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  1. How DOES one get into the Tumblr side of things? For anyone watching this thread that can help a Tumblr newbie out *Cough*
  2. Forever single Herero male character right here (mostly because I suck at actually finding RP)
  3. The Drink buddy part sounds the most doable. His book keeping is sadly very simple, as he has no real place to live so he's constantly spending his gil on Inn rooms to keep going. He also does not own a chocobo to race, he just tends to them :'D
  4. Sigward Locke Half-Roe Engineer and Swordsman Locke's past is kept his secret, but many meet him and learn quickly he's happy with who he is despite that. The man is loud, boisterous, loving, smart-assed, and at times has a very foreward tongue that can get him into a grand deal of trouble. The man currently holds no Free Company's badge, and thus works as an Engineer for hire, often offering his knowledge or his services before heading back to wait for more work. He is often seen with two swords by his hip, one tied off by a red string, the other the one he more actively uses
  5. Hello all! Fledgling RPer here who decided to throw his hat into the ring, so to speak. I'm not sure what to say so.. Uh.. Have this: Male, mid-20s Stay at home Dad Light RP experience (Beginner/somewhat advanced) from Discord and Tumblr Gamer for years, mostly RPGs and Shooters Also do Costuming and Larp Mateus Really anxious and Shy but lovable Roleplaying a Half-Roe Engineer/Swordsman (Not Samurai PER SAY) who is a flirty smartass and overall just lovable jackass.
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