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  1. xelliexell

    balmung Magical Miscellania: The Vendor for Every Mage!

    I went to this event and had a lot of fun! The staff were all very attentive and interesting. Thank you all for running it!
  2. xelliexell

    Au'ra lancer/dragoons - What do?

    I think it's very possible to play an Au Ra who is proficient with the lance/spear. You don't necessarily have to put the "Dragoon" label on it, unless you would specifically want your character associated with Ishgard's military (which is likely where all the stigma is coming from, since that's not really shown in game so it's generally regarded as "implausible.") If you're wanting to avoid most of the stigma, I'd just avoid putting the "dragoon" label on it, and just have your character know their way around a lance/spear. I'd say it's even feasible to have them use similar techniques as shown in game, since most of the martial classes utilize their own aether to bolster their melee attacks. Even a relatively normal Lancer from Gridania's Lancer Guild can combine aether and lancework in this way, so I don't think it's terribly snowflakey. I'm not sure about the dragon blood parallel, so you may just want to stick with "using one's inner aether to enhance their attack," in concept? Also, I believe many of the Lupin in Yanxia wield spears, so maybe your Au Ra could have learned it from them somehow? Either way, I think it demonstrates their prevelance in Doma. Of course, you can always play what you want and heck to the haters. But since this post seems to be asking about how best to avoid ruffling the feathers of others, I've offered what help I can! Best of luck and wishing many fun RPs to you!
  3. xelliexell

    Rendezvous FAQ!

