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  1. Kilkus

    Loop holes?

    You two have no idea how much I appreciate these responses. I have them saved on discord to use against someone because he was a friend who had the Regalia as an IC thing. I had 0 issues with him using it ICly but he for some reason thought I did and bitched me out about how him having it was more lore abiding than me being a WHM. Now I have actual lore protected reasons WHM is possible and if he ever has the balls to speak to me again (I did apologize to him and try to make ammends.) I have these to shut him up.
  2. Kilkus

    Loop holes?

    Thanks for the feedback. I rp on Mateus, I probably should've lead with that, but thanks, most of my friends don't care, one does but only ICly, but I think I found a loop hole for it from input from a few others, but again, thanks for the help guys.
  3. Kilkus

    Loop holes?

    I've been playing 14 for a few years now (I started the day CoD was released if that helps.) And I've only recently started roleplaying in this game, but I do have 11+ years of rp experience, just 0 of those years have been on 14, and I was just recently told I was not allowed to roleplay as a WHM (my favorite final fantasy class ever) because of the whole only Padjals are White Mages in this FF canon, and that I should just be a conjurer, thing is being a conjurer doesn't feel the same to me, I want to roleplay as the thing I love, but I can't without breaking the rules and having everyone hate me, is there any kind of loop hole at all to this? Cause having my creative freedom, and desires restricted feels a bit...well discouraging to say the least.
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