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  1. Hello there! *waves* I recently returned to FFXIV a few months ago. I started playing a few years ago, while I lived in the eastern United States. Now I am in a very different place, in a very different time zone, and while Okinawa, Japan is great, it makes making friends on Balmung... difficult. Most people are deep asleep by the time I get on to play or role play. *sniffles* Anyone else in the same predicament? Let me know if you want to hang out! ありがとうね! (Thanks!)
  2. [align=center][/align] I. Basic Info Characters: Aeneris Lovell, Skylar Steelheart, Tirra Lirra (A'Tirramei Liroh) Primary character: Aeneris Lovell Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium! I welcome people approaching me IC. Most of my game play can be explained in an IC manner. That being said, I don't have a full immersion mode. Feel free to poke me OOC for things or information. Usually, I'll have my RP tag up when I'm decidedly IC. If you're one of those that needs full immersion, let me know. Conflict: I will fight you. Conflict is fun. If you've got one of those characters that are rougher than sandpaper, don't put up a disclaimer or apologize. My own characters usually find their way into fights at some point. I don't have a preference on combat systems. Emoting is fine; rolls are fine. My patience is tested when combat entails writing a short novel, though. I am comfortable with dark or mature themes. I will let you know OOCly if I am not, and ask that you do the same. Character death is not something I'm opposed to, but coordinate with me OOCly if you'd like something to go down. Other characters may be invested in mine, so it's not quite as simple as 'bring it on!' Thanks in advance. IC Romance: Sure. Romance is cute, mature themes are fine. If romance is something you want to try for, try at your own risk. No happy endings--Disney or otherwise--guaranteed here. III. Other Info Country: Land of the Rising Sun Timezone: JST Contact info: Drop me a PM here on the site, or look for me in-game. I like forum/text RP, too! If you have Discord, send me a message to ask. IV. Looking for... Friends Enemies Mentors Last Updated: 8 Aug 2017
  3. Dear RPC, I need someone to caption this because I'm way too busy judging. [align=center] Pictured from left to right: Merri the Wasted, Popo the Opo-opo, and Tirra Lirra Who Can't Even Right Now[/align]
  4. [align=center][/align] "Just over there, in the right corner by the cabinets," A'tirramei called from across the room, glancing up from a bed she was making to smile at B'rahz. "Those are probably the Hi Potions Aelas ordered. Don't mix them up with the regular ones!" The clinic was slowly returning to its cozy, clean, organized state. The Saint's Shroud it was called, a modest one-story building along the coast in Cedarwood. Recently established by Raelas Sturmwind, the clinic had had a fruitful but short run before being vandalized by less than savory individuals. The whole tale was not clear, and Raelas himself was reluctant to elaborate before he had taken off in a hurry. Now A'tirramei was the resident healer until he returned, but there was still a bit of work to do before it was ready to open. Maybe tomorrow. The clinic was divided into equal thirds, marked by large wooden dividers. The left-most third resembled an inn, with cozy beds draped in crisp linen sheets, warm blankets and a fluffy pillow to each. The middle third housed bookshelves and drawers, crammed with literary medical and healing texts, as well as sterilized tools and portable tables. The larger drawers, most of which contained patient files, were locked. The right third of the room housed a kitchen A'tirramei was most envious of, though it was currently empty of fresh food. [align=center][/align] A'tirramei frowned, pacing to the center of the one-roomed clinic. It was not an arrangement she liked. The beds did not have enough privacy. The medicine shelves were too far away, and there should really be a few more chairs. She mumbled to herself, taking mental notes of each discrepancy. Maybe Rahz could help with that, too.
