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  1. Linkpearls aren't, but whisperweeds are. They serve the same communication function during the MSQ
  2. It's a bit less about how flexible the lore is, and more about how the "that's WoL-only territory" mindset has been consistently proven wrong by the devs themselves time and time again, to comic effect. Years ago people were yelling that only one WoL was soloing primals. Until the devs stepped in and said otherwise in Stormblood, with explicitly stated big teams of adventurers for the Far East trials, the Orbonne expeditions, and the Isle of Val. Then, furthermore going on to cement in canon writing that Echo-user / SMN suppression teams are now a regular occurrence in the world whenever the beast tribes act up again. Years ago people were yelling that Lightning's world-crossing event was a freakish one-off. Until the devs explicitly referenced it again for Noctis and got Cid himself + multiple Ironworks staff involved, as well as needing multiple adventurers again for the public FATEs. Never mind Iroha, or Yo-kai, or any of the other wonderfully weird canon occurrences in the setting that you referenced. I wouldn't worry at all about randos trying to dictate what you're not allowed to plausibly accomplish. With Shad, the setting has entered its Planescape-style mytharc for the average adventuring team. What's to be looked forward to is 5.1-5.X fleshing out and hammering home the two worlds aspect even further.
  3. It's a bit of a moot argument at this point, since people have already been roleplaying ingame publicly in the new areas as their mains in both Balmung and Mateus, which has been great to watch and join in on. Il Mheg seems to be a popular destination simply because of how pretty it is, followed by the Crystarium as the new Mor Dhona / Idyllshire-style adventurer-life hub. Then the strip club in Eulmore, rofl From talking to people both ingame and on Discord they'll simply cite who they want to cite, be it Ironworks devices and time travel, or Lightning / Iroha-style dimensional travel (some using the Crystal Tower housing items), or some variant thereof. Some even drawing on Amaurot by now. But at the end of the day, ordering people or trying to badger them into not having long-term plots and character development in the new expansion they paid for will simply get you laughed at. Of course, there'll always still be the same crowd that never leaves the Quicksand, but that's also to be expected. Both will continue to exist at the same level of plausibility in the same world. Shad is the expansion that permanently yanked the setting and its inhabitants out into high-powered fantasy and lovely moral ambiguity, if the flying cars, regular primal hunts, and planeswalking cyborg horses weren't hints enough. And if roleplayers think their immersion and verisimilitude is being threatened now, just wait til Yoko Taro gets his hands on the history and lore in a few weeks. Maybe we won't get something too far-reaching and fucked up a la Drakengard, but at the very least lots of bunnies start running around in 2B outfits, being all lovely and IC.
  4. We're (probably) a fragmented portion of Hythlodaeus, the 14th council member and (hopefully) going to find a different way to save the Time Lords Ascian civilization that doesn't necessitate genociding everyone else in the multiverse. And (probably) going to fusion dance with Hydaelyn while Zenos (probably) fusion dances with Zodiark to have the proper Gurren Lagann duel in space. Then afterward (maybe) teaming up with him after to beat up a bigger space Cthulhu / Old Ones threat as the final final boss. I'd be very careful about using RL politics labels like "conservative" or "compassionate" in claiming who sided with which primal, though. We don't know anything about that other than the 14th leaving, and we don't know who in their civilization apart from the council got tempered by which primal. The entire point of one of the aethercurrent quests is that their civilization thrived through rigorous debate and rhetoric instead of deplatforming or shutting out voices. Reddit already went over the actual basis of the city, Thomas More's Utopia, as detailed here: https://old.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/c8igo2/msq_80_spoilers_references_and_homages_in_the/ We also already know from Yoshi's CGM interview, that the entire thrust of the expansion is condemnation of extremism from both sides. Or in the setting's case, too much Light / "good" means Sin Eater zombification and groupthink, while too much Dark / "evil" leads to Voidsent, the doom that came to Amaurot, and chaotic anarchy. What was most heartwarming about it all was watching the never-trust-an-Ascian camp say it was all obviously a lie, when the twist was Emet-Selch being the biggest bro and most honest party member in the series' history in years. Way better execution of the trope than Ardyn, all the way up to his final words, "Remember us." Very Tales of-esque in making the villain understandable, if not sympathetic, with even Alphinaud admitting he might've gone as far as Emet did, if they'd switched places and he too had been embittered by immortality and the loss of his loved ones. That, along with all the similarities to other series' themes and storytelling beats - Shin Megami Tensei, Berserk, etc. - has set up the plot very well for the Eden and Nier raids. All this nuance, all these shades of gray - combined with the execution, the music, the calculated emotional moments - are why people have been calling this a return to PS1/PS2-era form. It feeling like a direct continuation of the DRK story arc under Ishikawa, and maintanking as a DRK through the whole expansion, was just a nice little bonus.
