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  1. DATE: Every other week on alternating Thursday & Friday mornings Time: 00:00/12:00 AM PST (GMT -8) / 3:00 AM EST (GMT -5) / 8:00 AM GMT 0 Where: Balmung, Goblet 8 plot 9 Menu: https://tinyurl.com/Applewespe We’ll be open for 3 hours! Banner by @tarot-dancer
  2. C) Primal Hunter Eorzea! - 07/29/2018 - 09:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST Immediately after the Kobolds were rebuffed from both the Sahagins and Aleport's walls a massive roar was heard from the home base of the Kobolds that shook the ground, and caused a visible landslide. Reports are confused coming from that area over linkpearls, clearly people are panicked and claims of a giant primal marching with a miqo'te standing upon its back. 1 - Anstarra 2 - 3 - 4 -
  3. Not dead yet with this! Finally got the logs up but I don't know how to to hide the text in the new forum format!
  4. Furry Theft As the group arrives there appears to have been a lull as several kobolds could be seen retreating carrying aether crystals and clusters, those kobolds don't stop where the others have set up camp, but just keep hauling it towards the giant mountain they call home via nearby and barely shored up tunnels, or other foot paths Anstarra Silverain arrives at a brisk pace, eyes narrowing as she spies the fleeing kobolds. For a moment tempted to give chase, but she's here to protect, not attack. She looks for Marid. Orrin Halgren is also torn as to what to do, but he couldn't afford unnecessary risks now. He follows after Anstarra. The sahagin look like they've been hard pressed to keep up what defenses they still have, although clearly Kobolds have been making it through. Marid is in the back, tending to wounded with healing waters. The lalafell body looks worn and haggard and aged quite a bit. Akiko appears, for once, dressed for combat. Tight fitting armored cloth, gauntlets, and more. Of a seemingly repurposed Allagan design. Mostly still within Akiko's theme of black and white... Perhaps here for different reasons then the others, she nonetheless looks around, trying to appraise the situation, her gaze falling upon Anstarra in recognition. Ri'nji Solstan arrives seeing the kobolds fleeing, he pauses a moment to look over the battlefield to get a good grasp on the situation. Anstarra Silverain pauses as she recognizes a couple of the others, giving a brief smile and nod to Orrin and Akiko, eyeing the red-clad fellow before offering a smile as well.. but then continuing her way to Marid's side. "Marid! We're here to help!" Orrin Halgren peers curiously at the Au Ra and Miqo'te male briefly, if only to know that they were on his side when they got to swinging their weapons. Akiko nods briefly to Orrin. Marid looks up at the group and right away looks on the verge of tears, "Oh good, thank you! I... I have no idea what's going on! I... was cleaning up a sunken garlean ship and got called here and the Kobolds are just.... there's so many of them and they're grabbing everything with elemental energies short of me." Ri'nji Solstan remains quiet giving a slight nod to An in return. He furrowed his brow as he examined the defenses. Deciding to let the others do the talking. Sheena Nomura decides to use this moment to let An do the talking... For now. She moves to take a stealthy position within which to watch for further attack. Anstarra Silverain goes up to Marid and, hoping the girl remembers her positive interactions with An before (and those two advantages still on my sheet) bends down and gives her a hug. "It's alright. We'll help fight. And figure out what's going on.." Orrin Halgren finally got sight of the oft talked about Marid, supposedly of cooler temperament, now in a Lalafell woman's body ((If I remember correctly)) though something stays his words, mayhaps wanting to avoid anything that gets in the way of reprising the kobolds before any primal summonings occur. Akiko notices that the Kobolds are gearing up, some stretching, others armoring up. Marid hugs Anstarra back, "Alright, thank you, the only demand they made was all of the aether stores so they could summon their god for their king to inspect or something." Orrin Halgren blinks "Kobolds...don't have kings...right? I thought all their leader titles revolved around mining..." Anstarra Silverain: "Summon their god, for their.. king?" She frowns in confusion, looking at Orrin and.. not Akiko, it turns out. The new guy! "Have Kobolds ever had a King? Don't they have orders or.. yeah, that." Ri'nji Solstan: "Not that I was aware of." He said furrowing his brow in thought. "Unless there was a mistranslation or something." One of the sahagin shrugs, "Kobolds speak in glubberish, did best could" he winces and is quickly given an Admonishing look from Marid, "You shut up and rest until the waters have healed your wounds!" she looks back at Anstarra and the group, "I don't know but they just suddenly showed up and we held them back as long as we could, even sent word to Limsa and..." she just spreads her hands. Anstarra Silverain grimaces. "It's a hard sell to get Limsa to help Sahagin, even.. nice ones." She eyes the fish-people, and offers a smile. Orrin Halgren grimaces "Well, their