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  1. DATE: Every other week on alternating Thursday & Friday mornings Time: 00:00/12:00 AM PST (GMT -8) / 3:00 AM EST (GMT -5) / 8:00 AM GMT 0 Where: Balmung, Goblet 8 plot 9 Menu: https://tinyurl.com/Applewespe We’ll be open for 3 hours! Banner by @tarot-dancer
  2. C) Primal Hunter Eorzea! - 07/29/2018 - 09:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST Immediately after the Kobolds were rebuffed from both the Sahagins and Aleport's walls a massive roar was heard from the home base of the Kobolds that shook the ground, and caused a visible landslide. Reports are confused coming from that area over linkpearls, clearly people are panicked and claims of a giant primal marching with a miqo'te standing upon its back. 1 - Anstarra 2 - 3 - 4 -
  3. Not dead yet with this! Finally got the logs up but I don't know how to to hide the text in the new forum format!
  4. Furry Theft As the group arrives there appears to have been a lull as several kobolds could be seen retreating carrying aether crystals and clusters, those kobolds don't stop where the others have set up camp, but just keep hauling it towards the giant mountain they call home via nearby and barely shored up tunnels, or other foot paths Anstarra Silverain arrives at a brisk pace, eyes narrowing as she spies the fleeing kobolds. For a moment tempted to give chase, but she's here to protect, not attack. She looks for Marid. Orrin Halgren is also torn as to what
  5. Kobolds at the Gate GM- Transit to Aleport by land was cut off prior to the original bulletin set out due to a literal army of Kobolds that have set up camp around the shuttered and barred gates. The group had to arrive by boat that was taxi'd from down shore along the Limsan coast. The guards from the northern wall were unresponsive due to Kobolds flooding northward and Limsa itself was unable to send any additional soldiers. As the party arrives a Yellow Jacket rushes down the dock, leading several civilians who quickly take the emptied spots on the boat that set
  6. TONIGHT! Starting at 12:00 AM PST / 03:00 AM EST / 08:00 AM GMT OPEN TAVERN NIGHT at Applewespe's Tavern Located at Goblet 8 plot 9 Menu - https://tinyurl.com/Applewespe
  7. Current Story Aspects - Favor of House Dzemael a) Furry Theft! -- 03/09/2018 - 05:00 PM PST / 07:00 PM CST / 08:00 PM EST A Leveplate reads: Help! The Kobolds have recently begun raiding the Sahagin, but the only thing they are taking are objects of Aetheric energy and crystals! The problem is they've been badly injuring the Sahagin that try to stop them in the process, and this is something they've never had to deal with in recent memory! - Marid 1 - Anstarra 2 - Orrin 3 - S'imba 4 - A'lera/Akiko/Renaea b) Kobolds at the
  8. updated top post with the date of the next Red Eye at Applewespe's event!
  9. I'm starting up a bi-weekly late night tavern Goblet 8 Apt 69 (non subdivision) 12:00 pst - 3:00 est - 8:00 AM GMT Next event on 01/25/2018 Occurring bi-weekly on alternating Thursday & Friday mornings! MENU! - https://tinyurl.com/Applewespe
  10. [align=center]TURNS![/align] General Turns - 14 / 18 remaining 2 - Investigate - Artoria & Orrin investigate the Q' tribe & Efreeti 2 - Rapport - Anstarra chatted up some of the members of the Q tribe, she's /Trusted by the Q'/ NPC Turns - 6 / 8 remaining 1 - Traveling - Shaitan is on the move 1 - Traveling - Vanu Tribesman has left the sea of clouds with Djinn
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