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  1. Sounds fun, maybe we can play sometime! Hit me up on discord when you have a chance.
  2. "Exactly... Rather be weary then taken advantage of... She seemed nice enough though.. Though.. There was something about her." Honi replied before they were turned away. Apparently rough waters was cause enough to keep them below decks. Having been prompted to put his nose to use, Honi came to a slow stop besides Lyra, closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He continued sniffing the air, discerning the various scents that assaulted him before pointing down a hall to their right. "There."
  3. She booped him, a favored response from her it would seem, and he simply reared his head back and offered a small grin. Falling in line with her, he kept pace as they moved to the upper decks. It should not have come as a surprise to her that the mentioning of food had taken place, as Honi had proven to have a appetite. He believed it was just his duty to sample food from the world over. Thoughts of dining pushed aside, he listened to her apology and accepted it with a simple nod before she went and asked him what he had been up to. He thought back to his odd encounter with the adventurer. "Nothing much happened... Spoke with a Hyur woman about adventuring.. She mentioned I may be rather skittish in a sense... I suppose I wasn't the most trusting with her."
  4. Honi stood there as sailors walked past him a look of utter confusion still worn on his face. She had sneaked off to play a round of cards and there seemed there was something promised to the winner. He wanted to question her but realized that was not his place. If she wanted to share, he would leave it to her. One thing she told him before resonated with him however and he managed a small smile as she looked to him. "Good kind of trouble I take it...." He crossed his arms over his chest as the worry finally seemed to leave his shoulders and he motioned with his head for them to head above deck. "Does this ferry have food?"
  5. Honi's face twisted from that of determination to reach his companion to that of confusion. Judging the gathered rough looking crowded coupled with the hooting and hollering, he thought he would happen upon a fight. The card game caught him totally unaware and he stood there dumbfounded as he finished pushing through he crowd to offer aid. It was quiet clear by how he appeared in front of her, he was ready for a tussle and heavens how silly he must have appeared before everyone there. "What's going on?" He asked in a meek voice, embarrassment settling in for having rush to a conclusion so fast. It seemed that Lyra didn't need help at all and was enjoying herself.
  6. Honi did not engage and instead adopted a weary expression on his face as he ventured deeper. His ears twitched, working overtime to take in the various collection of sounds that assaulted him. He was painfully away of the looks he was given as he ventured forth but he didn't show how nervous he felt and instead steeled his emotions and continued on. Lyra was here and judging from what was being said, he had a good idea on what was going on. Honi wasn't aware when it happened, but as he continued on he balled his hands into tight fits. "Lyra!" He called out to her hoping to hear a response.
  7. He was begin to explain away his sepia skin tone, as his family line had been long, however she went on to chastising him about his weariness. Honi found himself torn between a catty remark or accepting the advise when Marcella parted ways. He was left with a quizzical look upon his face before he called out to her. "Mistress Marcella... I'll take this lesson to heart..." It seemed despite how stand offish his general attitude had been, he at least learned something from the encounter. Now, it was time for him to learn more. Specifically, his travels companion unmistakable knack for getting into trouble perhaps? Looking past the fellow adventurer he just encounter, Honi was searching the crowded deck when those cat ears caught the faintest whisper of excited shouts upon the sea breeze. Following it, the hooting and hollering grew louder and Honi had no idea what he would find once he located it's source.
  8. Welcome aboard! Much like you I was a new player playing my first serious MMO with the intents of roleplaying, not to long ago. I am sure you can find someone who is rping there and it doesn't hurt to ask around here. If you have any questions fire away. I am by no means remotely a expert but I will try to help you as best as I can. Cheers!
  9. "Then you mustn't have stayed long in the Shroud... Thunderstorms are constant as are the swarms of insects." He joked regarding his homeland though beneath the surface of his relaxing demeanor, he was being cautious and gleaming as much information from her as possible. "I am excited to see your homeland however... However I am not sure how I might fair in such bright and sunny conditions... My people tend to be more active at night... Question... Mistress Marcella." He chose to use a similar honorific. "Do you often make it a habit to approach strangers? I've been advised against doing so constantly... Afraid My naivety of the world has gotten me into trouble from time to time." Though he spoke in a calm manner, his tail swayed back and forth with a nervous energy. Where had Lyra stalked off too?!?