new king cannot be X'ogun, he's supposedly missing from the mountain...so lets just hope it was a mistranslation, aye?" he grimaces, well , he was here anyway, time to do something about it "I rather not fight a primal, so how about we pilfer some crystals back aye?" Akiko's voice comes to the others from her hiding spot. "They are gearing up for another assault..." Ri'nji Solstan snaps his fingers making a small spark of fire. "Let's cook us some rats." Anstarra Silverain then looks to her companions. "Alright. We need to get ready to strike out, we can't let them Summon Titan if we can help it." She nods in agreement with Orrin, then her ears perk up. "Thal's balls. Yeah, let's drive them off!" Around the ridge and scampering over it come a pair of Kobold sprinters, arriving swiftly and the last arrival is a juggernaut trundling his way by where Akiko is hidden. Orrin Halgren lowers his weapon "Brace yourselves!" Sheena Nomura remains unseen for now... Having a plan, for this juggernaut. Anstarra Silverain twirls her spear.. perhaps unconsciously back to wielding it one-handed. Ri'nji Solstan combined his weapons into a staff, it crackled with aether. He swung it towards the kobold and lobbed a large bolide at the poor thing. It exploded as it neared the kobold and lit the thing's fur on fire causing it to flee screaming out as it tried to put out the flames on it's body. The assassin quickly pulls a vial from her hip, coating a throwing blade in it with a small smirk. Anstarra Silverain closes her eyes takes a deep breath, lets it out.. then a sharp, deep breath, all at once, expelling it, then again.. forcing herself to hyperventilate as she stretches her lungs. Then she spins her spear over her head with both hands, the wind catching grooves and scales in it to create an ominous thrum.. and then, she lets out a terrific, violent "RRRAAH!!" As she slams the spear down into the ground. Aether surges through it and the ground cracks and the shock of her voice carries a wave of energy and passion, a /Crimson Symphony/ to inflame her allies. Orrin Halgren braces his spear forwards as if he expected them to crash against his spear, as one approaches to maneuver past him he leaps into the air, playing the rat's movements to his advantage, he comes crashing down with his spear, the moment of contact flaring with blue aether as he bowls over the Kobold, spooked by the display of power it turns tail and runs Burning Kobold Man flees directly for the crystals (Zone A) passing right by Ri'nji (Zone B) or at least attempting to do so. Kobold Juggernaut trundles forth unawares of Sheena towards Anstarra and the Aether crystals, he does take a cheap shot hack at Anstarra as he arrives. Anstarra Silverain is thrumming with the energy of the song.. joyful that it worked, the first time that she ever tried it in a life-and-death situation. She almost doesn't see the attack coming, but manages to deflect much of it.. though not enough to keep it from clipping her bikini. A large gash opens, along with a line of blood, and a fair amount of /Distracting Exposure/. Last to the party, a trio of small rabid looking kobolds arrive from around the rock wall, while the skirmisher makes it to the aether crystals after managing to bound around Ri'nji Sheena Nomura frowns as she sees that shot against Anstarra, and flips the blade within her hands. Its time to take that kobold out… Ri'nji Solstan snarls as the rat slips past him. Which of course meant it turned it's back to him, he decided to unleash hell on it and stabbed his rapier into the ground, jumping upwards in a back flip he spread his arms out and summoned several aetheric blades each which rained down on the kobold and exploded in a blinding flash of light. Sheena Nomura || Flipping the blade in her hand once more, she threw it expertly, the blade going into the base of the kobold's neck, severing his spinal cord. If he wasn't instantly dead? Well, the poison on the blade finished him off, the assassin now clearly visible. Orrin Halgren quickly pivots on his heels, exemplifying the acrobatic grace of the dragoon to move around the battlefield, he lands in front of the swarm of Kobolds that seemed to barrel towards Ri'nji and offers his spear in challenge! Orrin Halgren: "Seems the large ones can't dodge for a damn, leave the skittering ones to Anstarra and I and handle those brutes!" Sheena Nomura nods with a chuckle. "Understood..." Anstarra Silverain glances briefly at the expanse of her own breast exposed by the cut.. then, she licks one of her fingers, and wipes off the blood. Leaving the flesh barely marred, damp, and highly exposed. Then she grins, planting her spear in the stones, before squatting and heaving up the dead Kobold Juggernaut.. onto her shoulders.. then over her head! Before HURLING it into the water, with a roar of triumph and satisfaction. The whole effort has her practically glowing, muscles sharp and visible. The swarm of small rabid kobolds seem to be entirely unperturbed by Orrin, all three of them leaping at him in unison to bite, claw and scratch as best as they can. While Orrin is being swarmed, another pack of swarmers arrives by the gate, and a sprinter scampers over the rock wall. Orrin Halgren