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  1. Shas

    The Rising Fists: For Monks and Fighters

    Definitely interested in this LS for Elsbeth Blackheart!
  2. Shas

    balmung Looking for Friends in the Far East!

    I'm definitely in the same predicament myself. If you're looking more contacts you can find me in game on either Elsbeth or Freya Blackheart.
  3. Guess I'll throw Elsbeth into this as well. She's a former Paladin/Sultansworn but is mostly doing the job of a healer these days, wandering between various places. Feel free to hit me up on Elsbeth or Freya Blackheart if you see me on.
  4. If you're up for meeting other Highlanders, I've got Freya and Elsbeth Blackheart always eager to make new friends.
  5. Shas

    Ala Mhigan Shamanism

    I'd agree with Avelyn on this one. Definitely a basis for Ala Mhigan shamans being capable of healing and dealing magical damage as well. That's what I've done so far with Elsbeth at least! But if you need more Shaman contacts feel free to contact me here or Elsbeth Blackheart in game. I'm always up for meeting other shaman in game and sharing ideas.
  6. Shas

    Ala Mhigan Shamanism

    I can tell you that you're not alone in your search . But I've been RPing my character as a Shaman for a bit now with just some ideas I've come up with mixed in with what little lore there is available.
  7. And you can expect there to be a lot more once we get closer to the release of the expansion . But it would make sense that not all of the Highlanders from Ul'dah would be directly from Ala Mhigo. What you had Kale as before makes sense to me as far as being lore-compliant and even changing his background makes sense as well.
  8. Don't think I could add much more except how awesome Aya is! But everyone should know that by now
  9. Definitely sounds like someone my alt wouldn't mind meeting . My alt is Freya Blackheart, former Fist and my main is Sharla Blackheart. I'm in game at random times these days, feel free to hit me up in game if you see me on.
  10. Shas

    Conflict Resolution [open]

    The man Sharla was speaking to glanced over the woman on the floor before looking back. “She certainly looks worse for wear....Crofte and scared usually don’t go together. What’s happened?” The young woman shook her head as she looked to Vahn. “W-who are you now? Why does everyone keep calling me that?!” “...Never mind, it makes sense now.’ Vhan spoke as he looked back over to Sharla who just shrugged having as much a clue as to what was going on as he did. They spoke for a time as Sharla explained what was going on, how she felt as if she was being played from the beginning and they both listened as the young woman mentioned a cold woman with a raspy voice. That immediate got Sharla’s attention again as it sounded strangely familiar to the dark armored woman she had encountered several times over the course of her search. She explained to Vahn on how this woman seemed to have it out for the younger woman, and that there was obviously something strange and yet vaguely familiar about her as well. After some time Sharla had thought it best to not leave the young woman alone in the city now that she knew the armored woman she had encountered frequented the city as well and seemed to be actively coming after Crofte as well for reasons unknown. She had also decided against taking her back to Fortemps Manor, taking notice of Crofte’s reaction when it was mentioned and her own growing paranoia and mistrust. Sharla thought it best if she take the young woman back with her to Gridania, at the very least it would be somewhat safer and more comfortable for her until something could be figured out. The trek to Gridania was quiet and uneventful for the two. Sharla had taken notice of Crofte’s reaction when they passed Fallgoard Float as they journeyed through the Shroud. It had looked as if she was frightened, or at the very least, greatly disturbed as they passed it. Sharla had remembered that the North Shroud was the last known location that Crofte was seen at. Sharla shook her head as she looked from Crofte and gazed to the road ahead of them, deep down she knew without a doubt that there was much more going on than she had originally thought. “Oookay...so, umm...this just took a turn for beyond fucking weird! So what now? I mean seriously, what in the fuck now?! There is something very seriously wrong with this, even more wrong than before!” Sharla’s younger companion spoke a bit frantically as Sharla showed Crofte to her room and made her way out of the inn to get some fresh air and collect her thoughts. “I don’t know...what I do know is that I’ve been completely played fer gods damned fool again! Whatever...she’s been found alive, an’ that’s what is important now. I’ll figure out th’ rest later on…” Sharla continued making her way outside as she removed her turban and began rubbing at her eyes and the bridge of her nose. “I need tae find Lilith an’ Jocea, I need to know they’re alright. Shite...Lilith is gonna be so bloody pissed at me. I should’ve jus’ bloody left Coerthas when I had th’ chance…” “Uh...yeah, yeah she is, and that -might- have been a good idea. A bit hard to say either way at this point I really hope you know what you’re doing boss, cause I don’t have a damn clue right now! “Yeah...you and me both.” Sharla sighed and shook her head as she had decided to leave Gridania once more and venture out into the Shroud for yet more missing people!
  11. Shas

