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  1. MMORPG and Roleplaying HISTORY So I've been around for a while, It was a long time until I found MMO's but I had been enjoying RPG's as long as I can remember. The elder Scrolls was a major contributing factor to this then I found Dragon Age and Mass Effect, needless to say the rabbit hole only gets deeper from there. I got started on mmo's back when I got into swtor for a few years, I played religiously and fell in love with this genre... the gameplay, the social aspect, everything. I only left SWTOR when ARR launched and I got on board the day of, I loved the game to death. I'd found my new addiction or so I thought. My friends eventually left and I moved on to another game as there was little keeping me here. I picked up Guild Wars 2 I played off and on, still do sometimes. Then I dropped entirely out of the mmorpg space for a year or two, nothing was holding my interest and I'd yet to discover the joys of RPing. I eventually did find a new mmo to enjoy in ESO [Elder Scrolls Online] I again got in at launch on the xbox and played for a long time until the joy faded and I once again dropped it, then I ended up hopping from game to game, came back to FFXIV left then went to SWTOR again then GW2 and once more I quit mmo's alltogether, until I went back to ESO some time later. I spent most of my time socializing and this eventually led me to meet some people who roleplayed it was then that something clicked. I went to one gathering at a small tavern, nothing special but I was blown away at how great it made me feel. I could finally give my character a voice, a personality... these things had never ever occurred to me before. I went on to find what few friends I could in that game that rp'ed and met some of the best friends I've ever had, we grew tired of ESO eventually and had heard no end of praise about FFXIV's rp community, having played before I told my friends how great the game itself was and once here we were hooked, that was a couple of years ago now and I haven't looked back. I have rped on discord a lot since I got into RP in general, me and my past rp partners have pages upon pages of stories and rp's we've done together so that's definitely something I'd be interested in. Character/ RP Ideas Hyur/Female/Highlander Strong silent type fairly well defines her, until she becomes comfortable around you. Veteran Adventurer/Mercenary whom has made quite the journey . She's worn many different hats throughout the years but the most long standing and permanent is Dark Knight I'd enjoy finding someone for her to mentor and teach as an adventurer doesn't have to be as a dark knight She's happily married so romance is off the table, but anything else is open especially adventures and the like , though she does find herself in a tavern more often than not I'm searching for long term rp partners and contacts, I'd be willing to talk with just about anyone to find out if we click new or old hit me up More info here https://briar-a.carrd.co/ What kind of role-player am I? Medium - Heavy fairly well defines me, I will rp any chance I'm given, I'd take it over doing content or leveling any day of the week. OOC Stuffs I'm fairly easy going and open to most things, while I do appreciate sticking with the lore you'd find I have little issue if you'd want to bend it to do something you really wanted to, it's all about creativity to me as long as we're having fun that's all I really care about. I am online most nights and usually on much more on friday and saturday my days off from work, /tell Briar Amano anytime in game she's my main or you can poke me via discord at Briar#0229, or DM me here. Hobbies IRL Stuffs FFXIV and Roleplaying are my main hobbies, though I do enjoy listening to music and playing music when the mood strikes me. Other than that I'm just a gamer in general and enjoy discussing anything I know about.
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