growls like a man possessed, as the kobolds come screeching and swarming at him he swings his spear in wide parrying slashes, leveraging the size and heft of the weapon to toss them off balance enough to reposition his weapon in time for the next flurry of blows. Orrin Halgren fights to the rhythm of Anstarra's Crimson Symphony Sheena Nomura || The woman's hands come together in a series of quick signs, internal aether aligning quickly, before she finishes the sign, a bolt of lightning coming down to slam into one of the swarmers, sending it scurrying away. Ri'nji Solstan holds his staff upwards and channels the aether the staff. Suddenly motes of aether form around the skirmishers and go off in a spectacular fireworks show. Then as almost an afterthought as he turns away points the palm of his hand at one of the skirmishers and zaps it with a bolt of lightning. Anstarra Silverain grins in appreciation of the red-clad miqo'te's fighting style, enjoying the flash and bang of combat magic.. Orrin Halgren takes his opening to plant his feet, in a sudden burst of aether he goes high into the air, shadowy silhouette against the sun, using it to blind the Kobolds of his approach to come down on them hard, /scattering/ the group about. He levels his spear back at them for the counter attack The First set of swarmers continue to try to pile on and take down Orrin, even though one of their numbers has fled the scene, the other group attempts to do the same to Akiko. Anstarra Silverain rushes to the front line, teeth bared in a grin. Her body is thrumming with energy and aggressive tension.. she charges, lifting her spear in one hand as if to go for a straight lunge - and at the last moment breaking her momentum, stomp, pivot and backhanded SLAP that catches the kobold sprinter right in the side and sends it flying into rocks. Anstarra Silverain: "Hahaha..." Sheena Nomura grits her teeth as the kobolds attack her. She wasn't that great in melee, she knew. An assassin, and stealth fighter... Her bladework managed to stave off the few, but still. Sheena Nomura sways a little as she feels the poison from their blows working its way through her veins. Not her first time being poisoned, so she knew not to panic, but still. And late to the party a Juggernaut tumbles down the rocky hill to make his way to 1, where Anstarra stood over the slaughtered Sprinter. Sheena Nomura let her passions build, the blood rushing through her as she forced herself to fight on despite the pain, her movements speeding up as she fought past their defenses. Ri'nji Solstan points his staff at the swarmers, taking full advantage off their weakness to magic. He the earth rises up around them and enters into one of them as dust, before exploding showering Orrin in rat fur and gore. Anstarra Silverain: "Woo!" Orrin Halgren strides forth through the smoke and flame from the red mage's pyrotechnics like some dark lord, with a single brutal swipe sideways he rends through the remaining of the swarm as they reeled from the smoke, He looks over his should to give a nod of thanks to the mage. Ri'nji Solstan tips his hat to Orrin like he was John Wayne Anstarra Silverain was turning to help Akiko, when all of a sudden a Juggernaut practically fell into her lap. She blinks.. then her lip quirks. "I like big guys." STAB-KABOOM!!! Light surges from her spear right as she lunges from almost no windup, into the solar plexus.. and the juggernaut is replaced by a black smear. The gates detonate inwards as a kobold that looks more like the worlds fuzziest roegadyn strides in followed by a sprinter and wielding what appears to be a massive anchor sized pick axe. Trundle the Juggernaut Excavator boss has arrived. Anstarra Silverain: "...ooh, that one's -bigger-." Sheena Nomura: "... Time for one to regroup, one thinks." The remaining swarmers continue their work on Sheena with trying to take her down. Orrin Halgren outstretches a pointed finger to the boss "Yep, that's the one, with the largest most obnoxious hat!" he yells. Anstarra Silverain laughs, slowly twirling her spear. Her body is glowing softly with little crackles of energy, her own Crimson Symphony and the aetherial inflation of her muscles, the vicious momentum and her riled, kill-ready mien.. she looks like she's just finished a 2-episode DBZ chargeup sequence and is about to Fuck Some Shit Up. Ri'nji Solstan slips over to close the distance between the other swammers. This time sending a crimson bolt at one, striking it and exploding in a red explosion that blasted the kobold off the wall then bounced it into the water. Akiko throws down a flash bomb! Ever play Ocarina of Time? Ever wonder how Shiek did that? YOU HAVE A FRONT ROW SEAT T- where did she go? Orrin Halgren sprints in, spear at the ready, again at a low stance, he seems to know what was coming next and was gonna be ready to capitalize on it Anstarra Silverain launches herself into the air.. the descent is cataclysmic and artistic at once. It's not just the slash on her top, but the way she displays her body, drawing that moment's distraction out.. and then she explodes with violent aether, which is sucked into her as she hits the ground.. and a blast-wave of aetherial fangs and claws tears through