    Bulletin Board

    "HA! You really fell for it didn't you! Lilith came in and took everything from you. Your dignity, your fame, your purity.... your daughter... hmmm. You fell for her, and look where she is now! Somewhere else probably laughing at you while she is in the arms of another!" A younger woman was laughing almost hysterically as she was speaking to Sharla. "Wow...you know I really hate to say I told you so but...no, no I really don't. And now you know the full truth about Crofte, well...almost anyway. I'm actually surprised you left the little bitch live after what she told you.But...I'm guessing you have plans for her...right? So...you finally ready to take this seriously and do what you need to or what?" Sharla stood silently at Oschon's Torch looking out towards the sea. She stood there for what seemed to be hours, barely moving, not saying a word. She payed a younger woman a brief glance before she looked to the gem in her left hand as it began to faintly glow. "....." "Well...it's about gods damn time!!"
  12. Shas

    Conflict Resolution [open]

    Sharla gently took Gaheris’ reigns and found herself once more making her way to Ishgard proper. She kept a moderate pace on her way to the city as she took the time to survey her surroundings. Passing by familiar landmarks and buildings, she had grown accustomed to to seeing the constant reminders of what she had almost lost several moons ago, what she’s had to deal with ever since returning up to the north, and what she had left behind. “Do you really expect to find anything there this time? I’ve even lost track of how long this search has been going on! And so far creepster ice queen really hasn’t seem to have told you anything that’s actually been useful.” Sharla’s annoying, yet ‘faithful’ traveling companion began to voice her opinion to the older woman. After realizing her words were falling on deaf ears once more, she decided to remain silent for the rest of the journey back to Ishgard. Sharla had reached to city and made arrangements to have Gaheris kept at the chocobo stable before resuming what was most likely to be another fruitless search. She made her way to the Brume to ask the locals there if they had seen or heard of anyone fitting Coatleque’s description. Still getting nothing but rumors and possible sightings. Though it was all Sharla had to go on at the moment, so she decided to press on in her search. She moved towards the Forgotten Knight, coming in from the back entrance from the Brume. Making her way up the stairs from the lower bar area, she caught a glimpse of a very familiar looking set of red hair. “Huh...wait, cannae be this easy...can it?” She slowly made her way over and blinked as she got a better look at someone sitting against a wall in a dark corner of the Forgotten Knight. She immediately froze as her eyes widened, taking sight of a familiar looking woman. She took a moment to glance over her, taking note that the younger woman appeared to have seen far better days, and her eyes looked tired and darker than usual. “It can’t be...Coatleque? You’re...please tell me I’m not imaginin’ this…” Sharla removed her turban as she slowly made her way over to the woman. The woman didn’t appear to notice Sharla or anyone in particular. In fact, it seemed as if she was trying to hide in the corner away from everyone. Finally taking notice of an armored woman approaching her, the younger woman blinked and looked towards her. “I-I’m sorry? Who?” Sharla blinked and tilted her head slightly at the younger woman. “What? This is a joke, right? Coatleque Crofte...ye jus’ up an’ vanished on us without a trace, an’ now…” The woman nearly does a double take before looking rather dejected. “O-oh...her again. I am sorry, but that woman is dead I am told.” She looked over nervously at the