  10. "First time heading to Thanalan I must say.. I hear it is hot." He attempted a joke as Marcella had his attention now it would seem. It was clear she wasn't going to leave him be and so Honi figured he should poke back himself. "Travel there much on business?" Honi leaned against the rail though in truth it was more along the lines of bracing himself. He was still getting use to travel it seemed though he tried his best to hide this fact.
  11. Refusing to shake her hand was a small tactic Honi had learned and it afforded him a chance to read the woman's reaction. He remained collected and calm as he saw her push through though the small moment to follow through with a question. Though innocent it was rather intimate, given the fact she just met him. "Forgive me... I was hunting this morning and though I've washed my hands, I'd hate to have the smell of beast blood and animal hide transfer to you." He offered an excuse wrapped up in a apology. "I've heard there are many tasks for a adventurer such of myself to look into... She's just showing me around." He figured that at this pointed, he needn't pass on more information then he had to. Off +in a thin smile, he made the briefest moments, his golden eyes large and wide, before he looked past her for Lyra. Where had she run off to?
  12. Hello all. So I've been an active member for almost two months now, and I'm finally feeling confident enough in my understanding of the lore and roleplaying to really get started here. I've finally fleshed out my characters wikipage and have a firm understanding of where I wish to go with this character. Any way, just figured I'd see if this post would catch someones attention. Character info is in the signature for anyone interested. Ciao!
  13. "More friendly then I should be at times..." He sighed before turning to face her, his golden eyes taking measure of the woman who spoke to him. "Honi... My name." The Miqo'te offered in ways of a rough introduction. He didn't mean to seem rude but he had learned to be weary of people. Better safe then sorry was a saying he was believing in more and more with each passing day. Still, he was on a ship and there were but so many places one could go, so he suppose talking to someone other then Lyra was bound to happen. "My apologies for my... Tone... I'm somewhat... New to all this." Which was the truth, to a certain degree.
  14. Honi addressed his new company with no more then a weary glance. He wasn't exactly trusting at times, and though he seemed to take to Lyra, that didn't mean that was his normal response. On the contrary, he was more liable to squint his eyes as he took full measure of the person who addressed him, looking them over with golden colored eyes before passing silent judgement. Perhaps it was cat thing. "Not to sure... I don't think it's fear of sailing though." Honi said as she stalked off. He was beginning to regret taking her up on her offer and already formulating a plan to make it up to her. Booze or food more then likely.
  15. Rain would come, hopefully after they disembarked the ferry. Hell, though Honi had a natural affinity for water, he had to admit he was happy to be out of the near constant rain he had experienced lately in Gridania. For someone who's people where known to be more so nocturnal, he was looking forward to the warmth and sun Ul'dah provided. His present company didn't appear to happy however. "I promise we will not be there to long.. Just enough time to ask questions... And perhaps enough time for me to sneak off to see a friend... She told me she ran a animal clinic and I was hoping to get him checked." Honi pointed at the wolf pup that busied himself by nipping at his boot straps. The pup had been a new addition Honi had come across and became traveling companies with after rescuing the pup. Thanks to a lack of creativity, Honi had settled on naming him Red, thanks to the red kerchief tied to his neck. He figured if he were planning on taking Red on this hunt for his brother, he should make sure he was in good health. So there was a second reason for his trip. "But I promise we will not be there too long." He assured her again as he leaned against the railing of the ship. They had yet to cast off and Honi watched the clouds above with curious golden eyes. The prospect of being caught at sea while it was raining was not an entertaining thought.
  16. He couldn't exactly promise good trouble, but they would get into trouble nonetheless. Laughing lightly at her antics, he shook his head and chuckled. "It's little wolf... And I'm not a kit any more.. Honi will do..." He said, though Honi had to admit there was a smile creeping over his face. "To the desert first thing tomorrow... See if this Lion person worked there as well."
  17. He listened to her words as it dawned on him that in his strange way, what his brother wanted for him was coming true. The boop to his nose brought him back to her attention, catching him by surprise and causing him to rear his head back in surprise. He would playfully swat at her afterwards and shake his head while chuckling. "If this is truly his aim, I think I might kill him when I find him.. Sure'y there were easier ways to get me our of the Shroud... Besides.. Doesn't explain why he has been gone for so long with no contact... I'm afraid there is going to be more to this story... There.. There may be trouble... I know you offered your help but..." Honi wasn't sure what else he could say. There was a chance of getting mixed in with some bad people trying to uncover the tail of what happened to his older brother. Would Lyra be up to it? Hell he felt guilty enough accepting her help to begin with but he new with a extra set of eyes, they could accomplished much. Still, he needed to hear she was fine with helping and if she wasn't he wouldn't hold it against her. Hell, he would be relieved in a sense.
