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    What do you do to find roleplayers while playing in game?

    Approach IC if their bio includes something like "walkups welcome." Otherwise, send a tell first if you feel nervous.
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    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    So who else is planning to roll alts for / Fantasia into First shard toons?
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    Lolovu visits Omega

    welcome \o
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    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    My first world toon is currently on Mateus as Balmung is still closed off to new characters, and while we're waiting for more solid information from the expansion itself, but feel free to PM and discuss anytime: tiny.cc/ethanb
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    balmung Midnight Pearl «MP-RP»

    This is pretty neat now that it's off Tumblr. Will be flying out for work irl over the next couple of weeks but will also be in touch
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    Looking for more Mateus RP friends ^^

    welcome \o
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    Nice to meet you!

    welcome \o
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    Newbie looking for friends in Excalibur!

    welcome \o Your current best bet for roleplay is to roll a toon on Mateus when it opens up during its off-peak hours. Once world visits are turned on in a few weeks, then all of Crystal will become the de facto RP datacenter.
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    Looking for Comrades in Balmung

    welcome \o
  10. Servers were consolidated at NTT America's datacenter, as part of SE's relationship with NTT back home in Japan. They ain't budging anytime soon over the next decade. The secondary reasons include better service for non-JP Asia and Oceanic regions. Before the move, ping averaged 220-250. Now it's 140-160.
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    Plans when the new expansion hits?

    It was revealed in Galuf's library two months ago, for players who reached elemental level 60. You didn't even need to defeat Provenance Watcher, just complete the story
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    Plans when the new expansion hits?

    personally i'm looking forward to rolling a toon with access to the infinite portal of guns https://massivelyop.com/2019/04/01/wisdom-of-nym-all-of-the-shards-in-final-fantasy-xiv/
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    Plans when the new expansion hits?

    At this point, we don't know yet. It'll be best to play through the MSQ at minimum once it hits, but XIV also has a habit of hiding its canon lore behind side content. For example, the true nature of the Void and Voidsent in the Warring Triad raid series, or the possibility of creating an entirely new Mothercrystal in Eureka, or, more humorously, Padjals struggling to contain Yo-kai spirits. Going into Shadowbringers, one thing we know for certain is that per the end of his Kugane questline,
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    Plans when the new expansion hits?

    Pre-Stormblood: DMed a campaign through the Palace of the Dead, greatly influenced player characters and some of their life choices. At Stormblood launch: RPed through the liberation of Ala Mhigo with friends, brought closure to their Ala Mhigan toons. Despite his heritage, didn't affect my main as much, since his clan was more independent and wary of governments / rulers instead of nationalistic. We had a lot more fun focus on IC Azim Steppe shenanigans and later Doma's reconstruction. At Shadowbringers launch: going to RP traveling through the first world, solving first world problems, and fighting Sin Eaters. In the Regalia. DMing again for a few friends. Depending on how the plot turns out, they may meet their first world counterparts sooner or later, and potentially learn to shun both Light extremism and Dark extremism.
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    New Noobie. Help find a RP server?

    Hi Raza \o When world visits get turned on in a few weeks, everyone on the new Crystal datacenter will be able to visit each other, including Balmung and Mateus. So, your best bet is to roll on one of the servers under Crystal, as it'll become the de facto RP datacenter.
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    Hi, a newbie here!

    Welcome \o the one other Spanish RPer I know is Clover Blake, but she doesn't post here anymore As for choosing a server, once world visits are turned on in a few weeks, then everyone in the Crystal datacenter will be able to visit each other. Meaning all of Crystal will become a de facto RP datacenter. So, it's best to choose one of the servers under Crystal:
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    Harue Nushiya and Schezar Stormbreaker Art by N. Guevara
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    Returning after some health issues! (Mateus ex. Balmung)

    welcome back \o
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    mateus A new adventurer joins the land!

    welcome \o
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    Tokyo Fanfest

    tiem 4 shardjumping finally get to visit the 2005 tech demo and ingame florida non-healing DNC to go with non-tanking SAM Lali-ho too much light = bad / too much dark = bad SMT-style dichotomy confirmed zipperbelts 8man raid incoming god bless BLUFever leaks
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    Tokyo Fanfest

    A bit more feedback from here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x30qZohmIc-18urZVcePILzOXdbUt_AnUd8GTvPw4uI/edit
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    New Characters (Tokyo / 5.0 Spoilers)

    Crystal will just be the big datacenter / megaserver everyone on Balmung / Mateus / et al get consolidated into for world visits :3 Currently on Balmung too We don't have in-depth details yet, but Norvrandt / The First so far sounds a bit like Nova Chrysalia from Lightning Returns - a world nearing an apocalypse, and the eternal day is an interesting plot point. Imagine growing up and never getting to see the stars at night, or only getting to see them for the very first time. Eulmore sounds like Yusnaan with its decadence and apathy, plus the class divide of upper levels vs. lower levels. What'll be interesting to see is how much of a fight is still being put up against Sin Eaters - the adventurers living around the Crystarium from the trailer still seem to be going about their day to day like standard adventurers would, even in the face of the flood of light. The name Sin Eaters itself seems to imply punishment for normies having standard desires / free will, along with the angelic boss designs + a name like "Innocence."
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    Tokyo Fanfest

    So they'll probably announce second genders as a feature in 6.0. If not for that C-suite decree of no more new races forcing them to cram in hrothgar and viera, then all this would've seemed like a missed opportunity for more customization options and subraces for existing races instead, based on their first world counterparts. As for the theme of balance, the plot seems headed toward reestablishing peace and harmony between Zodiark and Hydaelyn instead of destroying one or the other. We know she freaked out 10-15,000-ish years ago, split the worlds, and everything his Ascians have done since then may have been misinterpretations of his will / going too far, jihadi-style. I'm guessing 5.0 = solving first world problems and restoring their night, 6.0 = negotiating peace between Garlemald and the Alliance, combined with going to the moon and negotiating peace between Z and H. I expect Yoshi-P to coincide his retirement with the Ascian plot wrapping up, and we might get to see Thavnair, Sharlayan, or the New World in 7.0 and beyond, Adoulin-style.
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