squad, specializing in the art of pole arms. Xero himself is also trying to find a teach as well so if this idea comes to life it would be nice for someone in the squad to take that role. There are no race requirements, any race is welcome to participate, but remember there are only 6 slots so if you are interested in this wonkyness then please either msg me personaly or just post on the thread. thank you all for your kindness Love Xero <3
  24. Hey there, Scaith here! I got lucky and found an opening on Gilgamesh, though the REAL fun has to wait until I get home from work....So in the meantime, anyone want to keep me company here and I'l add you as soon as I get home so that we could continue? Gilgamesh IGN: Scaith Nightbreaker
  25. Hey all! I just wanted to make a note that there is now a comprehensive, up-to-date RP directory on the gilgamesh-rp.com website. It can be found here: The Gilgamesh RP Yellow Pages If anyone would like info added to this directory, feel free to respond to that post there. Thank you!
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