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  1. OH Thats so cool friend me again on our system its good to hear back from ya! How you been?
  2. Hello everyone it''s been a while since I have been in the rp community. I've been focusing on a lot of content oriented stuff and just moved to gilgamesh to keep up with content though I still want to rp. If anyone is interested please contact me here or in game at Eywa Feyrbrand =3 I'd look forward to rping again. P.S is anyone knows of any rp hubs on aether it would be much appreciated thanks!
  3. - bump - still looking for friends and for a teacher of red magic -
  4. Hello everyone!! looking to find some wonderful friends for my moon kitty Eywa I'll make it very simple and easy here I'll post her bio here and then you can find me on Discord at Fyr#8706 and or in game at Eywa Feyrbrand I hope to find everyone soon https://charahub.com/character/1255617/Eywa-Feyrbrand/public/
  5. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it !!!! I will defiantly come and talk with everyone I really appreciate this!!
  6. Hello! It's a pleasure to see both of you I'll go ahead and add you to discord as well Kannash and ieat I'd be more then willing to work something out and meet up in game and everything and maybe have our characters interact at some point
  7. Hello! That would be nice to rp with you even over discord I will be sending you a friend request over discord as well ^^ and it looks like it send so I can't wait to hear back from you, right now I don't have any characters over on Balmung it was always full when I attempted sorry >.< but same I always enjoy rping and writting and just getting to meet others and everything.
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