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  1. Hi, Iranda! I'm happy to see you've made your way here and I'll do my best to help out with some things, but I'm no expert.. so if someone out there can correct me on something, please do! The Goddess of Love and the Moon! I'd say you picked a good one here, but I'm a softy so.. In my experience, patron deity doesn't come into play unless you bring it up. I feel like you could pick absolutely whatever deity you want in the beginning and have experiences or events happen that have your character place their faith elsewhere. As far as birthdates go.. I always just pick mine.. I'm a little lost here~ Are you asking how to handle someone else playing this way? This works! From what I understand, the Echo is what allows someone to be able to resonate with other people's souls and see their past. They can speak every language in the world, too. The Echo doesn't let the user get bothered by Primals and some can even transform. The Warrior of Light is not the only one that has been "gifted" this, though it is super rare~ I think.. in Hydaelyn, Garlean imperials are the users of magitek while Garlean citizens lack the skill/ability for the workings of magic to the point of not being able to naturally manipulate aether at all, and make magitek. Probably suuuuuper wrong here. My favorite! I kinda cheesed this one by saying Remi ran away and was adopted by a little wandering circus troupe. She was fascinated by the fortune tellers there, and they taught her what they knew. She picked up a little bit of this and a little bit of that from the people there.. and she's by no means an expert at anything.. but she can read cards, at the very least~ I think this is an okay place! There is also.. RP Discussion, for "RP-related discussions, roundabouts, inquiries, etc.": https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/6-rp-discussion/ AND Lore Discussion, for "Lore-related discussions about the world, races, events, and general canon of Final Fantasy XIV.": https://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/37-lore-discussion/ The people there might be able to help you better! Super familiar with this here. For me, RP is a great way to help break out of that shell.. but you've been doing this a lot longer than I have so you already know that the people who are worth anything don't mind how long it takes to get through there and have you open up. Also.. I spent over a year trying to get my tarot deck's major and minor arcana to line up with FFXIV lore, and I still don't even know if it's right ;_; I'm not.. sure. I've never done any RP like this, so I'm useless here.. but that kind of stuff would have to happen organically. There are some great characters out there with wonderful people behind them. I'm sure if your stories got to that point, it could happen~ Not as bad as people make it out to be, honestly.. at least in my experience. When I run through Quicksand to see the innkeeper, or hang out with one of my friends.. the naughty stuff is kept quiet. I don't get people trying to do anything with them, and I don't see anything other than regular tavern RP. I haven't heard of anyone getting into any trouble with the naughty stuff, but I'm assuming that's because the person they're doing it with has consented and agreed to do it back. I hope this helped out, even if just a little bit! And I hope you continue to have a good time in FFXIV!
  2. I was looking through Welcome Desk posts and realize I missed yours, so I'm a little late to the party Welcome back to FFXIV! I know how you feel, too! I stopped for a good bit after playing through a good bit of ARR and just felt kinda.. spent.. but we're very happy you decided to give it another go and found us here on the RPC! Is there even such a thing as RPing for too long? - I just hope you continue to have fun and meet some interesting people that make you want to stick around even more!
  3. Heeeeey, BentiiBell! Welcome BACK to FFXIV and welcome TO the RPC! We’re happy to have you here and hope to hear some more good things as they develop
  4. Welcome to the RPC, Atomictraveler! Sounds like Axah has a lot going on and you have some great ideas in the works! I visit over that way so maybe we’ll bump into each other.
  5. Aw, that's a shame then. It'd be nice to have a friend who could tend to our gear.. or be the one(s) that could do it.
  6. It’s not really that big of a deal for me, personally. I just go to a mender when I’m in a city and top off when I remem..need to. Is it possible for other people to repair your gear? I feel like that could make some good/fun interactions.
  7. Right?! I love it. It's so refreshing. I can't speak for those other games (I don't even know what some are!), but there are good RPs that can be had in WoW, sure.. but I feel like there are a ton more that can even be had here. You have a stronger will than me, lol. I kept breaking away from it to talk/party and build some relationships The side stuff can get you some neat gear, so those are the ones that I went after. I did save the post 70 side stuff (most of it, anyway) for another job.. but I'm not sure what I want to bring up after AST
  8. Welcome to the RPC, GoGoGlasses! It’s great to see FFXIV pull in another great RPer! The community is very, very kind. I’m sure you could find some folks on here to meet up with and get into your RP groove. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, and so do we! Have you bumped into any RP while out and about these past few weeks or have you just been sucked into the story and getting through that?
