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  1. Hello! I have been away from FFXIV for a few months and very much looking to return. I have one main character that I tend to play. She is a rather small, and some would say cute Au'Ra. And basically I am seeking friends, lovers, family, anything. I am looking for people who are interested in making connections and helping me get back into the game. I am starting the character off as an overall 'blank slate'. Someone to help me get back into the 'groove' would also be nice! Anyway, my discord is Tamoko#1004
  2. Fist of all hello! I am somewhat obviously quite new to the game! I've been playing for a few weeks and very much enjoying myself. I am also a long time and Experienced roleplayer so... I did a little digging and what do I find? A full fledged community! So I thought I would jump in and state that I am looking for contacts! A little bit about the character. Tamoko is a skilled Martial Artist preferring to not engage in combat at all unless there is no other alternative. Not exactly advanced in years but not exactly young either she finds herself stranded rather far from home, at least for now and trying to make her way back to Doma. She tends to wander quite a bit but makes a sort of 'temporary home' in Ul'dah. Thoughtful and introspective and sometimes even a fountain of wisdom she is gregarious and sometimes easily amused. Her exotic features very often are home to a small, amused smile. Always ready to help someone out, and often refusing any sort of payment for services provided. Her existence however is quite lonely. Potential hooks: - Old friend/companion/love (with discussion on this of course)/rival from her homeland - The journey home. She'll need help trying to make her way back so all sorts of people can help her along the way. - New friends/companions she meets during one of her many forays into 'helping out'. Overall I'm looking to make connections, maybe join a Free Company? I'm really getting into the game and enjoying myself immensely. I'm on the Mateus server, but my playtime can vary wildly.
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