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    https://xylaquint.tumblr.com/post/179598424125/ for the write up
  3. That really is on a case by case basis. I know there are plenty of people who would think one thing is bending or breaking lore when it is perfectly possible. Lore Bending is like taking something established and implementing something not TOO insane but still kind of on the tip (Broadsword Paladin) Lore Breaking is literally as it implies...you are breaking the Lore's rule or flow to make something happen. Like... Voidsent who does not need Aether when the whole point of a Voidsent is that they feed off of aether and cause issues for the world itself. but someone around here might kno
  4. The other thing about Balmung RP is not even about balmung itself but atm the 'game' is feeling very stagnate to a lot of veterans and other players alike. Lately the focus of content in 14 has been the cash shop, the story for at least what i hear from most friends of mine is meh/uninteresting and their RP narratives make them more engaged in the world or they simply are just not having fun in 14 like before. And i don't blame them....and i know you are going to ask "What does this have to do with Role Playing?" It does affect some people, especially myself who likes to RP in public fro
  5. As someone who is writing stories myself and learning, it all is dependant on the story you are telling. Are you making a story that has multiple bad guys instead of just one? Try multiple arcs with breaks to breathe in between and let people have time to do other things. Is the story to the point with no side plots or possible extensions? Maybe a month or two. Or shorter if you are one and done. Is this story about one or about all? Sometimes having a story that focuses not on the DM will be better for long term. Give others a chance to shine. And truthfully you just have to
  6. This is a huge issue for me, as well. I'm basically a DM in this game, since I've been a DM in tabletop games since I was 16 it just feels more comfortable for me to run things. I like when people join (Even outside of FC but I do tend to keep it contained to FC for obvious reasons) but I get "I had to be there for the beginning so I don't wanna" or "I'm not sure I can see it to the end so I don't wanna" a lot. It's not something I've really been able to solve, but I do what you do, self contained events with an over arching narrative so if they just go to one or two they won't be lost in anyw
  7. I'll be frank, running an event publicly back during late ARR/Early HW was both fun but frustrating. I was trying my best to include people in these story lines and various encounters (It worked in the end cause i met certain people) but part of the frustration is that NO ONE shows up. I advertised days in advance in chat channels and linkshells before and when time came, exact location and all i see maybe 1-2 interested. I even picked non-Saturdays due to grindstone...and still not many showed. Part of the problem too is the mentality of "I have to be there from the start to be engaged/i
  8. to clarify from active wow player: the Cross server issue as of this expansion was "MOSTLY" fixed with phasing different versions of a quest. Some people just can't see things like the dead whelps but you can still see your friend doing that quest. But FF14's MSQ is a giant 'attunement quest' compared to most MMO's. But yes for 90% of the Phasing, wow's CRZ issue is more problematic with RP communities and even the PVP-RP servers (who you also can get PVP players from other servers) A system like what wow did for ff14 is not going to work and will effectively kill ALL communit
  9. i have no problem with RP. I just am wondering about others. Its kind of why i am not posting actively on the fourms because of some people im rping with lately as a group
  10. [align=center]DISCLAIMER![/align] [align=center]I am by no means trying to start a war of servers or anything to ignite a feud. This is a topic i've been asking myself and friends and felt like getting off my chest. KEEP THIS CIVIL![/align] Stormblood has been out for nearly six months or so and in that time i've seen people on Balmung and met move to other servers in the first few days (who now are regretting their choice for some reason) and overtime the effect of a server effectively contained with no way to transfer back on nor make a new character brought a slowly growin
  11. Alyx Quintessence 1: Future Love. If it means to keep my mother from being an insane monster and have a proper childhood. Love is a simple sacrifice if it means changing the past. 2: Ah, the old 'can only save one' trick question...Sadly your question may say who i save but you didn't restrict me. In this case I would merely save them both using the magical wards and teleportation scrolls on hand. 3: Well as much as i love these what if scenarios, we must also discuss a few things. One, how can the alliance tell i am a Garlean Spy exactly if I have uncovered information that cou
  12. (Alyx Quintessence) 1. Tonberries. I never trust a moogle 2. I would change my death...so I can experience a proper childhood. 3. Why that is easy...my Archive room. Silent, many books and my sisters are there. ---- 1. What do you consider power besides physical strength and spells? 2. How far would you go to save a loved one? 3. Would you wish for anything you want even if it results in the misery or even death of another living being?
  13. I do hope we don't get too far on this topic because I know someone will start one hate bashing comment and it will escalate from there. We should make a forum rule in the future to not have server bashing (not saying this is either. It's not) Balmung is still the same if not a tad better since more people left because of impatient mentality to wait a moth or so for servers to stabilize (regular server shutdowns helped) And mateus is still growing despite their housing issue (which I say look it up instead of talk about it). Maybe in 4.1 transfers will come back but for now I advise peop
  14. I'm sure there is at least some people who do that but...from what i see almost 95% of the RPers (At least those i've interacted) do not go that route because of the Mary Sue/Gary Stu way the Main Story Quest paints the Warrior of Light. Most of us just want to be more creative than simply the chosen one or the jesus led by god. But keep looking. I'm sure there is an FC like that somewhere. Just be careful about it. A good idea though is to start roleplaying in public areas and events casually and don't bring it up until you have met people who may share the same RP ideas later on.
  15. I welcome our new RP pals on mateus. It sucks Balmung is on lockdown but hey! More chances to expand! P.s: before you type you should think how people would react. Going around saying something like 'Hitler did nothing wrong!' And expecting people to ignore that will not fly. Especially on the internet where it can stay archived for a record of history. Thankfully you posted here but if this was 4chan you would be given nonstop abuse. Just a heads up for any future posts you might put up. Always be weary what and how you type :3
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