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  1. I met Briar though you... I don't think I ever got the story how you two met. If I did I'll blame lack of sleep for forgetting @_@
  2. Yes! I've grabbed some rather candid shots of Honi that frame his personality perfect. This one looks like someone just told her the cookies she ate weren't free samples >_<
  3. Mateus has a lot of awesome people you can play with. I know one Miqo in particular. Careful though, he usually needs coffee to get started otherwise he's dead @_@
  4. Heya, cool toon. If you’re up to it I’m usually good for discord play
  5. Welcome aboard and if you have any questions ask away
  6. Hey just stumbled upon this. I have a character I've been playing with in Ul'dah alot. Ass me, Huckebein#3245
  7. Welcome aboard and if you have any questions just fire away!
  8. Shoot me a message on discord. Mayhaps I can give you a hand.
  9. Welcome aboard! I say you have sometime left to decide on where you want to take your character so no need to rush. Wish I had more knowledge to help you with this but hopefully the bump will catch someones attention.
  10. "Me.... Join a Grand Company.... A bunch of... Pirates and cutthroats aren't they?" He mused as he accepted her hand and found himself tugged along. "Would be... interesting.. From a young kit stalking the woods of the Shroud... To... Defender of the Sea!" He went along with what he assumed to be, her jest. "I think we need food and drink." If only he knew the truth of the matter. Joining a Grand Company would not be the last of the outlandish things he would come to partake in through out his life as an adventure of Hydaelyn and in truth, his journey beside Lyra was just beginning.
  11. Honi responded to the hug and the hair tussling in the same fashion, scrunching his face and nose as if it was a bother though the lopsided grin he offered suggested otherwise. It seemed she agreed with his sentiments and so their friendship would not be cemented in trouble. The Miqo was perfectly fine with that. "Well! I picked up a interesting lead. Seemed my asking around Limsa stirred some interest and I was approached by a Storm Officer who tracked us all the way here... Apparently my brother had joined the Maelstrom at some point and served under them... This Officer... Um...
  12. He traded her bandanna for the cloak, reaching into the folks of his shirt where he had tucked it into for safe keeping. Cloak taken, he tossed it over his wet clothes. With luck, the dry desert heat would dry him off quickly though the sun was fast setting. "Well...I suppose we did escape... That's good... And Lyra, you needn't apologize... You helped me out before and now I've helped you.. Besides I'm the one who dragged you here.. So please... Don't worry... besides.. This is was friends do.. Right.. Look out for each other?" Honi said as he matched her pace and walked beside he
  13. Honi followed, surfacing with a look of disgust as he quickly hurried off to the cleaner area. He would come to rest besides Lyra, bow and and arrow at the ready in case Blades followed. After a moment, he seemed to relax, shoulders going slack as it seemed they were in the clear, at least for now. ".... I've had more graceful escapes in my time.... Bleh." He grumbled as he followed her lead and began to wash himself off as best as possible. "Ly... This was the bad sorta trouble, was it." He'd ask, having learned some about her. So this was her reason for not wanting to come here.... Her
  14. And as Lyra took the lead and dove into the pipe Honi froze. Because not only was he gifted with excellent sight in the darkness, but a rather acute sense of smell. And right now, his nose was telling him he wanted no part of going into the sewers. "This... This is your idea!" He said harshly into the pipe, his voice carrying down to her with that hint of annoyance laced with in. Still, he knew beggars could not be choosers and so grumbling as he did so, Honi hugged his bow and quiver close to his chest and followed behind her into heavens knew what. The only thing Honi
  15. (Should have said pirate like ^^) "I leave you alone for a few hours." He was busy chastising her as they ran along, sure not to let go or else fear of being separated. The Miqo had zero intentions of stopping it seemed. Listening to her directions, sure enough a passage way opened up to the right and just beyond the fair glow of wall mounted torches. Risking a glance over his shoulder, golden eyes would spy the spark of flint as the Blades frantically tried to get the candles going against. They were moving faster then he hoped which meant they had to run even faster at this po
  16. Balmung and Mateus are always a good source for rp with plenty of folks shouting about their RPing FCs. In Mateus, Ul'Dah is a good location to poke around with plenty of people accepting walk ups. Also you can send a shout out too and get plenty of responses I'd imagine. Lastly, rp events are posting here as well so just keep an eye out and you may see something that catches your attention.
  17. It happens, I still have days where my mind goes blank. As you grow more comfortable with your character and understand their quirks and such, it gets easier. I think starting off light with simple interactions might work for you and even contact the person you are rping with that you are just getting into it and to bear with you. If you ever stop by Mateus, look me up, I'm usually around Limsa and wouldn't mind extending a helping hand. Cheers!
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