the kobolds. Even the monstrous boss is bloodied by it... the others are just gone. Trundle is /bloodied/ by Anstarra's attack, even though his allies have all died. He snorts and grins, just passing on to C via Juggernaut/1 zone movement, can't be opposed/ before he takes a swing at Ri'nji with the anchor sized pickaxe. Anstarra Silverain makes a pleased, growling sound as she straightens.. only to see the big guy trundle off. "...heyyy..!" Ri'nji Solstan gets knocked back and he gives a growl raising his staff to the heavens the aether begins to crackle in the air. A ball of holy aether appears a small distance above the things head, looking somewhat like a spirit bomb. Suddenly a white pillar of light drops down from it and smashes into the monstrosity like a hammer of the gods, leaving the thing smoking with /holy burns/. Sheena Nomura || Flipping her blade once more, the woman's hands flashed quickly in another series of signs, charging her blade with some sort of inky water surrounding it, before she flings the blade at her foe. Though it doesn't seem to do much, the poisoned blade still chips away at the creature's defenses! Orrin Halgren stood in awe of Anstarra's movements, in fact he was rather distracted by the display, so much so that the giant kobold trundled (HAH) past him without him even trying to stop. He snaps out out of it "Oh, no, Anstarra killed you." he growls, that bluish aether growing once more, draconic like scales forming about "You're dead, realize you are dead!" he leaps into the air and at the apex inverts, diving down head first, driving the spear right through the back through the chest, the kobold was /run through/ with the spear in a calamitous crash, as the dust clears, he is scene atop of the prone kobold that seemed still. He steps off and removes the spear, only to then be toppled as the juggernaut rose again and sped off in the other direction. "I-impossible" Sheena Nomura relaxes a little and wipes her face a bit, before slowly taking a knee, breathing heavily. She felt sick to her stomach. Sheena Nomura watches the last juggernaut run away, unable to pursue with her /Infected/ state, when she otherwise might have sought to make sure its life ended. It wasn't long after Trundle managed to limp away leaving a very prolific and possibly lethal or near enough so trail of blood that horns echoed from the mountains. The kobolds all quickly retreat, almost like a rat warren being vacated. Ri'nji Solstan raises his brow in almost mild interest. He watches the thing run off then goes over to check on the sneaky infected one. Anstarra Silverain flashes a grin as she hears Orrin's words, leaning back so she can enjoy.. laughing and pumping her fist as he delivers that -exquisite- strike, the kind of blow that you can feel the shudder of agony... then gawking, and laughing in astonishment as the kobold just manages.. to.. walk off. She lets him go. That kind of resilience deserved respect. Sheena Nomura reaches up to take off her mask, grimacing. "I shall be fine with time. I'm just feeling... Ill." Orrin Halgren felt his pride almost wounded seeing it get away. "Well, that was tougher Orrin Halgren: "Tought than I thought..." Anstarra Silverain: "Nasty bite... dirty little bastards. I've never known kobolds to be savage like that, normally they're all bombs and screeching and synonyms." Marid nods and makes her way over towards Akiko, the water from the shore rising up and washing over Akiko's wounds and cleasning the infection from it, "That should do it." Anstarra Silverain: "Thank you~" motioning joyfully towards Marid. Sheena Nomura relaxes happily, and gives a warm smile to Marid. "Thank you very much... I feel much better." The ground begins to shake and rumble as a portion of the mountain in the distance seems to suffer a landslide followed by a bone jarring roar. Anstarra Silverain smiles at Akiko, reaching out and stroking her hair, then turning to grin at Orrin. "That was pretty ni-aah?!" She jolts at the sudden eruption. Sheena Nomura: "... The Primal?" Ri'nji Solstan gives a nod then goes to examine the battlefield though he pauses to look at the mountain with a furrowed brow. Orrin Halgren looks over, getting to his feet, near stumbling from the quaking "What, no, we stopped them.." Anstarra Silverain: "...I hope it's not Titan... though..." She frowns. "If it is.. they Summoned him with less crystals than optimal, maybe out of desperation..." Anstarra Silverain: "This might be the.. best of a terrible situation..." Sheena Nomura: "... If so, then I shall have to confront it." Sheena Nomura: "Perhaps not the Primal." Anstarra Silverain 's ears fold back. "Rngh.. Titan sounds kinda like a pissed-off dragon..." Ri'nji Solstan: "It's a primal....but not the usual type...twisted." Sheena Nomura: "Twisted?" Orrin Halgren grimaces "hells, plug one hole and the leak sprouts elsewhere..." Anstarra Silverain looks to the red fellow.. and suddenly beams, moving over to extend a hand. "Anstarra Silverain, by the way~ Nice fighting..." Sheena Nomura does playfully swat An on the thigh with her tail. As if to question why she's wearing next to nothing. Marid perks up, "Is Titan tied to the earth?" Anstarra Silverain hands over something