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  1. I'm sorry that I can't be of literally any help, because this is a situation I know absolutely nothing about. The only thing that's come to my mind is asking in game and/or checking the FC list on here, but I am sure you've already done both of those and my comment is just a waste of time. So, I hope you find what you're looking for and am once again sorry that I am of no help ._.
  2. Welcome to the RPC~ I believe the community here is fantastic and I hope you continue to enjoy your time here. i still log in to WrA though.
  3. Hey there~ And we are very happy to have you. I hope you've been having fun~ I find myself playing both WoW and this.. though, it hasn't been much of either lately. Just kinda been.. here, if that makes sense. I've kind of been in a special place for a while but this isn't the place .. I always ran Holy though. Disc scared me . I liked Resto Druid, and I'll get around to Resto Shammy.. eventually.. I think ESO is the one game I haven't tried. I've seen some gameplay, though! It looks like something where anybody with any class can do any role, which kind
  4. Hey, Damian! Probably the most least qualified person to respond, here~ I thought I was anxious around people before, but now that I have almost no contact with anyone outside of those I work with, I swear it's gotten 12 times worse. I get the intimidation, even if it is over a completely different reason. My experiences have led me to the belief that the people in FFXIV are very, very fun to be around. There are a lot of great people out there, and they're nothing to be afraid of. With the lore being how it is, you can practically make your character whoever you want them to be
  5. Hey there! Welcome to the RPC! There's a loooooot of freedom when it comes to writing about your character. You can go in just about any direction you want to! For example, I went with being picked up by a theatre troupe and now I do tarot readings I hope you're enjoying your time with FFXIV and hope that you're able to get a ton of enjoyment out of it.
  6. When I think forum RP, I just imagine it like.. this. All text. Clearly I’m wrong and just.. dumb! Two events?! That’s more than I’ve been to all month .. Did you have fun? What are your first impressions compared to forum RP? Even though you’re not 100%, I’m glad to hear you went with the flow! That can lead to some fun times, and I think it makes things just feel kinda natural. The rest will come, I promise! I work off Amazon WorkSpaces from home so if it’s not super busy then I can play, but even then I’m pretty limited as to what I can do.. just in case we do get b
  7. I'm a few days late, but welcome to the RPC and FFXIV, Kenjiro! The lore is pretty open, so we can pretty much go whatever direction we want. It's nice~ And there's nothing wrong with simple! Heck, I don't even have anything really fleshed out for Remi. And I agree with you on how awesome character arches can be! I think we're on the same page lol. I'm 100000% unfamiliar with the lore at all. When I went through ARR, HW and SB.. I was guilty of skipping all of the cutscenes and dialogue. It wasn't until Shadowbringers that I watched and read everything. I'm
  8. Hiii! Hopefully you’ll have such a great experience you’ll be here for a long time! Being excited like that is great - and we’re happy to see you here! I’ve never done forum based RP so I can’t imagine the difference of having visuals there, like.. I don’t know how I’d react if I couldn’t use something as a visual aid. But hopefully you’ll get adjusted in no time! One of the great things about the lore here is it’s pretty open. You don’t need S’yahn completely fleshed out before starting to RP or making any connections, either~ Heck, some of the p
  9. Welcome to the RPC, Littleroot! The Lore gives us a lot of freedom, so don't stress yourself out or try to learn it all overnight! I like your ideas so far and can't wait to learn more~ With the ability to visit other servers that are in the same data center, you can open up your world 093840938209384 fold and that opens up so many more doors to find interactions. It's nice to meet you too~
  10. I believe the lore is kind of all over the place, so don’t feel too pressured in having to come up with something super crazy! We have our share of sellswords, carpenters, magicians, strongmen.. You name it, we probably have at least one! Find what makes you happy and start from there~ I came back to FFXIV a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t really encountered anything out in the world. Then again, I was trying to get through the MSQ and not really out looking for anything.. so it could be out there! i do know for sure that while RP FCs are great, you don’t h
  11. That’s only 2 hours behind me! Maybe I’ll take me a nice little trip over to Mateus! ..actually I may have created a character over there this morning >.>; Maybe I’ll find you and bug ya~
  12. Well, my welcome still stands and we’re still happy you’re here. maybe it’s gonna be a whole new game now-
  13. Hey, Sirenia! Welcome to the RPC~ I never played XI, any Guild Wars, or even Aion lol. Very happy to see you’ve landed in XIV! We all start somewhere You can have whatever name makes you happy. It might even help you out with your story! I’m super indecisive myself so I know the struggle. Whatever story you draw up will be fine, I’m sure. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter Oh my Lord~ You’ve already made a bunch here just by signing up and posting. Don’t feel discouraged. It can
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