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  1. Edit: I was able to start a new character in Gilgamesh. My main is on Behemoth and it'd be great to find some RPers. I generally prefer one on one, but I'm open to joining a group or FC. So any Behemoth RPers? I might just run off to Gilgamesh, but trying to give this a shot first.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm known as Sarstan. Looking for RPing on FF14. Give me something to do on the side while playing the game. --MMORPG background I've played a lot of video games and MMOs. My most recent notable game experience was with Guild Wars 2. Did light roleplaying on that game (a somewhat mentally challenged brute, just for fun), but mostly focused on the gameplay --RP experience I've RPed for many years, across many areas. Adult and non, serious and very casual. I've RPed outside of games quite a bit, but I like the idea of including it all in a preexisting world and having
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