to Ri'nji Solstan. Sheena Nomura: "Titan is of the Earth, yes." Anstarra Silverain smirks confidently at Sheena Nomura. Marid does the lalafell panic, "Oh no no what if their king is Shaitan?! He controls the earth like I control the water." Anstarra Silverain is still wearing next to nothing, and there's a big gash through her bikini top on her left breast. Flap of cloth dangling down, threatening a total collapse on that side. She seems to have forgot it, unless her posture jutting her breasts out like that is a deliberate attempt to finish the job. "Rin." He said looking to her hand a moment before cautiously extending to lightly shake it. Then pulled it back and wiped it off on his pants. "But yes, something has altered the Eikon's aether." Sheena Nomura: "Interesting... Perhaps it is so. In which case, my job is that much more clear." Sheena Nomura contemplates slipping a knife over to finish the job to An's top. It'd be so easy! Orrin Halgren purses his lips in thought "The longer we let it persist, the more aether it will drain... Anstarra Silverain raises her brows at the hand-wiping.. then shakes herself, feeling vaguely offended. Then Marid's words distract her. "Shaitan? Could it be?" Sheena Nomura pats An on the shoulder in sympathy. Ri'nji Solstan does not like touching people! Sheena Nomura makes ready to steal the defeated cloth before it flutters to the ground. Anstarra Silverain is turning, or turned perhaps a bit too sharply. Her body's muscles are still inflamed with focus from earlier (she still has an invoke on that aspect!) and, well... *Snap!* Sheena Nomura steals the cloth. Anstarra Silverain panics! Marid blushes and averts her eyes. Anstarra Silverain: "AH! My bikini! It's my fav- HEY!" Sheena Nomura: "Well. My night just got more interesting." Sheena Nomura winks at An, and dangles the cloth. Anstarra Silverain peers at Akiko.. then huffs, and lazily drapes an arm over her breasts. Just enough to cover things. A bit. Ri'nji Solstan looks over to An, raising his brow briefly before going back to staring at the mountain. Sheena Nomura chuckles. "I'll hold onto it, since I have pockets, and you don't." Sheena Nomura: "You'll get it back." Anstarra Silverain: "While I'm glad to know that my boobs compete with.. Titan? Or Shaitan? Or both. Dammit. Both I bet." Orrin Halgren is left pondering for a moment, almost missing the shenanigans, ALMOST "I know it is a common reaction to strip and have sex in light of an end of the world scenario but this isn't one...not yet hopefully Sheena Nomura: "I have never fought a Primal before. So forgive me for enjoying the sight before I steel myself for it." Anstarra Silverain sticks her tongue out at Orrin. "Victory sex is a thing, you know. Though I'm not going back into battle exposed like this.. maybe someone has a spare top around here.." Marid watches the mountains, "I hope there isn't a lot of people injured..." she is clearly worried. Sheena Nomura shrugs. "You can borrow my kimono..." She murmurs, and then looks to the mountains. "We will have to see. Marid, yes?" Anstarra Silverain: "Mrf. Up there.. not many people live there. Well. Kobolds..." "Yes, but whatever it is might move down to where the people are." Marid replies Sheena Nomura: "That is why I shall oppose it." Ri'nji Solstan looks to An thinking to offer his jacket, then sighs with relief when the Au Ra offers hers. Orrin Halgren: "If it is truly a primal, then you all run the risk of tempering without the Echo, it is tantamount to suicide. Sheena Nomura looks to Orrin. "It is my job. I have no choice." Anstarra Silverain: "Mrrf.. but if it's just Shaitan..." Sheena Nomura: "If ever there was something that threatened the Balance..." Sheena Nomura: "A Primal is one." Ri'nji Solstan: "It requires further investigation before we can decide how to proceed, not many forces can alter a primal like this." Sheena Nomura: "Indeed..." Marid bites her lip, "Just remember... ah... Shaitan is forcing his body to do whims against that bodies' owners will even if he thinks he's bringing the will of the elementals upon everyone." Sheena Nomura: "Still, if the Company of Heroes could fight a Primal safely... One must try." Anstarra Silverain: "Safely? Most of them died, I heard.." Sheena Nomura: "Died, not Tempered." Orrin Halgren clenches his hand into a fist "I've studied those fights, the company of heroes tossed waves of soldiers..you send a wave in to be tempered, a second wave to fight those where were tempered and a third to fight the primal... Anstarra Silverain: "Because the second wave fought the Tempered of the first wave.." Sheena Nomura nods. Anstarra Silverain: "We need cannon fodder." Sheena Nomura: "... Perhaps. But I doubt the ability to temper decreases over time." Anstarra Silverain purses her lips. "I wonder if we could get bad Sahagin to fight them.." Ri'nji Solstan: "My suggestion is to first round up people who can fight the primal safely." Sheena Nomura: "How does one even test for that?" Ri'nji Solstan: "Find people with the echo." Sheena Nomura: "Again... How do you test for that?" Sheena Nomura shrugs at Ri'nji Solstan. Sheena Nomura: "Unless you mean to call upon the Scions."