    How does entry into the Linkshell work? When you apply on this site, you will see a screen with some initial information about our guild. This information is for your benefit, so that you can know more about us before choosing to officially undergo the screening process. After applying, an officer will reach out to you to touch base and discuss things with you, to further determine whether or not we'd be a good fit for each other. They will be following up with you via your application, and you will have to check your email for the link to access said application! If you find that this LS is right for you (and vice versa), we will arrange an IC introductory scene for your character, wherein you will receive the linkpearl. If you are unreachable for one month during this process, the application will be dropped. Additionally, each new member will fall under a one-month trial period. Who are the leaders of the guild? D'ranmaia Shenn - Founder and fluffy cat; most busy officer at any given time (so please don't get mad if she can't answer you right away or directs you to a different officer.) Flora Valerian - The most long-standing officer; second most busy officer at any given time. Klynestyn Ketteram - Also an officer, and general event guru; he's seriously hyped about events. Xehn'a Hmyr - Officer who does a lot of PvE, and also programs nifty things for the site. Khira Lhizahla - Extremely nice Australian officer who is not yet jaded by life. J'lyneth Khal - HR Admin with the most fabulous hats. Contact her with any guild-related problems or suggestions - she's here to help! Piers Hayward - HR Admin who doesn't like sleeves. Contact him with any guild-related problems or suggestions - he's here to help! What do the marks do for our characters, exactly? Do they give us special powers or something? No special powers (unless something special is happening during a plot event, but that's strictly Storyteller-driven.) The marks are IC devices that are meant to connect our characters in a supernatural way. As mentioned in the intro text, your character feels extremely familiar with other people who have these marks. They have visions and dreams that pertain to the past (or present) experiences of their fellows, and may even compelled to protect them should their life be in danger. This doesn't mean that your character is forced to like them, however. The mark just gives you a very strong instinct and inclination, which can be tempered by a character's personality and will. How does the Dreams & Visions forum work? Generally speaking, characters can have dreams about the past or present experiences of other characters. If you post a story about your character in the "Dreams & Visions" forum, other people can use that as IC and OoC knowledge. The knowledge comes to them in a dream or vision (which works similarly to how the Echo is portrayed in game, where they see it while awake), as per player discretion. Not everyone has to be aware of every Dream that is posted there, but they can if they so choose. Is there a limit on how many Stars we can take? To ensure that everyone gets a Star who wants one, I'm limiting one Star per player. This does not restrict you from interacting with group members with your Alts on a natural basis, but they won't get a linkshell invite, or be ICly welcome at any Stars Plot events. That being said, we do have a LS set aside specifically for our alts, and our Calendar also has a category for "alt-friendly" events. If you'd like an invite to the "Rendezvous!Extra Cast" LS, just ask around and you'll get one for any of your alts or main. What if I want to retire one character from the LS and use another instead? You can do this! However, the new character will not receive another custom IC intro from staff, due to manpower limitations. Since you'll already know how an intro works from your first character, the intro can either be assumed to happen "off screen," or, if you wish, you can contact another player that you know and trust to run the intro for your new character. We also request that, if you want to switch characters, to not continue to try to utilize your old character in the LS/Host Club/Stars events. You do not have to kill the character - just have them ride off into the sunset, or disconnect from the Stars in some IC way. Otherwise, it would become quickly confusing, and would kind of fly in the face of the lore behind the Stars. Additionally, staff will check the LS at the end of each month for unfamiliar names. We need to be made aware of any character switches so that we can keep the site accurate and updated, and we also need to re-ask question #3 from our screening process for any new character. It is the player's responsibility to contact staff regarding any character switches before we check the LS at the end of the month. If we are not contacted, the unfamiliar name will be removed from the LS. If you retire your old character and bring in a new one, we also ask that you inform staff regarding who your old character was within the LS. It can help alleviate a lot of potential confusion, and it is also more fair to both staff and other players. (Applying as a "secret alt" increases officer/admin work in the following ways: running extra intros per player, going through the screening and check-in process all over again, adding an extra account on the site as opposed to reactivating the old one, etc.) Any lies or omission in this regard could lead to revocation of a character's screening and approval, per staff discretion. What is a Host Club? How is it different from a bar or tavern? Guests who arrive at a Host Club select a Host/Hostess, who will serve them food and drinks, much like a waiter or waitress. The difference between a Host Club and a tavern, however, is that the Host/Hostess then sits with the guests and offers pleasant (?) conversation, or light entertainment, or even just a sympathetic ear throughout their stay. It is somewhat like how a good host would behave while entertaining guests in their home. Hosts and Hostesses also tend to adopt pseudonyms while on the job, sometimes even taking on alternate personalities while hosting (largely to protect their street identity.) Does my character have to be involved in