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  1. No problem! Also, if you cant get onto one of the RP servers, just pick the Crystal datacenter and whatever server on there that is available. You can jump to Balmung or Mateus/any other server on that Datacenter. They also mentioned you will eventually be able to jump from datacenters as well, but that will come later. So you aren't limited to having to be on Balmung or Mateus for RP. :)
  2. Hi! Honestly, it just depends who you hang out with/find to RP with. I can tell you from experience (been playing since Heavensward) FFXIV RP is not all JUST ERP. You may find many who are into it, wanting it, etc. but it mainly depends on who you choose to play with. I'd give everyone a fair chance, but if they do veer into a direction you don't want, I'd simply tell them/leave the RP. Personally, I prefer only ERP if theres lead up/makes sense for the characters to do so. Slow burns, evolving characters and romance are my bread and butter. You might hear f
  3. Would like to give this a tiny bump. I've been looking into the game again and might like to try getting something going. I am at the tail end of my college semester, so I may have some extra time soon. I'd like to try some slow burn friendships IC that could become more. If interested, please poke me/add via discord. I'm chill and wont bite.
  4. Well, as the title says! I've generally been away from the game a while due to classes and commitments IRL, which--admittedly, come fairly often around Fall/Spring, but come Summer I may have some more time than I even do now. That being said, I'm making this kind of a casual search. Not really in a big rush for Luke to choose someone/me to decide on a longterm RP partner for him. I enjoy slow burns, and RP that can build into small plotlines and character building. I /do/ enjoy the passionate 'ERP' that may come of their relationship, but I wouldn't like their relation to be pure
  5. So, I had a friend toss this to me--apparently it's an official response from Yoshi P on the First to Source etc. debacle that RPers are left in. I suppose it is still left up to the individual to decide, but for those who care I thought it would help contribute to the discussion. I don't know exactly where the screen shot was taken from, but if someone's seen it, feel free to post a link.
  6. One thing to note, apologies if it has been mentioned--on the subject on Purebloods manipulating aether, look into the Resonant project headed by Aulus (an NPC). The project was begun in a response to combatting the Echo. Not much details on limits of the resonant are known, but I think it might allow some kind of fabricated manipulation to some extent. I myself tend to use it sparingly because of the lack of detail in the lore. But you'd be capable of the 'Echo visions' here and there and maybe enhanced martial prowess (I believe thats the only things that are nailed down in the lore). But it
  7. Hi Vadi'a! Im honestly not certain about 'vampires' in FFXIV in the sense we might typically think of them in typical folklore. If there -is- vampires in FFXIV, I imagine they would operate by feeding off aether stores kinda like voidsent? If there is actual lore, I'd love to know it.
  8. Bump! Still searching for a romance partner for Luke! Check deets on the Hooks on his carrd!
  9. Hi Law! Great to see more Purebloods! I think, now this is just my interpretation--some may disagree. When someone undergoes the resonant experiment, they seem to become an 'enhanced' (insert race here). This is mostly going off of what I've seen on the wiki for characters such as Zenos and Fordola, but I felt it to be a good explanation to what happens to a person who undergoes it. I dont think it is at all odd that experimentation would be done on a Pureblood. Thats the whole reason the experiments began--to allow Purebloods to manipulate aether in some c
  10. Hi Vaaxy! For Relationships, it can be either canon characters or say, your character's family that you made up. Most times family, friends, enemies--anyone who has made a fairly impactful impression on your character via RP or your character's history are put in here. Rumors, you can add whatever rumors you yourself think the character would be known for. The commonly heard rumors about him, to the lesser known things about him. Typically you yourself put what common NPCs (merchants, for example) or even NPCs in your relationships might say about him. Players you inter
  11. I think putting forth any ideas, no matter how strange are very useful to this discussion. I think for people in the first two camps I mentioned, as long as it makes sense for lore/creative enough, it can be done. I think the thread is made to just try finding a solution(s) or suggestions that satisfies people who want to RP that way. :3 Ill be honest, I think your option might be the closest we've gotten so far. Probably not something I intend to do, but I think its creative!
  12. I think it'd be fair to mention as well--I had a small discussion with a good friend of mine a few days ago. Basically, there's a few of shades of RPers. Or even RPer camps. They exist in almost all MMO's that allow some form of textual RP. Theres a camp that adheres 100% strictly to lore, no bending, no violations, they try to keep as close to what the game's official lore setting puts out. Then theres a camp (where probably a good chunk of most MMO RPers resonate with) that adheres to lore, but bends it ever so slightly, with knowledge of loopholes in lore
  13. Great responses on the Crystal Tower. I think, IF I were to have a character visit the First, they'd be experimenting with things via Crystal Tower. Lucius himself is an employ of the Ironworks, so I figure an accident of sorts could spit him out in the First for a time. Then he'd have to work to find a way back which would be the difficult part. Im thinking almost like something similar to the old 'Army of Darkness' movie. Not a chosen one, but he'd have to have another 'accident' to get him home. I'd like to work in some longterm consequences of that. But. Either way, it's one fl
  14. Some good points to consider there too. Its the main issues I struggle with when deciding if I want to actively go to or from the First for RP. To be honest, this was one of my main issues with this expansion. Everything else was awesome! I just seriously wish they took into account lore that would give roleplayers some wiggle room for this issue. I have a thought that there /will/ be lore eventually, because the scions have to return with the WoL at some point. And it seems like people we know on the First wont be totally vanishing from thin air. They could, but... I d
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