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  1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, aah! Unlike you I didn't quit Raid, I'm quite content with my static and FC on my main and still progging and doing the new content, all that. But I definitely want to expand the XIV experience by dipping my toe into RP, something I love anyways. Makes your character and playing your character so much more fun!! I'd love to meet you ingame sometime, and let's be real. Who doesn't need a tank, like, all the time. Heh.
  2. GASPS! NO YOU! Taking your time to reply to me means a lot! I mean, a lot! I'm actually so happy you read the entire (party still jumbled) Wiki AND ended up liking what you read! (I'm gonna stalk and see if you have a Wiki, I love reading those, but if not that's totally cool too). Ah yes, the curious RPer, treading into new territory. It's super exciting though, and! I would love to have our character get to know each other! I'm also still leveling but I am taking my time since it's been forever since I did ARR and HW MSQ and I'm actually enjoying it. Plus leveling all the crafters on the side is..time consuming. BUT! I'm still up to flex my weak Ingame RP muscles anytime. I'll see if I can catch you Ingame, maybe tomorrow. And..definitely work up the courage to shoot you a message on Discord, if that's alright with you! Thank you again for being so welcoming and sweet, I'm really glad to be meeting nice people here!!
  3. Aaah! I've been seeing the post for the RP Hub before but I was hesitant times two to join a Discord Server on my own, that thought alone is super scary... So thank you so so much for taking your time to reply to my post and approaching me with another invite like this, that makes me feel a lot more confident to actually join.. Which I shall do..soon before the effect of the reply loses effect on me and I play chicken again. I'm also looking forward to ..sticking around? Yay!
  4. Aaah!! You're so sweet! I'm already a little relieved seeing your reply. hah. Aw, man.. I knew I shouldn't have waited with this for so long, I meant to make a character on Balmung since..forever and now it's closed and I missed my chance. Which is especially sad because I have a really close friend who RPs over there and she probably would've helped me a bunch unlike me..alone..on Mateus.. Naked and afraid.. Well not naked but you get the drift..... I would theoretically be interested in PM/Discord RP but I also don't have a specific RP Discord, only my regular one, and it's.. very busy. Would it be alright to..maybe postpone starting a RP for now..or maybe start a lighthearted one? That could be fun, im checking your lovely girls out this moment! I'm just perpetually interested in this new format of RP in a game that I spend so much time on already, I think the whole aspect of visuals gives me a kick since Pichat Livedrawing RP died out a while ago which I loved to do.. AND!! THANK YOU!! YOU'RE A PEACH.. I saw your art thread, that's such a good idea of sharing your things and for people to able to check on it regularily!! It's wonderful.. I told you I was lurking so it feels like I know you people a little which is..creepy as hell probably. (And if you ever end up popping an alt on Mateus, call me beep me.)
  5. Oh..hey. I am so nervous right now, yay! I have been lurking on this forum for.. I'm sure it's been weeks by now and even before that I thought about wanting to get into this community for the longest time but something always stopped me.. I started playing FFXIV soon 2 years ago and since then I have mostly been busy doing engame content, Raids, Static, Savage, the completely unnecessary aspiration of leveling all my classes to 60 then 70, all that good stuff. But I am also a digital artist who always, always came up with OC's, drew them, rp'd them on forums, blogs and in private groups so of course I have many FFXIV related OC's at my disposal since I started this game. And finally..finally after a lot of work on my part to even seriously consider trying to make contact with anyone but my really old and familiar RP Partners, I decided to creep on this forum for a while and work on my characters Wiki page. Because for some reason I felt like I shouldn't be posting anything before I have something to show..? As you can probably tell, I'm a hot mess when it comes to social interactions and I'm kind of shy the first time I meet someone but I am warming up stat if I only spend a little time getting comfortable, maybe just..getting to know some of you and take away the spooky scary aspect of aaah new people. Now that all this awkward talk is out of the way... Hello! I'm not new to RP and writing in general, but completely oblivious to most of Ingame RP or anything specific that relates to ..Rping in the frame of a game but I have an interestlevel of 110% and would appreciate gentle guidance, very much actually. My Character is on Mateus, her name is E'Tea Nibulah and this is her Wiki (I am..not finished, I'm so sorry, but I was growing so impatient I decided to just post it now anyways, heck, it might even have typos or grammar errors in it as of this very moment). And I'd love love love to meet some of your lovely children in the game sometime, if you'd have me! (Please hold gently, like hamburger. At least for now.)
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