  5. [align=center][/align] Hello from Gridania! I am Tirramei, the most beautiful princess in all the land! I am spoiled, rich, and hopelessly torn between two very handsome lalafell suitors! What ever shall I do? Ahem. I was in a play at the ampitheatre... the fun is still wearing off a little. The stage is empty now, but it's a cozy place to sit for awhile. I see the mysterious vegetable offerings are still appearing. There are an awful lot of pumpkins around here, some with silly faces carved into them. Who does that? It's good be home again for a little while. Life in Limsa-Lominsa is fun and exciting, but sometimes it's a little too exciting. Gridania feels like a little haven, and I doubt I'll get into very much trouble here. Next time I'm going to bring Rahz with me. (He's never set foot in the Shroud!) We've been spending more time with each other lately, and he's been so sweet. ♥ We took a fun trip to Costa del Sol together! I need to get him back for dunking me in the water... [align=center] [/align] The last time I was at Costa del Sol was with P'tajha, and I was so jealous that she had someone special to enjoy the beach with. I'm glad I won't have to feel that way again, now that Rahz and I are closer. Still, our trip was a little spoiled by an unexpected black mage. Why do black mages make such a habit of being trouble? Can Eorzea have more cheerful black mages, like Ziziwato? Please? [align=center][/align] I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to run into Lost River again. Maybe in the back of my mind, I thought that she wouldn't find me in this big wide world if I didn't have the mysterious linkpearl anymore. I've often wondered what would happen if our paths crossed again--would she be offended? Angry? Would there be a fight?--but it was none of those things. She looks different without her disguise--her skin tone is darker, and her eyes are different. The not-pretending Lost River doesn't have a Lominsian accent after all. She says the aether about me has changed, thanks to that pearl I carried with me. She said it was an experiment and mentioned a Project, though she was vague and ominous about it. The pearl would attract those who sought the Project and the Void. None of it makes any sense to me, and right now I don't care. Right now I'm angry that she used me, angry enough to lash out at something. That deadpan look Lren gets sometimes when he wants to set something on fire, I think I understand a little better now. I haven't told Lren yet. He would be the one to go to--he mentioned that his research on the Void was extensive. He's still recovering from his last encounter with shady people, though. I don't think he'd be able to confirm Lost River's claim; he met me only after I had that Twelve-cursed pearl. In the end, Lost River left peacefully enough. Still, she mentioned some things that make me worry. She knew I'd kept the grimoire she gave me, somehow. (Or was she bluffing?) Maybe I should look at it more closely. I'm sure there are arcanist runes for tracking the presence of an item. She mentioned it in a strange way, saying it was a reminder of another time. She wanted me to keep it--which is a good reason to destroy it. Maybe I will. I haven't made up my mind yet. I'm sure if Lren finds out, he will do it for me. I'm sure many things spontaneously combust while he is around, and one of them might be Lost River, too. [align=center][/align] One important thing came out of this whole ominous tangle: my decision to study thaumaturgy, black magic, and the things related to it. This ordeal happened because I'm ignorant of it all, and I'm afraid of it because I am ignorant. I wonder if I'll be the only person in the Arrzaneth Ossuary studying black magic with no intention of using it. Ziziwato showed me around the Ossuary. An elezen named Koreaer offered to instruct me in the fundamentals, and though he admitted he wasn't a master of all things dark and gloomy just yet, he was a good teacher. I know now that thaumaturgy is centered around the destructive manifestations of fire, ice, and lightning, and the attunements of umbral and astral. We even left the city gates so he could demonstrate, and by watching him I could finally see the method in their madness, and the precarious balance they have to maintain. ...And despite all of it, I still can't bring myself to try it on my own. A fundamental difference between conjury and thaumaturgy is how each derives the desired effect from aether. For conjury, one borrows from the world around them to manifest the spells. For thaumaturgy, one draws upon their own aether. I've never tried, or wanted to try, and was given every reason not to. It's a dangerous and harmful thing to do when healing. Thaumaturgy is different, but I can't wrap my head around it just yet. [align=center][/align] A mysterious Keeper tagged along for Koreaer's lesson, and had some things of her own to contribute. She had a lot of scars. At first I thought she was being harsh for the sake of it, but in the end she brought up a point I hadn't thought about--if uncertainty and emotion cause me to hesitate at the wrong time, I could get hurt. The mindset of a black mage must be awfully cold. She never did mention her name... But now for a happy ending! And that is... [align=center]♥ ♥ ♥ I finally joined Vylbrand Academy! ♥ ♥ ♥[/align] I've met so many new people! Director Trala is a little stern, but a nice person. She has a beautiful singing voice! And she' so cute. There's Big Sister Haii Hai, and Claire, and Zanin, Blaise... I'll write about all of them once I get to know them a little better. Promise! [align=center] [/align]
  6. Hey, welcome to the forums! =^^= You've found a warm and friendly community. Let me know if you'd like to RP sometime, or if you need any help with your character! A lot of people here would be more than happy to. How are you liking FF14 so far? Is this your first Final Fantasy game?