both the Stars concept as well as the Host Club? The Host Club aspect is not mandatory. If you wish, your character may only be involved in the Stars plot/concept, and not the Host Club. They cannot be involved in the Host Club without being a Star, however, as everyone in the guild is considered marked by destiny -- that is our core concept. My character can't read, so how can they interact with the IC bulletin board? The short answer is: Tancred. We have a 'floating NPC butler' who is always conveniently around and willing to read the bulletin aloud to any given character, and he's also perfectly able to write on their behalf. If a character wants to RP in the locked Archives room, Tancred can also loan them a key for the scene. He's basically an NPC SuperButler who ensures that IC hurdles do not OoCly inhibit anyone's ability to get involved with the amenities of our LS. He's very professional and doesn't say much, so feel free to use him for all of your convenient character needs! What happens if I have to leave the game or Linkshell? Just as mysteriously as it had appeared, the mark will vanish and the supernatural link will be broken. Does your LS have a minimum activity policy? Yes. Due to frequent member feedback regarding the limited nature of Stars, and said Stars being taken by seemingly inactive members, we have devised an activity policy. It can be found [here]. Do you use any chat or VOIP systems out of game? Yes, although it is not mandatory. We primarily use Skype as our non-game, non-website point of contact. If you'd like an invite to our OoC Skype room, just let us know and we'll get you in there! We also have a Discord chat, but please note that it is managed as a courtesy by your fellow players, and not staff. It is not monitored by staff, nor is it "officially" endorsed -- if problems or drama occur in Discord, we may formally disassociate the Discord chat from our guild. Again, our Discord is run by your fellow players (Arblis/Kyrrlana) as a courtesy to Discord-only people, so please treat them kindly and respect the room. What do I do if someone I'm RPing with is metagaming/godmoding/etc? First, make a polite attempt at discussing it OoC with the person. We're all adults here. Just a quick OoC message along the lines of "Can we say that your character attempted to take my character's hand? My character is a bit standoffish so I'm not sure that she would allow it." could be sufficient to clear up any misunderstanding. Have patience with one another, as we all come from different RP backgrounds and may be used to different things. If the problem persists despite OoC attempts at clearing it up, take a screenshot (or log, if on Skype) and submit it via the 🌼 Concern Submission Form 🌼 and we will address it. (Note: The submission box may not load immediately, so please wait a few seconds before thinking it's a technical issue.) If you do not have access to an image hosting site, have the screenshot/log ready for any followup contact from staff. This can extend to any social conflict resolution that requires official handling, but, again, always remember to provide a screenshot of the behavior in question so that we have the appropriate tools to address the issue. If it is a matter of personal discomfort that must be addressed quickly, please bring the issue to one of our HR Admins for review and extended discussion. They are on reserve for exactly this purpose, and will be able to respond to you much sooner than an officer would (as officers are often busy with running all other aspects of the guild.) *Note: The Concerns Box can also be used for general concerns or suggestions, if a player isn't comfortable contacting an HR Admin directly. Why does the list of Stars not really make any sense? The list of stars is a purposeful hodgepodge between Chinese (from the novel Water Margins), Japanese kanji, and Suikoden. I didn't want to directly borrow from any of the three, so I created the Star chart as an amalgam. Do you have any consolidated resources that can help a new member find their footing? Absolutely! We've got a list of links on the Thread for New People, and we've got an Amenity Guidebook to inform everyone of the RP hooks we offer. Any Sticked/Pinned post is good to poke at, really, if you're not quite sure where to start.
  4. ☆ General Guidelines ☆ 1.) No godmoding. For our purposes, godmoding entails taking control of another character in your post. This includes an attack automatically hitting the other character, a healing spell automatically curing their ailment, or even innocuous acts like hugging them or taking their hand. For example, instead of saying "D'ranmaia Shenn hugs Flora Valerian." try saying "D'ranmaia Shenn attempts to hug Flora Valerian." The other player should always have agency over what happens to their character. The only possible exceptions are when you're RPing with a close friend who doesn't mind, or when you are GMing/DMing an event (wherein the players OoCly expect that things will happen to their characters.) 2.) No metagaming. Don't bring information that you know out-of-character to your character in-game (an exception is any information posted in the "Dreams and Visions" forum, or things you have received OoC permission to know from the person it effects.) For example, if someone is playing a spy, don't have your character go "I don't trust him. I don't know why. I just have a feeling." Unless the person playing said spy makes an obvious screw-up that COULD be discovered by others, don't metagame it. If you think your character would find out this OoC information between scenes, then discuss it with the other characters who are involved. If a conflict arises that can't be reasoned through with courteous discourse, screenshot it and bring it to an HR Admin. 3.) Please be lore appropriate. Don't make your character a werewolf/vampire/time traveler/Avatar for one of the twelve Gods. This LS uses the lore as our mutual foundation, so deviating too far from it will only alienate your fellow RPers. If you ever have a question about the lore, or wonder how you can play out a character idea within the setting, feel free to ask us! We're generally happy to help your ideas come to life in a way that won't ruffle any feathers! 