innkeep, as if she expected something to be thrown her way. Sharla quickly shook her head, and shot a glare over at the innkeep before looking back. “Wha’ do ye mean, her again...an’ dead? Lass, if this is yer idea o’ a bad joke, th’ timin’ couldn’t be any worse.” The red-haired woman could not have looked any more serious, except for the wave of confusion that seems to overtake her face. "Why would I joke about something like that? I swear I do not know who you are talking about!" Sharla gave the girl another quick lookover and noticed a new cosmetic addition, though barely visible in the low light at the corner of the room. A long, deep scar across the front of her neck, making it fairly obvious what happened there. She then groaned and rubed the side of her head. “Okay...this is gonna be one o’ those days then…” She looked back to her, narrowing her eyes and briefly glancing at her neck once more. “Okay...so ye have no idea wha’ I’m talkin’ about then...great. So, who are ye then? An’ how did ye manage to get tha’ scar on yer neck?” The woman peered back up at Sharla for a moment with narrowed eyes before she seemed to have made up her mind. “Miss, I do not even know who you are.” Sharla took a moment to rub the side of her head. “Gods...ye really don’t recognize me then. Sharla...Sharla Blackheart. Doesn’t ring a bell at all?” “I am...I’m…” She appeared as if she was trying to remember. The strain of which made her wince in pain. “I’m not sure. Sharla…” She repeated the name quietly to herself. Despite her words, her expression shows some familiarity with it. Sharla took notice of the pain as the younger woman strained to remember. “Okay...easy then. Sometime ago ye knew me as...nevermind, a story fer another day...” She frowned as she briefly glanced around the tavern. “Hmmm, maybe something a bit easier. Can ye tell me wha’ ye do remember?” The younger woman concentrated on that at least. "P-pain... I remember pain. An inn room. Hushed voices, then a blinding light. It seemed so long ago. An eternity. And then the snows of Coerthas. I was told she was gone. Her life was over. Betrayed by... by someone. That she could never go back." “Okay, that’s a start. Pain...th’ scar on yer neck, an’ ye not bein’ able tae remember anything, I’m bettin’. Who...who told you she was gone?” The woman quirked a brow incredulously and looked to Sharla as if the answer should be obvious. "The priestess, of course. She said I must continue. Then they were gone." “Priestess? Wha’ bloody priestess? Was it jus’ her there?” “N-no. She had the Champion with her...a-and the Sentinel. I saw them, as if in a dream.” Sharla blinked and shook her head. “Wait...Champion. Halone’s Champion?” “Oh, you know him? They...saved me. Foiled the shadowed man and…” The young woman pitched forward and held her head. “T-that’s all I remember.” Sharla shook her head slowly and lowered her gaze to the ground. “Oh...I know him well enough. An’ he’s gonna get tae know me very well too...along with th’ priestess, an’ this Sentinel…” She looked back to Crofte, concerned over the current state she was in. “I’m guessin’ ye don’t know how ye ended up in this place either?” “...I walked.” Crofte simply answered as she looked back up at Sharla. Another familiar voice rang out as Sharla seemed to be deep in thought, trying to process everything she’s been told so far. “...Crofte, Shas? Huh...can’t say I expected to see you two here.” Crofte quickly looked over to Vahn at the mention of the name again and tried to scramble further back into the wall, alas it was quite solid and she could go no further. “Walked? Through all th’...stubborn one indeed.” She quickly looked over, following Crofte’s gaze towards the familiar voice. “Vahn? Vahn Pendragon, aye...this is uh...not really sure how tae explain this one.”
  13. Shas