  7. Tirra Lirra (A'tirramei Liroh)! This one is on the forums. :moogle:
  8. [align=center][/align] Hello from Costa del Sol! One of these days, I'm going to throw an enormous beach party here. It's warm and sunny here, and people say the sea air is good for your skin. The roar of the ocean is relaxing, too. There wasn't a place like this in the Shroud. Maybe I can finally get some color! I gave myself a day here to get away from all the stressful things that have happened lately. B'roxah is getting better. Her poor ears are still ringing like bells from the Bomb's explosion. We won't know if its permanent or not until--unless--it goes away, I think. B'rahz and I agreed that we wanted to avoid jobs with any explosives, and not just because B'roxah was hurt. There were a lot of other things that could have went wrong, down there. We'll stay away from things that like to go boom. One good thing that came of B'roxah's injury is that she and B'rahz have gotten a little closer since. I'm glad for them, especially since B'roxah has a chance to be around males that aren't like her brother. With the help of an arcanist and a black mage, I learned a little more about the mysterious linkpearl I've carried around. It was on a whim that I asked for their help. I needed both mages, and met them both at once on the bridge coming from the Bismarck. I'm not really one to speculate too much on fate... but what are the odds? I'm just glad that both of them agreed to help me, instead of thinking I was crazy. [align=center][/align] P'tajha is a Seeker like me, and... well, what can I say? She's a lot like the other arcanists--analytic, level-headed, and curious about strange puzzles that come her way. Runes and geometric symbols are common in her studies. She was able to speculate on a few of the linkpearl's--most importantly, one that seems to make reference to the Calamity, and possibly the Dragon King. It could mean a few different things... The black mage calls himself Lren. He has such an intimidating personality. That has nothing to do with his threat to set me on fire if I asked the wrong questions. He wasn't happy at all about the pearl, and confirmed that it was a Void-tainted thing. He said it was a dangerous thing, and convinced me to tell him who had given it to me so he could track them down and confront them. Lren is the first black mage I've met that is concerned with the abuse of power... ...and he threatened to set me on fire! How does that make any sense? Maybe he was joking. It's hard to tell. In the end, we decided it would be best if he took the pearl with him to confront Lost River. Though I feel guilty for giving it away without speaking to her, I'm a little relieved. It gave me such an uneasy feeling. Some nights after B'roxah had fallen asleep, I would take it out and look at it once in a while. Sometimes I thought I heard whispers, as if there were voices just out of my hearing. There was nothing I could understand... but whatever it was, it wasn't content at all. I'm still not sure it was even real, or if I had just stayed up too long... but hearing voices isn't really something you share with anyone. [align=center][/align] P'tajha and I talked a little after Lren left to do what black mages do. When I mentioned I wanted to go to Costa del Sol sometime, I was surprised when she suggested we go. It was a long walk there, but we had a lot of fun. She even introduced me to her "friend," who happens to be a very handsome elezen. I was a little jealous. P'tajha and I are very different, but I hope we can become friends. She's a little bit awkward about some things, but I like her. [align=center][/align] I also bumped into Lren again the next day. He's involved in a dangerous situation with people who are trying to steal his research on the Void. He was going to confront them and told me to leave. He said he would send a note so I would know he was okay, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm more than a little worried. [align=center][/align] I'm a little worried about Raelas, too. I spotted him dozing off at one of the tables at the Bismarck and talked with him. He's having a hard time with his patient, who has gotten worse. She's still suffering from the trauma of the Calamity. Her memories are all in pieces. Raelas is trying to bring them back to the surface, but she doesn't react well to such painful visions. [align=center][/align] When I suggested that he leave her mind be, his expression was so heartbreaking. He said she wouldn't remember anything, but that it might be the best for her health. She must be someone dear to his heart, for him to have not considered the possibility of recovering naturally after all this time. He went through so much research and effort, skirting the lines of what was ethical for a chance at her full recovery. I think sometimes, only time can heal certain wounds. In the meantime, I hope Azeyma watches over them...
  9. [align=center] ((OhgodI'msosorryIhadto.*ducks*))[/align]
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