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  1. GendoThulhu

    Your Gender vs. Your Character's

    This. Very much this. As a male RPer who normally plays males? This is a common thing not just in FFXIV but in other RP formats as well. I can not count the number of times I've gotten some variation of "OMG, a straight male RPer!!!"... It is always a bit odd (and usually makes me keep those people at a severe arms length). For myself, I normally play male characters. I do have female alts, but most are not Rped. I simply don't feel I portray them well enough! Yes, there is the old standby of "play as a person, not a gender", but realistically? Women and men react to things and think about things differently. Not that I am against doing so. And I do have a couple ideas floating about in the back of my head for eventual RP. ERP wise? yeaaahhh...that (as mentioned above) can be another "line crossing thing" for a lot of people. To me, it has to have a place in the STORY. Not be the point of it. And it is something I am extremely picky about including to begin with. Bad experiences. <shudders> Besides, the emotional side of any relationship is the interesting part to write, to me. The rest is a cherry on the sundae, and an excellent writing exercise (because it can be SO repetitive), but what really matters? how characters relate and react emotionally. <gets back on tangent> Mostly, I am comfortable playing males...and as someone else mentioned, as I've gotten older I've seen less and less "crazy who can't differentiate IC and OOC borders". Which is a good thing... People who get upset about RL gender and IC gender being different often seem a bit younger and more "hidebound" in their views. I mean, it is your character interacting with their character. NOT you... It is like being a villain. IC I have played several villains, from the stereotypical Dirk Dasterdly, mustache twirling black cloak of yesteryear to more "modern" depraved and cruel types. As well as villains who are only villains because their goals are in opposition to everyone else. And villains often get the same thing as someone playing another gender: People get upset OOC, rather than IC. And I think it is a similar way of thinking. People blur their lines...
  2. GendoThulhu

    mateus Rasiz'a Kechai

    BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Rasiz'a Kechai Known Nicknames: None Age: 31 Height: 5'7" Weight: 169 lbs Gender: Male Relationship Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Race: Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon) Known Family: Parents both living (Phen'li and Cemi), Sisters: Teyuh (deceased), Miwa (24), Lefih (20), Siwe (19), Ima (13) Birthplace: Gridania BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Rasiz'a's family lives in a small village in Gridania, nestled away on the borders. The oldest child, his family is rather typical of most Miqo'te families, in that he is the only male child and he has 5 sisters. Most of his siblings are quite a bit younger than he is, the next oldest living one being in her early twenties, the others being younger. His parents are 'homebodies'. They have never left their village and find the idea of doing so a bit strange, which is typical of many of their neighbors. The village itself is a mix of farmers and crafters, and Rasiz'a was raised with a solid grounding in aspects of both tending to the plants and soil, and crafting. Though he has not shown the same promise with creating things as his parents might wish, he has a definite knack for plants and alchemical concoctions, which saw him apprenticed to the village's 'wiseman', an elderly Hyur named Feillo. His early childhood was typical for many, no major traumas or amazing adventures, and it was not until the events of the Calamity that his life really changed. Much to his parent's dismay, his next oldest sister, Ma'llin, had joined the Twin Adders. They did not understand her choice, despite her obvious abilities as a warrior, and there was always some family tension there. Her death, along with so many others, at the Battle of Carteneau meant that tension would never be resolved. As for Rasiz'a, her death was something he could not accept for the longest time. So many people were simply missing, their bodies never recovered, that he refused to accept that for the longest time, even leaving his apprenticeship and going to join efforts in recovering the dead and wounded. It was a good year before he returned, a more subdued version of himself. Since then, he has finished his apprenticeship, with Feillo setting him the task of creating a new alchemical mixture to show his mastery of the art. This has taken him from his village throughout Gridania and much of Eorzea now, seeking ingredients and knowledge. It is only recently that he has settled, somewhat, having found something of a home with a Company, and a place to set down roots for a bit. OOC INFORMATION: Traits: At times stern and serious, others quite silly and flirtatious. Sharp eyed, though a bit clumsy. Very martially inept due to no serious training. Thoughtful, flirtatious, impulsive, slightly naive, romantic, studious, hard worker, mildly shy, firm convictions, impatient, strong willed Martial Training: Novice Skills of Note: Journeyman Alchemist (in training for Master certification), skilled artist (mainly charcoal and colored pencils), passable cook, novice to apprentice training in several crafting fields, knowledgeable about herbs, plant life and gemstones/ores, especially reputed magical properties. Dabbles in tea reading and (non magical) card based divination. Favorite Color: Green Favorite Foods: Raspberries, Crab (even though allergic), dodo, tea Dislikes: Irresponsible people, sprouts, hard liqour, beans, boats Motivation: To learn. He wants to discover as much of the natural world as possible, learn how the various parts make up the whole, and one day open his own school of alchemy. Flaws/Weaknesses: Slightly untrusting, severe allergy to shellfish, naive when it comes to women/romance (quite severely), burgeoning gambling issues Skeletons:
  3. GendoThulhu

    mateus Rasiz'a Kechai

    I. Basic Info Characters:Rasiz'a Kechai Primary character:Rasiz'a Kechai Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: [*]II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Light, prefer medium and in depth. More a "slice of life" RPer than "huge overarching major plots". Ras, after all, is not a "hero" per se. He'd more likely be a merchant. I am by nature a "heavy" RPer, but time wise? More realistic to say Medium with times that are heavier. Style wise I tend towards para posting, though I try to adjust to what people around me are doing. I've been doing a lot of RP in other formats of late, that have gotten me "used" to doing multi para posts, which can be a challenge to toss out quickly in FFXIV! Views on RP combat and injuries: Perfectly willing to take injuries, recovery time varies. Magic and magical healing are a thing after all, but at the same time, injuries should mean something. I often Rp that as "the major injury is healed, but there are lingering effects like exhaustion, weakness, etc". Combat wise, I tend to prefer free form, but if it becomes apparent that someone is..less than equal in such writing, I will often default to dice or something else in further encounters. Death, I rarely do, but it has been known to happen, especially if I am retiring a character. Views on IC romance: One of my personal favorites. A well written romance can be amazing RP, but it is also a bit rare to find. I keep a very fine line between IC and OOC there, and over the years have found some people do not, so am a bit picky on such things. As far as the more mature elements of such RP, again, quite fine with them, but they are there to be a part of, or a spice to the story, NOT the whole purpose of the story... OOC and IC are VERY fine lines here and hints of crossover are verboten! I've made excellent friends on OOC levels, whom my characters have had as lovers or been married to, but there is a line it does not go past. My character is not me, after all! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Also quite fun! If by some odd chance someone was to want to RP one of his sisters, and they seemed a good match personality wise for RP? Sure! And friends, rivals, etc? The social connections are what RP is all about, and you can't have that without having IC connections! Views on lore: I am still learning much of the lore, but try to keep close to it. I am not a strict stickler for it, by any means, but if someone says they are a half moogle? We're probably not going to click in RP styles. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): If I have my RP tag on, /say is IC. Otherwise, I am generally OOC questing and such, though if I am at home, or doing things with the Company, may well be IC! I try to keep OOC into brackets though, or tells. Linkshells, if they are meant to be IC, are an excellent resource if used sparingly. Tells can serve a similar function, again, used sparingly. [*]III. Other Info Country:USA Timezone:EST Contact info:In game of course, Messages here, or Discord (GendoThulhu#1247) [*] ~Character Bio and Picture can be found in the posts below~