4.) High powered characters are not compatible with this guild's concept. This includes characters who are untouchable in combat, or who otherwise read as "perfect" or "flawless" in any given situation. Ideally, every character should have a realistic awareness of their own mortality, even if they are outwardly boastful or reckless. 'Warrior of Light' style characters would not fit in with our concept, as our core theme revolves around ordinary people being forced to come together under extraordinary circumstances. For more nuanced information, please see our Incompatible Character Traits post. 5.) Always remember that IC =/= OoC. This means that if someone's character betrays or yells at your character, it does not mean that these actions should be taken to heart "out of character." Always keep the two separate, and do not let IC actions effect you OoCly, or vice versa. We understand that sometimes bleed can happen, but never let it impact your enjoyment of the RP, or the enjoyment of others. Step away from the computer or scene for a bit if you have to. 6.) Be excellent to each other. Treat each other with respect, patience, and courtesy OoCly. If someone does something ICly that causes you to raise an eyebrow, just ask an OoC question to clarify and try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Some people are new to RPing and may not be aware of all the faux pas involved. Don't jump to the offensive/defensive automatically. Also, since we all come from different RP backgrounds, it is a good idea to ask permission OoCly before engaging in RP that involves mature themes (such as themes of extreme violence, sexual acts/ERP, or grossly disturbing topics.) Unless you are 100% certain that the recipient has explicitly stated their consent, it is good practice to OoCly check first if it could be a risky topic or scene. When using mature/dark themes in stories or events, please put a disclaimer at the top of the story so that participants can know what to expect. Any IC uncertainty is best addressed via clear (and cordial) OoC communication between the parties involved, whether it's about theme, combat outcome, or the occasional accidental slip up in terms of our Guidelines above. * Additional policies can be found within our FAQ. ☆ Free Company Guidelines ☆ Joining the FC is not mandatory for this guild, but if you're interested, please see below! Firstly, if a person has intentions of joining the LS, they can not join the FC prior to joining the LS. Invite permissions have been restricted to Officers and senior members toward this end. If you are in the LS, then you are welcome to join the FC at any time. The primary reason for this is because our LS has a screening process, and sometimes we deny applications based on what is revealed during said process. As one can imagine, if someone joins the FC and then is rejected from joining our RP concept via the LS, this can create awkwardness for both the player and the officers. For example, what if someone joins the FC, spends 300k on a room, and then isn't accepted into the LS and thus has no IC presence within the Host Club? Pretty awkward! Each applicant into the LS is screened on an individual basis, independent of any connections they may already have in the LS. If a character concept or individual isn't compatible with this group, they may be asked to make adjustments or their application may be denied. Each screening is treated as its own entity, and stands alone regardless of any other social factors. If a person just wants to hang out OoCly in the FC and has no intention of joining the LS, they may join only the FC if they wish to be close to their spouse/RL friend/etc. Please check with an officer prior to extending an invite in this manner, however, as it must be made perfectly clear that we are an RP FC who supports a very specific concept. The benefits of being in the FC as well as the LS pertain to the usual FC amenities: having a room within the Host Club, Mender/Retainer/Vendors on-site, being able to Teleport directly to the Club and utilize everything in the FC chest, etc. There is no RP advantage that FC members get in comparison to LS-only members. LS members have equivalent access to all plot hooks and RP events, as conveyed through this very website. In essence, the FC is an informal OoC community with no real pressure toward endgame or things of that nature. I expect the same level of patience and maturity from the FC membership as I do from the LS (which thankfully has yet to be a problem.) Everyone in the FC has free access to anything in the FC chest, so long as they don't turn around and sell it for personal gain. The items in there are for everyone to use! Otherwise, they just sit in there and gather dust and are generally neglected -- so, again, please help yourself to any furnishings/food/minions/etc that are in there! Anyone can purchase or execute company actions, but please try to ask before executing them or buying up all of the slots. Just be courteous and mindful of what your fellows in the FC might also want, or check in to see if they mind before continually using them for your own goals. If you would like to build an RP-specific themed room in the Host Club, just let me know when it's complete and I'd be happy to add it to our Host Club public room list. Direct any questions regarding the airships to Terris, as he's put in the bulk of the work toward constructing them. Generally speaking, if the airships haven't been sent out in a while, it's okay to send them if you need a particular item. The FC gardens are free for anyone to use, although only FC leaders are able to harvest. This is in response to the suspicion that other players were potentially pocketing the cross-bred plants that did not show up in the FC log. After a FC leader harvests your crops, they will either be placed into the FC chest or mailed to you directly (depending on which is more convenient for the one who harvests them.) Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil donations are appreciated. Please continue to be excellent to one another, and thank you in advance for understanding these clarifications! Let's all keep having fun together in this great community we're building!
  5. xelliexell

