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  1. This is fast approaching! For those who are going to attend, here's a key to the locations of vendors!
  2. The Winter Market At the Observatorium in Coerthas 16th-18th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon, commencing from the 18th bell. Hosted by the Retailer's Party of Coerthas. ((This is an RPC-wide event on the Gilgamesh server. Held over a three day weekend from the 16th to the 18th of December, starting at 6PM EST each evening. There will be things to buy, food to eat, and even entertainment to see! All are welcome to attend. So come on by!))
  3. We also have a couple of IC LSes up in the Linkshell Hall, with a list of people you can ask for invites! Furthermore, there's an upcoming RPC-wide event, held over the 16th, 17th and 18th at the Observatorium in Coerthas; The Winter Market. Starting from 6PM EST one each day. Feel free to drop on by!
  4. [align=center][/align] A small RP FC of "privateers" specializing in "acquisition", The Black Sails Trading Company will take your requests for all those "hard to find" items. We are open to having new crew members, although all crew undergo a trial period as swabbies. (Gotta have someone around to do the dirty jobs! ) (All rumors of illicit dealings are entirely untrue!) Apart from the ones that aren't. OOCly we're a relaxed, low-drama and fun-loving group of friends, who enjoy both RPing and running content with our FC and the rest of our community! This includes (usually) weekly map runs and clear runs! If we sound like your sort of place, contact myself or Shizuka (our leader) on here, or Shizuka Tabito, E'kayah Nunh or Ce'nedra Zakath in game! N.B: All applicants must have a good sense of humor!
  5. A new RPC-wide IC Linkshell, Eorzean Market provides for the merchants among us. Use this for IC crafting, gathering or trading. Great for either setting up RP opportunities, or even making requests for items to be crafted or gathered! Just remember, please keep it all IC in the channel at least! For an invite, please contact: E'kayah Nunh Arctic Sapphire Luca Panipahr Shizuka Tabito Talan Jeanne Talin Rhela Zurine Ekaitz
  6. Hunters of Fortune is a new IC RPC-wide Linkshell on Gilgamesh! Focused on IC hunting, maps and mercenary jobs, this is the place for your adventuring needs! Looking to hire someone for a job? Ask here. Looking to -do- a job? Ask here. Looking for people to run some treasure maps with you? Well, you can ask that here too! Just keep the request IC, even if the run itself ends up OOC You can also callout hunt marks on here, though we request that again you do so in an IC manner. (Adding the co-ords is fine though!) If interested in joining, please contact: E'kayah Nunh Arctic Sapphire Kalseng Tserin Saachi Medvyed Shizuka Tabito Zurine Ekaitz
  7. Wow, so I forgot I even made this thread... I still -technically- offer commissions for those who might be interested, but, well, just gonna upload some more artwork for now.
  8. Hey! Thought I'd pipe up in here too, because why not. The RP community on Gilgamesh is decidedly not dead! Albeit it has been a little insular at times. Currently leaders in the community are working to correct that. Alongside the Directory already mentioned and linked, there are also some new RPC-wide IC Linkshells being started; namely Hunters of Fortune and Eorzean Market. There are also OOC Linkshells that are community wide, the best known being Roleplay Gilgamesh and PR-RP OOC. We've been working on making Gilgamesh RP great again! (Excuse the pun ) But efforts have been made and are still in progress to bring RP out of the housing districts and into the open world again. These include small planned events, impromptu roleplay gatherings, and RPC planned events. And of course... just plain RPing wherever without keeping it all to party chat! On the subject of RPC planned events, we have a Winter Market coming up, this will be in Coerthas and will be run on a total of three days, starting from 6PM EST each day. For those who are interested in attending, the dates are from the 16th to the 18th December! (We're also still looking for people who would be interested to act as vendors, guards or even entertainers. If interested in helping with this, please contact me!) Finally, discord-wise, the main community-wide ones are FFXIV Gilgamesh RP Community and Roleplay Gilgamesh! Long post I know, but hope this info helps! - E'kayah Nunh
  9. So, I've posted my artwork to the Gilgamesh-RP site, but never to here. But an FC mate recommended trying here as well, so... gonna try and be brave. What with the holidays not super far away, and money being tight... I am going to open up commissions. For now I'll just be offering portraits, and two options: 1 - Sketch - $8 2 - Full Render - $20 Portraits do -not- have to be FFXIV themed [align=center]------------------Important Info--------------[/align] Payment is through paypal only and prices are in USD. Payment accepted upon completion of commission, but finished piece will not be received until payment is complete. If Full Render, progress shots will be received at sketch and flat color stages. Changes can be made at these points if required. Finished artwork belongs to the commissioner and they are free to post and use this artwork as they wish, but I request proper credit be given. I reserve the right to post commissions to my portfolio of artwork either upon Enjin sites or Deviantart. If for any reason you prefer a piece not to be uploaded, please mention this when commissioning. Examples: Sketch Full Render If interested please contact me through PM or email me at akras_gehrilaan@hotmail.com .
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