  18. Hey if you’re up tonite, Honi could always do with more friends.
  19. He listened to her tale of how her homeland had been effected by the events five years prior and frowned, pausing in eating his meal to offer a slow nod of his head in understanding. "Trying times indeed... It seems you can see the effects of what happened everywhere... In my own home, the Black Shroud has changed much because of this... Strange creatures appearing.. Huge sections of the forest itself set ablaze... Damn Garlean invaders..." He growled at the mention of what had happened. He returned to his food and decided to push the topic back to his brother. "We... Thought him gone... For five years.. And then I received a parcel from him some months ago... Curious archers attire... Quality armaments and equipment... And a note that said, "These belong to you, I no longer need them. Go and start your adventure..." "He was being cryptic... But it was him sure enough... I need to know why he has been gone for so long... And why he hasn't returned."
  20. Thankfully, Honi was no better in terms of eating as he dug into his own meal with equal gusto. The pair shared a more of silence as they chewed before Lyra lobbed a question his way. Besides the food they were working on, Honi silently reminded himself she offered to help in his search so in the least, he should begin to pass on anything he knew. "Yes.. Frequently. he traveled... Well.. Everywhere it seemed." Honi too spoke between mouthfuls before pausing long enough to finish off the large piece of fish he was currently battling from his own kebab. "He often spoke of the adventures he was on.. The sights he was seeing... Never spoke of anything that resembled danger... Which is why it was a shock when he stopped writing. His last letter put him around Carteneau... So.. We naturally assumed the worse..." His last words hung heavy as he spoke of the past great battle, given the fact the devastation associated with it.
  21. "Ack!" The startled yelp asked his lips as he was swept up in a hug. His body was instantly rigid, surprised that she had embraced him to the point stood straight and hair on end, fluffing out. The moment of shock lasted but a moment as he tried to wiggle from her surprisingly strong grip and he would go as far as growl. "Unhand me before I bite you!" Seemed to be the best response though it was delivered with a sense of dead pan humor that betrayed the threat. Clearly he was joking, and if he was, that meant he liked Lyra. "I'm so hungry is more like it" He grumbled after she released him and he turned to pay the puzzled merchant before claiming their meal. "Eat up before I eat it all..."
  22. His tail wagged happily, moving back and forth as he spied the selection on hang. He was painfully aware of his excitement and her reaction but paid little mind to it. He wore his feelings on his sleeve, and right now he was excited, no shame in that. "No worries sir... I'll have... two of those..." He pointed to the eel "and... three of those!" He moved his attention to a grilled fish kebab that had a mix of thick cuts of fish with mixed vegetables. Seemed like a safe bet for Lyra... Who seemed be stuck in her laughing fit. The merchant went about preparing their meal, decided it best to ignore the pair. "Sure sure... Laugh it up." he said as he turned to her, ear flicking in mock annoyance. "I'm a man who get's excited over food." He said with a grin. This much, was true.
  23. Though he seemed to keep a cool demeanor, the second he saw the food available his tail seemed to move on it's own, swaying excitedly. He was a easy ready it appeared. "Not sure what his problem was... I could live like a king with this." Honi waved at the selection at hand. Looks like he wasn't a picky eater either. "So.. What are we having?" He looked to Lyra, a goofy grin given. Yes, Honi was one of those. Someone excited at the prospect of eating. "This fish looks good and fresh... The selection of fruit as well... Ooooh never had anything like that before." He spied what looked like a grilled snake on a skewer. Of course it was a eel but he was none the wiser.
  24. "... Surprise me...This is your turf so I'll follow your lead, as long as you let me pay.... And then we can talk about this help your offering." He said after a sparing a moment to think over her question. He assumed that alot, if not most, of the cuisine had something to do with seafood, which he was more then happy to partake in. Truth be told, Honi was not a picky eater at all. More importantly, he wanted to see if she had any more ideas about finding his brother. Though he was still forming his opinions on the Hyur, he was beginning to think she was rather sharp. He hadn't anyone to bounce ideas off of so talking to her could prove helpful. Aside from that, he'd be lying if he didn't say he wasn't the least bit curious to find out more about her.
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