  5. Kobolds at the Gate GM- Transit to Aleport by land was cut off prior to the original bulletin set out due to a literal army of Kobolds that have set up camp around the shuttered and barred gates. The group had to arrive by boat that was taxi'd from down shore along the Limsan coast. The guards from the northern wall were unresponsive due to Kobolds flooding northward and Limsa itself was unable to send any additional soldiers. As the party arrives a Yellow Jacket rushes down the dock, leading several civilians who quickly take the emptied spots on the boat that sets off quickly. The huffing and puffing midlander straightens up a moment, "Thank the twelve you have weapons!" Aldsan- Artoria nods slightly in return. "We'll do what we can, though, I do hope you don't plan to four people to stop an entire army?" Chachanji- "Ah jeez... thi' looks a bit more frantic tha' I was expectin'..." Chachan muses with a frown, adjusting his armor. He was expecting a tussle - nonlethal, preferably - but he wasn't so simple as to think to come here without armaments. Jana- "I'm not against the idea of a beastman army. Makes me wish they'd summon their god for us to kill, that'd spook them." Qara Qara is already adorned in her somewhat ornate set of dark blue plate armor. Her zweihander is strapped to her back, and she holds a horned helmet under one arm. She regards the man with her blue-ringed red eyes, and a couple blinks later nods to his his statement. She seems almost too calm given the situation. “Yes… Hi.” A blue line of paint under her right eye slowly changes to white. Chachanji- "I-I 'unno if'n we could take a Primal..." the little Lalafell admits, scratching at his cheek. "But I'd def'nitely would rather spook 'em than kill 'em... They're beastpeoples but they're still peoples." GM- The Yellow Jacket nods slightly, "That's what we're wondering, well... the guard commander was wondering 'fore she became pin cushion at the cannon." he motions towards the wall, "I can show ya just what's going on, but ya gotta keep your heads down though." the jacket motions and starts towards the ramps up, "Other help have arrived and they're ... doing their thing." Jana- Jana crosses her arm, waiting expectantly, but says nothing further. Chachanji- Chachanji is a Lalafell. His head is always down. Aldsan- "Doing their thing?" Qara Qara fits her helmet onto her head. “Okay, show us.” GM- On the way up the ramp there's a couple gun shots, arrows passing back and forth, one person is tossing thaumaturgical spells into the crowds. Chachanji- Chachan looks about at all the ranged combat, mostly keeping eyes on people whose armor might need some fixing up from all the fighting going on. He may not be able to heal real good, but he could at least make sure someone on the ramparts comes back home in his own way. GM- At the top of the ramp, a glance over shows a lot of kobolds happily sending pot shots back, so far neither gate has been breached, but they certainly are trying to keep people away from the cannons. Qara Upon hearing the gunfire, Qara lets out an audible exhale and a faint scale-like aura forms around her. “Need to shield the gunners.” She mutters, but pauses to ponder for a moment. She regards the man. “Why are they attacking? What do they want?” Jana- Jana briefly considers joining the spellslingers, but decides to wait and stick with the rest of the group. "Beastmen are always attacking for one reason or another, but I've never seen something like an actual army of them." GM- One of the gunners makes for the cannons and is promptly pinned down by a volley of arrows. An arrow filled body though is dragged over the edge to be caught down below. Jana- Jana points out several malms. "I think they might be coming from maybe... Tunnels? Out over there." Chachanji- Chachan blinks, and inches towards the ramparts to try and get a better look. While wearing his helmet, of course. Don't want to get domed being curious as a couerl. Qara "Why do you keep sending people to the cannons? Stop until you find a way to protect the gunners." She calls out at the other soldiers on the ramparts. Her tone betrays a sympathetic pain from seeing the arrow-filled gunner. GM- The yellow jacket glances at Qara and then looks over towards them and shouts, "OI! YER DEAF!? AH SAID NO MORE TRYING FOR THE CANNONS UNLESS YOU WANT T' GET SHOT!" he sighs, "That's one o' th' adventurers." he shakes his head, "At least the commander is down from the commander." he sighs, "We've torn doors for protection and those just get blasted by magic. Haven't seen a thing like this ever." Aldsan- Artoria drums her fingers against her arm, frowning at the sight past the ramparts. "This will be... difficult to deal with. Did you have a task in mind for us, or are we to wade through the horde to find whatever constitutes their leader?" Qara Qara nods slowly to his words. She stays under the cover of the ramparts, but looks around Aleport as if trying to find specific things. “Can’t do anything until they come through, or until we find a way to shoot back”. She pauses as Artoria speaks. “Or we try that… But uh… There are a lot to um… Wade through.” Chachanji- "They dun want folks gettin' ta th' cannons... s-so mebbe we should find a way ta do tha' wit'out th' folks