    Conflict Resolution [open]

    Sharla once more ventured out to central and western highlands of Coerthas in her search. Each passing day she grew more and more frustrated. No clues, no sign, nothing she had come across so far gave her any idea of what happened to Crofte. Only the words of the dark armored woman rang in the back of her mind. She once more made her way back to the Observatorium to gather her thoughts and rest after days of another fruitless search. “Ya know...and this is just my opinion, but...maybe this might be a lost cause? Possibly? I mean...it’s been how long now?” A familiar, younger sounding voice spoke to Sharla as she walked through the gates of the Observatorium. “Oh hells...you’re not even listening to me. One of these days, you will. Or...you’re going to get yourself into an even bigger mess you can’t find your way out of, and I’m going to be there to say I told you so.” “Quiet...I need to find that bitch again. Something’s not right about this, none of this makes any sense at all.” Sharla spoke softly, walking through the gates. She came to a stop and looked around the immediate area before walking towards the tavern. “There’s something I’m missing...how does she know so much? Well...funny still seein’ ye around this place…” She immediately noticed the armored woman and narrowed her eyes at her. The armored woman’s blade once again looks as if it is melting in the heat of the room. Condensation beads upon the blue steel and trickles down to pat upon the stone. “We must all eat, must we not?” She slowly looked to another pair of patrons in the tavern, before looking back to Sharla. “Right...I s’ppose we do, huh?” A deep sigh came from Sharla as she seemed to relax herself slightly. “Maybe if ye got time, ye can talk an’ eat at th’ same time…” “My time ends when the Fury considers my debt paid. What words would you have with one such as I?” “Oh, good...sounds like plenty o’ time tae me then. A young woman passed through here not too long ago...screamin’ some nonsense I could barely make out. Only caught a glimpse of her, but her voice…” Sharla slowly moved closer to the armored woman as she spoke, leaning against the bar counter once she reached her. “This world is full of urchins and Brume rats. What makes this one different?” “Her voice...sounded quite like th’ one I’m lookin’ for…” She merely shook her head and sighed. “But I’m guessin’ ye might not have much tae say on this one...or maybe ye do?” A low hiss came from the armored woman, which could have been a sigh instead. “Still you look for your Ul’dahn whore? There are so many more...worthwhile tasks to waste your time on.” She almost seemed to be disgusted by Sharla’s persistence. Sharla rested an elbow on the counter as she narrowed her eyes at the other woman. “Well, I do have a busy schedule as of late. But this task has my attention for th’ time bein’. An’ now...you have my attention as well…” “Do I now? Best listen well then. Yes, I have information you might like. I will not repeat it twice, however. Your little whore was seen recently in the city. The dirty little hole they call the Forgotten Knight. Rumor is she stole a meal from a man named Clay of house Abercrombie, then fled.” An eyebrow rose as Sharla listened and kept her gaze on the woman. “Clay...Ishgardian noble I take it. This jus’ gets better an’ better…” The armored woman merely laughed. A vindictive humorous chuckle, even. “Lord or not, she spat upon his hospitality. If she crosses my path first, I will have her tongue for such an insult.” “I’m sure ye will, if ye get the’ chance. Or maybe…” Sharla narrowed her gaze at the woman as she seemed to be amused by that ‘maybe’, waiting expectantly. Sharla chuckled softly and shook her head. “Maybe th’ Fury will see fit tae give ye such a blessin’, or maybe she’ll send somethin’ else yer way instead.” The woman cocked her head at that notion. “Perhaps she will. Or perhaps you intend to challenge her will regardless. This is not the time for needless heroics, however. Lest you want your trail to go cold.” Sharla chuckled and merely shook her head. “Heh...when is it ever th’ time. I’m sure I’ll be seein’ ye around again…” “I am nearly certain you will. Fury willing, I will deliver the girl’ head to you once her soul has been cleansed.” Her gaze slowly turns to Sharla as she made her way to the door. Sharla looked back over her shoulder before she departed. “You do tha’, an’ Fury willin’...you won’t be too far behind her. Only your soul won't be cleansed like hers…” She grin slightly as her eyes flashed a familiar violet color briefly. “Ye know...I’m actually enjoyin’ these chats o’ ours. Till next time…” “Forgotten Knight...great, back to lovely Ishgard again…” Sharla groaned as she once more ventured out into the bitter cold of the highlands. She made her way over to the nearby chocobo stable to retrieve Gaheris, and start the next part of her search. Weeks of searching with no result had begun to take it’s toll on Sharla. From the highlands of Coerthas, to Gridania and the surrounding Shroud, she had found nothing to indicate that Coatleque Crofte was anywhere to be found, let alone alive. Nothing but rumors, possible sightings of someone who may have looked like her, and dead ends leading to more and more questions. It was almost seemed she was being lead on, as if everything she was being told was to keep her from finding Crofte.
  14. Shas

    Conflict Resolution [open]