    MaiArt ☆ [Commissions Open / Art Revamped]

    I put a fresh coat of paint on the post, opened up for commissions, and put more recent examples of my artwork up! Check things out if you'd liiiiiike.
  6. In the Quicksand, the Drowning Wench, Carline Canopy, or the Seventh Heaven, you might see a tall, pale Raen man tacking up currant purple fliers. If you approach, he gives you a small bow and offers you a flier. "Yes, I work for the Rendezvous Host Club. I go by Lakshmi. We have a dossier of hosts at the club, if you come, you can look over all the rest of the hosts and hostesses we have employed as well. Hosts are selected on a first come, first served basis, however, and not all hosts on the dossier are available every opening, so please think of the dossier as a sample to peruse rather than a menu from which to order. "Upon arrival, please form a line since it is, as I said, first come, first served. Guests will be allowed in one client or group at a time after paying a 1,000 gil entry fee. We allow patrons in until all hosts have been paired with a guest or group of guests. Because we offer this personal, one-on-one service, we must close our doors once all hosts have been assigned. "Your host will provide you with meal service. They will be your companion over the meal, providing conversation or perhaps entertainment if they are artistically inclined. In Doma we had similar services - people who were trained in the fine art of providing company and entertainment, to make patrons feel happiness and relaxation. Our hosts are also professionals who work hard to provide this high caliber of service. Please do not mistake our business for a common brothel. We are a high class establishment serving premium dining and drink, and the company of first class hosts. Please do not disrespect our hosts by touching or requesting any sort of physical attentions. Please respect the boundaries of your host and treat them as a professional. "I assure you that no amount of time, effort, or expense was spared in creating this experience. 1,000 gil is a pittance compared to the evening you will have with us. We look forward to serving you." The man bows to you again and resumes hanging fliers. இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— OoC Info இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— We've got an exciting new announcement this time around! For the first time since our inception, the Rendezvous Host Club will NOT be accepting OoC gil at the door. All gil will be IC only from this posting forward! We're a little late this month because February was a short month, but we're no less enthused to be hosting you all again. We will be hosting Saturday, March 3rd at 4:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil*, and will be collected at the door. The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.) Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds. Please do not run in past the guard posted at the door, or your character will just be immediately ushered back out. Here is the menu that the Host Club offers! Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!) As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! * Gil is IC only; no OoC gil needs to be brought or exchanged for this event. ♥
  7. A curious Keeper with fiery red hair walks the piers of Limsa Lominsa, hanging up fliers on the various flat surfaces he passes. As he places one at the height of your average Lalafell, he looks up... "So, tired of the humdrum are you? Quite curious what a night away from the usual day can bring? You're not alone. Far too many like you out there, who wish a night of being treated like a king, or perhaps just matching wits with an interesting character. We've many such characters, all fit for our stage, you see." "What is our stage? It's tea house, but so much more. It's a place of gallant artistry. Of subtle deviations. Of fine meals and finer drink. It's a place where life is... simple. It begins when you choose your host. Some choose by biography, some by sight. Some merely let the winds choose for them. But once chosen? The night is what you make of it. Would you find yourself unravelling the enigma that is Seraph? Perhaps taking in the quiet dignity of Eden. Or perhaps just writing a story all your own with me, Zeromus. No choice is wrong, and every one is distinct." "Now let us be clear. This is not a night destined to lead to the pleasures of the flesh. Such things are not without merit, but also not where our deviations lead. Ours is a house built from comfort that can come from any form. Not just those of the body. So bring an open mind, but please.. keep those pants closed. You may need to open your wallet a bit. A thousand gil. A meager price for the night you receive. We aim to make every last coin return to you in tenfold the enjoyment." "So, should you make it... Remember that we are there to comfort. There to distract. And there to serve." The man turns to walk away before turning back, "And everyone deserves a bit of fluff in their story as well, don't they?" [align=center] இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— OoC Info இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— [/align] We're all SO HYPED to be back and running Host Club again after our brief holiday-driven absence! I can't even begin to convey how much our Hosts and Hostesses have been chomping at the bit these past couple of months to get back in the saddle. (Yes, I know the analogies don't exactly mix, but you get the idea.) We will be hosting Sunday, January 28th at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil*, and will be collected at the door. The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.) Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds. Please do not run in past the guard posted at the door, or your character will just be immediately ushered back out. Here is the menu that the Host Club offers! Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!) As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! :cactuar: * Gil is OoCly collected currency, because this event costs real gil to conduct. While the costs of running the Host Club are minimal (providing uniforms, dyes, and upgrades to each seating room for the amusement and comfort of our Guests), we believe the fee is also reasonably minimal. Usually, the entire collected fee from all Guests equals about 10k total, and it really does help offset these costs (the majority of which are still paid for by the guild leader.) Any OoC tips offered to a specific Host is kept by the Host, unless they choose to donate it back to the guild. Hope this helps to explain some things - thank you all for your continued patronage! ♥
  8. xelliexell