goin' fer it gettin' shot?" Chachan offers, looking about for inspiration. "I mean... there's gotta be a reason fer tha'..." He looks to Qara and nods, seeing as she seems to be on a similar wavelength. Qara Qara glances to the Lalafell. "Yes! What I think too. But if shields aren;t working then... Hmmmm." She cants her head in thought. "Maybe something like a smoke screen? Can't shoot what they can't see easily." Jana- "The tunnel entrances, assuming that's what they are, can only be hit by the cannons. I think what we need to do if get them to back off enough that we can get a shot or two off. Thinning their numbers would be a good thing all-around regardless." Chachanji- "If'n I knew we needed more defenses... I coulda seen 'bout makin' some metal barricades 'n stuff..." the little Lalafell sighs. "'less there's a smithy 'round 'ere I dun know 'bout tha' I can borrow." GM- The yellow jacket motions, "Yea we have an on site smithy of course, we do have t' repair boats that come in." they shrug, "Or you could head down to Swiftperch and climb up if'n yer want around the horde somewhat." Jana- "This is a port for building ships. I am certain they will have the facilities for smithing." Chachanji- The little Lalafell brightens. Apparently he didn't know what went into boat building, and was happily surprised! "Well then, tha's somethin' I can do if'n yer willin' ta let me have a go at it!" Jana- Jana peers closer over the edge of the walls. "...Actually, I can't say that those are tunnel entrances." She points out a bit further. "They came on foot through trails over that way." "I think those holes are excavations, not tunnels." Qara "I can shoot back with some magic, but I am better with my sword." She pauses. "I can try to make a smoke screen... Only it won't really be smoke...Uhhh, I know what getting to Swiftperch would be like from water... I am not the best climber." Aldsan- "Excavations? To get under the wall? Or... are they digging for something?" Qara Qara quickly glances to Artoria. "If they are trying to dig under the wall, that is bad... What else could they be digging for?" GM- The jacket shrugs a bit, "They're digging? The hells would they be digging to?" there was a pause, "The Aether storehouse?" Jana- "The what- Please clarify. Do you have a cache of crystals buried here?" Qara "....Aether storehouse?" Chachanji- Chachan just sort of glances about, seeing if he can see where the forge is... so he might be able to hammer out at least some sort of barricade or three to help people get to - and be protected at - the cannons. GM- "Mostly shards, every city has one where we store them for running furnaces and such." The jacket motions towards the smithy then looks back to Qara, Jana and Artoria. "Yea... but we got... that set out over there." he motions towards the tower. Chachanji- The little Lalafell nods in thanks and patters off to see what he can manage! Aldsan- "In the tower? Or are they underground?" GM- "No the prison is underground, the store house is above it." Qara Qara looks a bit confused. "Then why do you think they are digging for the storehouse?" GM- The Jacket shrugs, "Don't beast men all go for Aether crystal stuff?" Qara "Maybe..." She pauses. "Do you have any Kobold prisoners?" GM- "The first kobolds tried sneaking in..." Aldsan- "It seems a good place to start. Let's find out what they're after." Qara Qara nods. "Yes. There is a way to the prison from inside Aleport, yes?" GM- The jacket nods, "Yea, follow me." he makes his way down the ramp and across town towards the prison which was essentially a seaside cave with bars, there were a couple pirates, and several kobolds inside, on their far sides. The Pirates look like they lost whatever scuffle they got in with the kobolds. Qara Qara is familiar with the "prison'... For some reason. She approaches the bars, and removes her helmet. She looks in at the Kobolds. "Hi." GM- One of the kobolds looks at Qara, "You are here to free, release, undetain us!?" Qara Qara smiles lightly; oddly sincere despite the people she's talking to. "Maybe. But your people are attacking this port. Already hurt many of the people here. Why?" GM- The Kobold sneers, "We are summoning, calling Titan God for new unfollower!!" he spits towards Qara, "Ugly, Gross horns will be smashed!" the kobold is clearly /hostile on sight/ of Qara. Qara Qara frowns for a moment, but then furrows her brow, and the paint on her face turns black. She glances to Artoria. “Should have guessed. Maybe they are after the storeroom then…” Aldsan- Artoria slams her fist into the wall, glaring at the kobold. "And what's your plan in coming here? Who is this 'new unfollower?'" GM- The Kobold jumps at the wall strike, /fearful of Artoria/ now, "T-to get crystals! Unfollower wants meet Titan god!" Chachanji- Chachan rejoins the group after getting directions to where they had all gone in the interim. "What're ya guys doin' all th' way ov'r 'ere?" He obviously hadn't asked why they had come this way. He looks to the yelp of an answer from the cell. "O-oh! I didn't know they had caught some kobolds!" "So, I think I managed ta figger out somethin' fer th' folks on th' cannons ta use. I got some'a th' others haulin' it up there now." GM- The jacket