  5. The first DRK was Tryphaniel, from over 6 centuries ago. He was put on trial for killing a pedophile rapist. Dark knight abilities are fueled by strong emotions and passions, such as wrath, love, and forgiveness, as seen in the 30-70 jobquests. They often make reference to the danger of being consumed by your own personal abyss and inner darkness if you let any of your emotions out of balance, leading to a loss of control - for example, Fray's rage and anger in the quests up to 50, and Myste's guilt and compassionate savior complex in the quests up to 70. Keeping both balanced, instead of tending toward either extreme, is essential to effectiveness and success. While starting out as Darkness-named abilities in lower levels, DRK skills later upgrade to Shadow-named abilities at level 70+, making reference to Shadowbringers / overarching plot developments. Balance is, again, key to the job identity - there's a reason it's the poster job for the expansion. Without giving away 5.0 spoilers, light must cast a shadow, and an overabundance or lack of either just leads to problems for everyone in the story.
  6. The Ironworks are guarding and maintaining the pathway to Norvrandt via the device you found. It's also explicitly mentioned several times in dialogue that you're not the first or only traveler to come from the exarch's world, i.e. the Source, and that others have already come before you to explore. This can partly be in reference to Hildibrand, who went ahead of you to Norvrandt with Nashu via Greg portal. It's actually a tad amusing how blasé the Scions are about a planeswalking pixie giving them your updates, or ferrying shit back and forth to your retainers to sell. When you go back to Mor Dhona they just talk about how Arenvald has taken over primal suppression for you. You can imagine just how ambitious and hungry bigger groups like the East Aldenard TC or the House of Splendors might be for new, unusual resources from another world, but that's up to individual RP groups to think about and use.
  7. More from E3: "What we are trying to impart to our players is a sense of freedom. The freedom to choose how they want to express themselves as individuals, and the freedom to retain their own values. We don’t want to place blame on either side. If we do become one-sided in the way we approach these things—much like the seemingly “good” force of light overtaking the First—we run the risk of being too extreme and alienating the people who stand on the other side of the issue. We are prioritizing freedom, and we are still on the road to finding a way for everyone to understand that we all are free to make our own choices." https://www.cgmagonline.com/2019/06/12/final-fantasy-xiv-shadowbringers-e3-2019-interview-with-naoki-yoshida/
  8. time for squeenix to reuse bhunivelze as final boss
  9. "The eldest and most powerful... of primals."
  10. 1. Play the ages and life experiences you want to play. 2. Per Tales from the Calamity, 16 years old is already considered to be of age, at least in Sharlayan society. Given how they're thought leaders among the nations, you can refer to that as a baseline.
  11. Just to add on a bit more to the above, which is already mostly correct: the moogles in the 50-60 jobquests explicitly teach you and Sid that your darkside can be tempered by the power of love, such as Sid's love and caring for Rielle. Being such an emotionally-fuelled job makes it inherently volatile, if you lack the positive outlook or levelheadedness to balance it out. The emphasis on centrist balance is key, as we've seen the Dark extremists of voidsent, and now we'll get to see the Light extremists of Sin Eaters. This is likely one of the reasons why the job is now the poster boy class for Shad.
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