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  1. Sura Novi - Gilgamesh LFC Name - Sura Novi Race - Mi’qote Male - Keeper of the Moon Age - 33 Profession - Gatherer, Crafter, Red Mage, Astrologian, Dragoon Sura Novi is looking for friends and allies. His family grew up inside the walls of Ul’Dah, a well-to-do merchant family on the Exchange. He now lives in the suburbs of the Goblet, researching in his library, and displaying his minions. Physical Mi’qote with average ears, and loves his earrings. They are particularly twitchy and sensitive to changes in the wind. Freckled on his upper cheek, emerald green eyes. He’s got a dropped gaze, almost a cynical look on his face. He’s 5'11", long fluffy tail, proud of his physique. Blonde hair with platinum highlights. People notice he gives off a lot of heat, heating up a closed space quickly. Personality He’s an experienced traveler, often embarrassed by his wealthy upbringing and hesitant to show his private life as a result. He’s a great friend and a warm personality, loves to laugh. He has an incredible private library, passed down through his family, and loves to read and collect, often adding new pieces to his collection. He loves to listen to music and can be found dancing from occasion on the Sapphire Exchange. Notes He is driven by intent and reason, and looks to give to the world given his upbringing. He does not drink alcohol, because it does strange things to his personality. He keeps a lot of things private but might share with the right person. He CAN be slow on romance and is kind of clueless, but eager to meet new people. He’s particularly interested in Au Ra, Keepers of the Moon, and Hyur. His eyes are mostly for men, there does come a rare woman who catches his eye. He is “playfully” monogamous. OOC I’m open to any type of friendship for Sura, please keep romance in character. I’m open to Discord and Tumblr roleplay. I work during the weekdays, so while I may not respond immediately, I will respond when I can. I will never ignore any RP nor any friend. I have my discord notifications off. My discord is Sura#1977. In game, you can find me on Sura Novi.