nods and then peers at the wall, "Oh... uh..." the jacket motions to the wall, "Uh..." the mortar is crumbling. Aldsan- "Go get explosives or at least some boiling oil. Something we can pour down the whole and push out the invaders with." Jana- Jana, who hasn't been doing much during the discussion, simply takes a ready stance in case of any enemies punching through the wall. GM- The Jacket nods his head and retreats quickly, "Yes on it!" he shouts to some of the others, "OI! GET THE BOMBS! WE CRACKING LIKE AN EGG!" Qara Qara steps back from the cell and unslings her sword from her back. “They can invade from here when they get through. We have to neck bottle them!” Chachanji- "So, uh... what's goin' on ov'r 'ere then?" Chachan offers meekly, trying to figure out what all went down while he was smithing up some defenses. "O-oh!" He pulls out his hammer - used for building defenses, it might end up being used for more immediate defensive applications. GM- The wall cracks open and several Kobolds burst in, stumbling a moment, "OH! up up we need go!" Chachanji- "Ah, h-hold on... I dun think they're attackin' through th' cell, they're doin' a rescue!" Qara Qara shifts into a battle-ready stance. Her body is turned side-facing and her sword is lift over her right shoulder. She is poised to strike. “Do we let them go, or stop them? If we open the cell, we give them a way into the town if we fail.” GM- The Pirates clings to the bars, "HEY! Y'all gotta let us out! These rodent's 'r gonna kill us!" Chachanji- Chachan is now having a Moral Dilemma. Open the door and save the pirates, but give the kobolds a way in... or keep the kobolds out by keeping the cell closed and risk the pirates getting harmed. What do!? GM- The Kobolds look more interested in the ceiling and start swinging up at the ceiling with pick axes, "UP UP!" Aldsan- Artoria narrows her eyes. Breaking the door open was a risk for invasion, but... letting the kobolds abscond with a cache of crystals would be worse. She lowered her shoulder and rammed the door open, charging in to swing at the digging beastmen. Chachanji- The Kobolds' chants snap Chachanji from his little panic moment. They weren't going to go after the pirates, but they WERE going to try and make a tunnel straight into the town! With the three more fighty-types here to handle this front, the little Lalafell goes off to alert the other adventurers and Yellowjackets of the impending breach. And to relay message to the cannoneers that one of the tunnels out there might be connecting to that hole in the prison! And then set to helping shore up the defenses wherever he can with his smithing skill... GM- The first kobold goes down from Artoria's sword strike. The other Kobolds weren't expecting this as they retreated a step, the pirates retreat quickly out of the cell and off wherever. Qara “Okay… Guess open and after them it is.” The paint on her face turns purple, and she jumps in after Artoria. She lunges for the Kobold that threatened her horns. Her sword shifts swings in a cut then she brings the tip into a thrust right at the Kobold’s torso. GM- the second kobold defends against Qara /hostile on sight/ being used as well. The result is the kobold is struck soundly but will survived GM After Qara's take down of the Kobold, it left an opening for Artoria to step in and catch the following Kobold coming out of the tunnel by surprise. A quick cast from Jana collapsed one of the connecting tunnels and delayed further incursions for a bit. Above on the wall Chachan had to adjust the cannon, the shield that was installed earlier did manage to deflect arrows from the Kobold while one of the other adventurers assisted in rotating and aiming the cannon to collapse the first entrance. The cannon fire scattering the surviving Kobolds that were near it. A new wave of Kobolds made it down the tunnel, attempting to squeeze past Artoria and Qara to attack the ceiling of the cell however even their attempts at a rush and overwhelm tactic failed and they were pushed back before Jana's magic collapsed the second tunnel on top of them. That sealed them off on the cell side while a few more shots from the cannon collapsed the other entrances. The Kobolds seemed to retreat for a moment, and appeared to be ready to rally forth with some new plan when there was a horn sounded. As a whole, the surviving kobolds retreated back to the paths they came from. A somewhat baffled but relieved guard watched them go before they started to pick things up while Artoria, Jana and Qara joined Chachan up top. They didn't get a chance to discuss what even happened before the sound of a landslide upon the mountain could be heard echoing, followed by a ground shaking primal roar from the direction the Kobold's fled.
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  10. [align=center]TURNS![/align] General Turns - 14 / 18 remaining 2 - Investigate - Artoria & Orrin investigate the Q' tribe & Efreeti 2 - Rapport - Anstarra chatted up some of the members of the Q tribe, she's /Trusted by the Q'/ NPC Turns - 6 / 8 remaining 1 - Traveling - Shaitan is on the move 1 - Traveling - Vanu Tribesman has left the sea of clouds with Djinn
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