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  1. One of the greatest challenges for me is socializing with others. I'm hoping that possibly there would be some individuals out there willing and interested in participating in Kamil's journey. As of right now, he's still fairly low in the levels but I would be delighted to share some events and adventures with some folks. His backstory I'll fill in a snippet of here, there is some spoilers for those that are familiar with the character or where he's based from. This is Kamil's story currently: "The Wandering Gladiator, as many would call him; travels far and wide
  2. Hello folks. I'm normally not comfortable releasing my real name, but for now, just simply call me Vee. I'm happy to have found a place to mix roleplay and MMORPGs. Here's a bit of info about me. I have been playing MMORPGs on and off since 2006-2007. I have been in a variety of different MMORPGs (STO, WoW, ESO, DCUO, Champions Online, PSO2, SWTOR, etc.) Most of the time I'm attempting to establish myself and hoping for interactions, but tend to fall short on them. I'm hoping to eventually fix that issue. As far as RP experience goes, I have been act
  3. I. Basic Info Characters:Kamil Dowonna Primary character:Kamil Dowonna Linkshells:N/A Primary RP linkshell:N/A II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy Views on RP combat and injuries: If it holds a value to the storyline or character significance, I'm open to it. Views on IC romance: Not Required, but am open to the idea. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Very open to the idea. Views on lore: I do enjoy the Lore aspect. It does help add flavor to the characters Vi
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