    Upon entering the cavern leading to the Fury’s Gaze, Sharla carefully glanced around her surroundings and let out a soft sigh. Just as she had expected, completely empty and little to no sign of anyone even being here, let alone Crofte. “Don’t….jus’ bloody don’t. Another dead end…” “Told you there wasn’t something right about that woman, didn’t I? Pretty sure I did...so what now?” Sharla’s traveling companion spoke as she placed her hands on her hips. “Don’t know...I have no clue now. You know what, jus’ shut up already! Huh...th’ hells is tha’ over there?” Sharla snapped at the younger girl before she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A dark red object sitting in the middle of a small pool of water, and what seemed to be tracks leading to it as well, as if something...or someone had been dragged to it or from it. “Well...wha’ do we have here?” Sharla moved closer to the water, getting a better look at the object she had taken note of earlier, sitting in the middle. She examined the object further and noticed that it appeared to be a blob of coagulated blood. She shook her head, and became even more confused than she was before. “Th’ hells did this come from? An’ what does it have tae do with her? This couldn’t be hers...could it?” Sharla look back to her younger companion, who just shrugged as Sharla have her a questioning look. “Right...time to get some answers then.” Sharla had decided to stay around the area a bit more to continue her search. After a few bells of searching in and around the cavern, she had decided to return to the Observatorium. A familiar, armored figured was seen in the Observatorium tavern, standing away from the fire, in the shadows by the door. Sharla briefly glanced at the woman, carefully looking her over up and down before she moved over the the fire herself. She let out a soft sigh, and removed the blade from her back, placing on the wall beside the fireplace. “So...wha’ exactly was I s’pposed tae find there?” The armored woman merely remained standing in the shadows, the blade on her back looking as if it was melting in the ‘warmer’ bar room, water slowly trickling down the bluish steel and pats steadily onto the stonework. “Beyond your own fait? Comfort. Proof.” “An empty cave, a blob of coagulated blood? Well damn, guess I should jus’ pack up an’ go home, right? Mission accomplished!” Sharla let out a short chuckle while shaking her head. The armored woman may have smirked a bit as before responding, but who could tell? “You only see what you wish to.” “Hmm, maybe so. Though, if I see wha’ I wish tae see...I probably wouldn’t be here right now...would I?” Sharlo spoke, not even bothering to look back at the other woman, as she rubbed her hands together closer to the fire “She places you exactly where She wants you.” A quiet hiss came from the dark armored woman. “You have seen proof now with your own eyes. Believe either it...or the words you are told. The choice is yours.” “Ah...I get a choice now. “Well isn’t tha’ nice? Okay...say I do believe wha’ I saw, was told...whatever. I still need to know wha’ happened, how it happened...why it happened…” A growl came from the armored woman, or perhaps it was a groan. Low and pained. “I have no further answers for you. A mystery to us both, it seems. I am told she trusted poorly.” “Yeah...I figured as much. Since I have choice an’ all...maybe I’ll stick around fer a bit, try an’ understand this a little better.” Sharla spoke rather sarcastically as she kept her gaze on the fire, taking in it’s warmth. “Hmmm, perhaps she did choose poorly.” She began to speak softly as she lowered her head, shaking it slightly. “I know nothing, myself. She has shown me your face, though, as if through a dream. As I should know you. Your loyalty to your friend is commendable. Perhaps Halone will look favourably upon your quest. Or perhaps She will lead us all to our fated ends.” The armored woman's gaze turned slowly towards the door. Sharla sighed and briefly glanced behind her before turning back to the fire. “Hmmm, perhaps I’ll receive Her blessings in th’ comin’ days. If not for me...then at least for her. Hmph, fated ends..ye make it sound like th’ end has already been written for us all.” The armored woman’s gaze turns back to the woman across the room, with no other movement. “Aaah. I see. You...care for her.” Her voice is just as wraith-like as it has been a day ago. Her head slowly turns to watch the newcomers. The sword slung behind her has been slowly dripping water as if melting to form a small puddle now upon the stone. “Why does everyone keep...okay, I guess I do then. Doesn’t change anything, I still have to do this. I can only hope tha’ she or others would have done th’ same for me…” Sharla sighed and shook her head as she gently rubbed over the scar on her left shoulder. “Good. Good. Yes, deny such thoughts. Push them away, for they are all foolish, idle fancies. Immaterial. Meaningless, all of them.” The armored woman continued keeping her gaze on Sharla. “The end..perhaps not well. Though I think it went even worse for your friend. The end of all love can only be heartache.” “Heartache...yes, tha’ I cannae deny. But...isn’t it worth it? Even through the pain and struggle.” She turned her head to glance back at the armored woman. “An’ even if it’s only for a fleetin’ moment, I’d like to think it’s worth th’ effort.. “Pain only serves to remind you that you are still alive. To willing cause such is foolish.” The woman takes one step towards the door. As her dress crosses the puddle below her, the edges of it instantly frost over like dew on winter grass. “Hmmm, true...it can also be a reminder to avoid doin’ th’ things tha’ cause it...or adapting to it.” Sharla turned back and and shrugged at the armored woman. “Oh well...I think I can manage bein’ a little foolish fer a wee bit longer then…” The armored woman laughs mirthlessly at that. “Even a dog learns not to stick it’s nose where it hurts twice. Continue your searching then, Knight of the South. But remember, you are in Her realm now. “Maybe I’ll learn m’self one o’ these days, or get killed in th’ process. Her realm, huh? S’ppose I’ll be needin’ tae stay on my best behavior then.” Sharla sighed as she slowly stood up and retrieved her blade, remaining near the warmth of the fire. The armored knight opened the door to exit the tavern. As she did, a cold draft wafts in. But who knows if it was from the outside, or that which her own dress had left behind.
  15. Shas

