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  1. Hello, I am agreeing with Roen/Nabi here. I have had a degree of success running an FC for a year but because of health issue and the interest in tribal Xaela going down, had to close the FC. Now I am just creating a small heavy RP slice-of-life Hingan FC with a close circle of friends. Only creating a storyline/event when I am in the mood or if any of my friends have ideas. I wish you the best in your search!
  2. Hello! As a Xaela main player and led a tribe once in Balmung, i fully support your effort! Unfortunately, i am already a member of Xaela FC in Mateus and i dont think i can work on another alt. Always willing to drop by and make connection, will also let other Xaela RP'er know about this thread.
  3. IC: Turuk (Desert Eagle) is a clan under the auspice of the Bairon tribe (one of the 51 major clans of Xaela). We welcome all Xaela regardless of tribes and affiliation (Othardian/Eorzean Xaela). Those who are seeking shelter and succour, and those who are lost and seeking a clan/tribe to call home. OOC : We are tribal Xaela heavy RP FC and are always looking for people to RP with. Message Algun Bairon or Maral Oronir in game for further info or visit our website https://turuk-bairon.enjin.com
  4. Thanks but what is tribal RP? RP with traditional Xaela tribe, talking about tribe life and all things related to it. The Bairon life in a traditional Xaela encampment. tldr; if you are seeking lots of Xaela gathering in one place together, you can visit one of the tribe encampment.
  5. Yitani is always welcome to drop by the Bairon encampment. Message Algun Bairon or Maral Oronir in-game if you are interested to arrange some tribal RP.:lol:
  6. Mide is always welcome to drop by the Bairon encampment. Message Algun Bairon or Maral Oronir in-game if you are interested to arrange some tribal RP.:lol:
  7. Welcome to the forum first of all. If your character is interested to interact with her more traditional/clan kin, we are always looking for more Xaela to RP with. Msg us if you are interested to RP with us - Algun Bairon or Maral Oronir
  8. Algun

    Turuk Bairon

    We're still here and having fun Recruitment is open as always for those looking for tribal Xaela experience.
  9. -waves- Hello Narumi, our clan is always looking for potential Xaela friends/clan member. feel free to add Algun Bairon or Maral Oronir in game. Our clan website is https://turuk-bairon.enjin.com. Looking forward to RP with you!
  10. Algun

    Turuk Bairon

    Recruitment poster made by one of ours. Thank you Maatmi Bairon for the awesome art
  11. Algun

    Turuk Bairon

    The sand stirs with chaos, betrayal abound Who are the winners, who are the losers? All are meaningless within the face of time Excerpt from The Book of Summer and Autumn believed to be written in Doma Circa Seventh Astral Era - The story starts when Temujin Bairon, massacred his own clan with the help of their enemy. The survivors that were left were scattered to the four directions of the wind. Chief Algun Bairon and few of his warriors, leave to chase after the traitor, only to meet with an ambush. Believing himself to be the sole survivor of his clan, Algun escaped and survived the journey back to the Bairon main encampment. Facing judgment from the Bairon Khan, he is tasked to seek for the blood traitor and bring justice to his twin who escaped to Eorzea. Facing many difficulties, finally, he arrives on the storm bay of La Noscea. For the next four years, Algun Bairon would hunt relentlessly for his twin brother, through the greenery of the Shroud, across the savannah of La Noscea and through the scorching sand of Thanalan. The Clan Turuk (Desert Eagle) Bairon is a clan under the auspice of the Bairon Tribe. A middle-sized Xaela tribe of the southern deserts and masters of survival in the driest of climes, the Bairon are all trained from a very young age to collect and drink their own bodily fluids, allowing them the ability to venture deep into places no other tribe will. Once thought to be destroyed, the sole survivor of the clan and its 14th Chief: Algun Bairon, departed for Eorzea in search of his brother and also the worst enemy. After a four year long chase, the fight ends in climactic results in the Be'lahdian city of the dead. Emerging from the ruin as the final survivor and truly last of his clan, Algun Bairon seeks to rebuild and establish the Turuk Bairon in Eorzea. What do we offer? Friendly, fun, drama-free environment. Lore is a mixture of canon Xaela lore and extends upon 11th century Mongolian and Chinese culture. RP friendly to newer Xaela player The opportunity for pre-established RP (we are open to a determined previous relationship i.e you can be an unknown survivor of the clan, or perhaps you have had dealings in the past with the clan, etc). While pre-established RP is not everyone's forte, it quickly integrates you into the overall story along with the sense of belonging. Write your own story and weave it into the Clan's story for immersion. For more information, please visit the website or contact Algun Bairon in game.
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