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  1. Depends on what you consider as "adult" Today people are considered adults at 18, but I wouldn't trust an 18yr old to do most adult like things, such as successfully buying a car, getting quotes on different insurances, things like that. If you're wanting them to be technically classified as an adult then yup I'd say 18 is right on the money. If you want them to be a more "worldly" adult then I'd shoot for someone in their mid 20s. So its all really up to you in how you feel about your character or what you're hoping to accomplish with her.
  2. Is this still an active and working LS? Would love to get back into the criminal aspect of Rp with Shaw being a smuggler and all
  3. I'd be down for something like this as well. James is the head of a smuggling operation based out of Camp Drybone with his business of shipping and trading as the front for his operations. Always do enjoy getting into the darker side of RP so if so feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord, or to anyone who might read this and be interested. Jack Frost#1671
  4. With ShB around the corner, I like many others are returning to FFXIV. I've remained subbed since ARR and I find myself taking a lot of breaks once I more or less get caught up with the story, get myself some decently good gear and then call it quits for a few patches until some really big major one comes and then I return to do it all again. This most recent break has probably been my longest time away from the game and it seems a lot has changed since I was last here. I'm currently on the Balmung server and was interested in returning to the RP scene, but not sure where to start looking, what LS are available or how active RP FC are now adays. Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated.
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