    Conflict Resolution [open]

    Days of continuing her search in Gridania and the Shroud continued to show the same result in. No sign, no trace, nothing...just more dead ends, one after another. Growing more frustrated each passing day, she decided to return to Coerthas to continue her search. Sharla made her way back to Coerthas to gather additional equipment and gear she left behind before leaving for Gridania. Upon entering the gates of the Observatorium, she took notice of a feminine armored figure sitting atop one of the snow covered buildings. With the full mask covering her face, she couldn’t tell if the person was sleeping or otherwise, yet she had a strange feeling inside of her as she kept her gaze on the woman before making her way to the inn. “I’m losin’ my mind in this place…” She shook her head as she led her chocobo to the steps of the inn, tying him to a nearby post before making her way up the steps. Sharla had exited the inn and made her way down the steps to retrieve Gaheris as the armored woman she notice before suddenly spoke with a slow and measured voice. It seemed to rasp and hiss, yet was strangely familiar in an odd way. “A mind is a terrible thing to lose.” Sharla glanced up at the woman and narrowed her eyes. “Aye...it is. Feels like I’m losin’ far worse than jus’ my mind though…” The armored woman spoke again to Sharla. “Trust in the Fury and she will guide you to what you seek.” At that moment another familiar voice spoke as Sharla kept her gaze on the armored woman who was still sitting atop of the building. “Hmmm, now you’re starting to attract weird and armored, masked freaks on top of voidlings now, huh? Is now a bad time to say I’m getting a bad feeling about this one?” Sharla let out a pained groan and rubbed the side of her head as her eyes briefly flashed violet. “Ugh! Not now…” A bitter laugh came from the armored woman as Sharla was still trying to collect herself. “Not...now? As if we can chose when Her judgement is passed down.” Sharla merely shook her head, looking back up to the woman. “Th’ Fury huh? Maybe I’ll get lucky an’ she’ll guide me then…” “She always does.” Came the short reply from the armored woman. Sharla sighed and rolled her eyes, looking between her annoying traveling companion and the armored woman. “Oh wha’ th’ hells, I s’ppose listenin’ to another voice in my head wouldn’t hurt…” “Merely listening is for the faithless. The ones who do not understand. Those who seek truth do not fear to speak back.” The armored figure spoke once more, in the same raspy and hissing voice that rang a faint familiarity in the back of Sharla’s mind. Sharla responded as she cocked her head to the side, keeping her gaze on the armored woman. “Tell me...has th’ Fury guided you to wha’ you seek yet?” She scowled and briefly glanced to her right, glaring as if someone else was there. The armored woman lowered her gaze slowly, causing the loose snow to fall. She seemed unfazed by it just the same. “She has more for me than you could ever know.” She stared straight at Sharla until a hand was raised to her chest as if something pained her greatly. “Huh...I see then. An’ wha’ she’s done fer ye...is tha’ wha’ ye truly wanted?” The woman recovered nearly as quickly as it had set on, resuming her posture. “Do we ever have our own say in such matters? You, however...you...seek something. Someone…” Sharla began laughing softly and shook her head. “Cannae remember th’ last time I had my own say on many things. Someone...tha’ obvious, huh? I guess ye could say tha’ I am, several someones in fact…” The armored woman leveled her gaze forward once more and spoke. “One of them is no more.” Sharla narrowed her eyes slightly again and tilted her head to the side. “Is tha’ so? Ye seem tae be pretty sure on tha’ one…” She took a moment to check the reigns on Gaheris before looking back up to the other woman. “I once thought m’self someone was no more as well...tha’ was over twenty summers ago. Funny how things turn out differently than wha’ we expect, isn’t it?” “The truth need only be spoken. It defends itself against all doubt, Doubts that you have no reason to believe.” “Hmmm, let’s say this…/someone/ I seek, truly is no more. It changes nothing...I still need tae see for m’self…” Sharla spoke taking her gaze off of the woman as she looked to her chocobo and began to pet it lightly on the head. The armored woman seemed to be content with such an answer, though who could tell through that mask. “Seek the Fury’s Gaze to sate your curiosity. See for yourself and put your heart at ease, for her suffering at last as ended.” “...Fury’s Gaze, right...guess it’s not too far out o’ my way then.” Sharla gazed up at the woman, giving her a curious glance. She smirked and shook her head as her eyes flashed violet once more. “Her...how th’...never mind. Right....s’ppose we’ll be seein’ ye around then…”