    Immersive RP vs Avatar RP vs Self RP vs ??

    I'm not sure there's a universally-understood name for what you're describing, but I think you're engaging in a good first step! I know from experience that it can get very uncomfortable very fast when two people go into RP with drastically different expectations (such as with players who are their characters versus those who consider their characters as separate entities.) A couple of avenues I might suggest for finding like-minded people are as follows: - Skim through the Making Connections forums and look for people asking for both IC/OoC romances and things along those lines. I know there were a few scattered in there that I've read during my lurking hereabouts. (Apologies for not being able to provide direct links; I'm currently on mobile.) - Consider asking around some Discord general chats? There seems to be a recent shift to Discord as far as RP inquiries and planning. Although I know it says you're on Balmung, I hear the Mateus Discord general chat has quite a few RPers, so there may be someone on that server who's RP expectations align with yours. If you find someone there, I think you should be able to make a new character over there for RP purposes during low-population hours (such as very early morning.) Either way, best of luck in finding what you're looking for!
  9. xelliexell

    Rendezvous of Stars

    Still here! Exciting new changes on the horizon that I can't wait to post about. :moogle: In the meantime, we're hosting one RP event a week and then some. Steady as she goes~
  10. xelliexell

    Mateus (and other servers) Takeover?

    Based on my experience with similar things (e.g., asking my LS members to check our guild site), I think the perceived "hassle" outweighs the need for recruitment. In a new and thriving community such as Mateus, there may be no real need for extra advertisement. If the community feels that Discord-only suits all of their needs, it'd be a difficult sell to get someone to place additional work onto themselves, however large or small. This is just my idle speculation, though!
  11. xelliexell

    Rendezvous of Stars

    Another busy month, but we're still here! I'm doing a big move in RL so unfortunately Host Club will have to wait until January, but we'll be all the more excited to host it when the day arrives! :moogle:
  12. xelliexell

    Rendezvous of Stars

    Here is the post that says we are still alive and well! :moogle: We may not have a Host Club this month due to the busy holiday season, but we're still aiming for next month!
  13. xelliexell

    balmung Rendezvous Haunted Murder Mystery Dinner

    @Serena: The pictures are lovely; thank you for sharing them! I'm so glad we were able to replicate the individual "Final Fantasy" experience. That tends to be where a lot of my inspiration for running things draws from. @Roen: That is awesome! We all had A TON of fun with it, and we were working about a week straight leading up to the event, ironing out the details, brainstorming, etc. I'm glad it showed! I shared these pics and comments with the whole volunteer team, of course. So happy it was an enjoyable experience! :moogle:
  14. xelliexell

    [CLOSED] Emergency funds commission auction

    Auction closed as of yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who helped get the word out and/or placed a bid! I'll be contacting the bid winners soon to arrange commission and payment details. <3
  15. xelliexell

    balmung Rendezvous Haunted Murder Mystery Dinner

    We'll see you all in about ~30 minutes! Our 'cast' is very eager to meet everyone. :tonberry: