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  1. So within the timeline of the game, the Calamity was 5 years ago. I often think that a popular discussion is where you were when it happened, as well as people who were there and witnessed Bahamut's summon. So where was your character? How do they remember it?
  2. Sorry for the delay, I liked your post last night but didn't say anything because I was about to sleep I'm on crystal so we won't be able to interact in game, but I'd gladly do a discord RP sometime in the future. You can read about my character here if she interests you. https://qatunqeril.carrd.co/
  3. I think the place to start off is your character. Figure out what you want to do with them and what they are like. A good tip for developing your character is being able to describe them in a short sentence, then think more on the concept. RP is scary especially when new to it. I say find a group of friends and go from there, a discord even will help with OOC discussion. Most roleplayers, especially experienced ones, are very patient and will answer any questions you have. As for levels, it's up to you. I honestly waited til I had a good looking outfit for my character before I RP'd,
  4. Might be on around 3 or so, PST that is. It's my day off so I plan to play today.
  5. The world visit is very good for playing with others. I'm also from goblin so if you want someone from there, feel free to send me a message, I'd love to throw Qatun at someone. Metaphorically of course
  6. Yeah I did change up her personality a bit as I developed her but it's still the same concept Thanks for the comment
  7. Yeah i've been hopping over to Balmung and Mateus now and again Met a guy who helped me get over my anxiety with RP. Problem is that I kinda freeze up when an RP starts even when I look for one
  8. Here is a little card I found that you can fill out, help you figure out details of your character that you didn't realize.
  9. I have just joined and I frankly have no idea where to start. I am more use to chat room and image board RP, so that might explain why. I do like casual RP, but I am willing to go mature if I get to know people. +18 stuff is a hard maybe, no pun intended. For character information, check out my Welcome Thread, just posted last night.
  10. Hello, I recently got back into this game, after months of not playing it, even making a new character so I can ease back into things. MMORPG background: FFXIV is my only experience with MMOs. I tried to get into WoW but it just wasn't my thing (plus honestly the character creation doesn't feel as nice as FF's) RP experience: I have been designing OCs since I was just a little kid, just general stuff from shows that I like. After that I started making my own characters and OCs not tied to any media. As for roleplay itself, I have been doing it since I was in my senior o
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