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  1. Yougeris

    balmung A Blind girl bumps into...

    It's too bad you're not on Mateus or I'd make an offer. Been looking for a partner myself for a while. If you ever wanna just chat though, my discord is open for new friends. Kasumi#3846.
  2. There's more than just politeness at work though. Its very hard to maintain paragraph levels of posting in game cause the chats want designed for such things. As a normal multi para roleplayer from chat and forums sites, I find that I have to stunt myself to keep a role play going smoothly because of the game chat limitations.
  3. Yougeris

    mateus Looking for Romance RP

    You are the only person who has ever heavily disapproved of it so I don't feel it's really appropriate to mention.
  4. Yougeris

    mateus Looking for Romance RP

    Bump. Still looking.
  5. Yougeris

    mateus Looking for Romance RP

    Bump. Still looking.
  6. Female Xaela looking for possible romance and future wife. Open to any race. She's a magick researcher looking into the uses and sciences behind all things aether and studies ancient magick civilizations such as Mhach and Allag. I'm available for message her or on discord at Kasumi#3846.
  7. Yougeris

    mateus closed

    No luck yet, Essara? Kasumi is still available if you ever wanna chat.
  8. Bumping again. Still on the market.
  9. Too bad you're not on Mateus. Kasumi studies magick and aether as a job, essentially and is looking for a relationship.
  10. Yougeris

    mateus Female Hyur for Romance and Adventure

    She's cute and sounds interesting. If you'd like to talk about possible RP and are interested in a female Raen magicks researcher, send me a message or find me on discord at Kasumi#3846.
  11. Thank you. She can be all yours if you'd like.
  12. Updated with an attached picture. Couldn't figure out how to put it in the post itself.
  13. You can use the share button on the PS4 controller to share a screenshot to a twitter or facebook account alternatively save it to a USB device. I think you can save it to the phone as a 'usb' device and then upload it to whatever image host you desire from there. I don't own a USB device nor do I have a Facebook or Twitter account. If anyone wants to see me, they can find me in game. Why does what my character look like matter?
  14. I play on PS4 so I can't get that, sadly.
  15. Just bumping this thread. I'm still looking.