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  1. Thats actually one of the things i was hoping to open up on gilgamesh, centralized around one group isn't that great for the health of RP.. unless you're in said group, i had hoped to provide a more community hub as it were for gilgamesh.
  2. Awesome! I was hoping to do something regarding that considering Gilgamesh is HUGE even though its set to open again, its population is quite large.
  3. Do you think there would be any harm in maybe restarting a community there? Rekindling interest in such things.
  4. Hello there, I'm Aria. Just transferred to Gilgamesh from Goblin and noticed theres very few RPers on the server, or so i think anyways.. My question to the rest of you is what is the state of Gilgamesh RP? Things on other servers have been quite inactive and i know Gilgamesh was one of the larger servers for quite some time. Still is even, with the state of Balmung being locked at all time.. Its creating a very weird sorta detachment when it comes to RP for me, but i was hoping to find a community on this new server. I know this is not the Welcome portion of the forums, though this is a little bit more on the discussion side of things. Looking for opinions on active RP servers aside Mateus which i already know is active.
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