  9. Welcome back, Cadhrion! I’m sure we’re all familiar with how real life can be at times, but we are all happy to hear you made your way back It sounds like you’ve got a lot of fun stuff going on. I’ve recently made a good friend that is a musician, and have discovered a few frat/sorority type FCs that party like the world is about to end. Maybe we’ll bump into each other!
  10. Maybe some silly advice from me here, but you should 100% play what makes you happy. i made a Lala friend the other day, and he was super fun to RP with. He wasn’t a little cutesy character, and he was really nice. We’re friends now, and if I didn’t have some real life things to attend to, I would’ve gone on a little RP adventure with him and some friends we made for more interactions. The good people are out there. Sometimes you have to wade through a little mud, but you’ll get to where you wanna be with a little persistence. It’ll be 3x as worth it, because you’ll be happier. Those who matter don’t mind what race you are.
  11. It sure does! That way, when people are creepin' on ya, they know that you're not gonna be too bothered by them (;
  12. Welcome to the RPC (and FFXIV)! I'm a WoWfugee too! it's still kinda there, though. if i get bored.. which is rare.. but it's less and less every time I have had some great interactions here. I had some pretty okay interactions with people in WoW, but I've had m u c h more fun here. In my experience, the RP can happen anywhere. It's not limited to major cities. I have had random encounters while out in the world, unlike in WoW where the only thing that I knew for certain is I would get mediocre (no offense to anyone!) RP in Stormwind and/or sometimes Boralus. You'll get some.. interesting.. encounters sometimes, though! If you go to the Quicksand, it could be like a visit to Goldshire with some of the population there. But that's not all that's there. There's no TRP or MRP here, but there is the Search Info bubble that you can click that'd kind of give you an idea about a person. It's definitely limited in terms of space, but you should be given good little elevator pitches! Some even have a carrd written up, which is a one page website dedicated to their character. There are wikis, Tumblrs, and I'm sure a million other things I don't know about thrown together too! I don't do combat RP so I can't speak for sure here, but I've attended a few to support some people in the little big arena one (I can't remember it's name D:) and it was stuff typed in /em with a /roll afterwards. The defender would do a /roll to see if they could block against it and follow that up with an /em and pair them together. I could be super wrong about this, so don't believe me on this! You can get great RP going as soon as you start the game! We are not all the hero(ine) that is in the story. We are all just people doing what we can to get by. Some of us are mercenaries, some are traffickers, some are smithies and so on. I almost feel like a great time to begin to roleplay here would be in the early stages, because we're all such little balls of clay in the beginning. There are people you can meet along the way that can help mold you and figure out more about what you want to do and what you don't want to do. Heck, you may even find someone to partner and do things with! And we can visit other servers that are on the same data center, too.. so you're not just stuck with folks on Mateus. You're stuck with us all that are in the same data center~ That's not to say that you won't find anything later on, though. Things do open up as you progress, like Glamours (transmog). This is my endgame content. And, erm, minions. That I don't ever use. As far as the story goes, I would say take your time with it. If you're like me and I'm sure a lot of other people, and you're just sucked into the game and you want to just keep playing, play! ARR was tough for me to get in to, but I feel like it picks up a whole lot with HW content. Do what makes you happy. You're in a great place here with a wonderful community. There are some great finds here in the RPC as well, where you can get news on events and the people behind them! Hydaelyn is your oyster and there are 998989987989 pearls to be found. The beauty of it all, I think, is that you can pick out which ones you want. So, again, welcome to FFXIV! I know we're happy you're here and a part of the RPC<3
  13. Kirakira


    I don't see why this would be a problem. Your server doesn't set any kind of rules or restrictions on you or say what you can and can't do. I think you should write up some stories and create Wikis for your characters!
  14. Hey everyone! I’m so sorry if I’m not even in the right forum. I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record, but I’ve been doing fortune telling RP for a couple of years now. With some help from a poster I spoke with on here foreverrrr ago, paired with researching the cards astrologians have (and learning their meanings), and topping it all off with using actual tarot cards on my end of the screen, I believe I have something pretty neat! I’d do these readings on Numumu Numu, my little Lala. Then, I had to go back to being a Miqo.. As soon as I somewhat finally started to get out of my comfort zone and warm up to RP and being social, life got in the way and it pulled me away from everything. I’ve been back for a bit, but I’ve only had a few encounters. I’m back to just people watching and reading info because I don’t know where to go or who to interact with and it’s kinda making me sad “So, Kirakira, what’s the point of this thread?” I’m glad you asked, cuz I could just talk about nothing all day! I’m kinda doing an interest check and reaching out to everyone here! New or experienced, I’m looking for some people that may be interested in having their character’s cards read and also maybe helping me get comfortable roleplaying again!
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