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  1. So... my best friend ended up being a jerk to me and I'm alone playing the game now. I'd appreciate if anyone can help me. I am very much interested in joining a friendly new FC at Lich. I love making new friends, despite being a shy person. This game is my escape so if any FCs out there are accepting new recruits do let me know. It's been hard playing the game on my own, as in it's been pretty depressing for me... I main a dragoon. Been playing for over 2 years now and still new to a lot of things of the game. Could use some help from time to time. I need to join an FC that'll make the game f
  2. Hello!! I'd love to be friends. And I am very much interested in roleplaying with you. Your characters look amazing and something tells me I might like your style. Please add me on my Discord if you'd like to give it a try. Omen Tivali#3251
  3. Looking to RP either here or Discord maybe even in game too. I honestly never tried rping in game but would love to give it a try!! I do prefer Discord more however. (I am Omen Tivali#3251 on Discord if anyone's interested). I am most comfortable doing MxM rping. We can plot rps relating to the FFXIV universe or even outside the universe. I don't mind either or. These are some of my main OCs:) 1. Character: Duke "James" Cervantes Race: Hyur (outside of FFXIV he is a vampire) Age: 28 Personality: Flamboyant. Witty. Flirtatious. Fun-loving. Forward. Sexuality: B
  4. Hello. You may refer to me as Felix or Duke. Either is fine with me. I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV for almost a year now and it is my passion. I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I joined this forum in the hopes of making new friends to chat with and game with. 'Specially since my friends kind of leave me to play alone a lot and can get lonely ('Specially with games like Genshin out. This happens.) At times I even find myself needing help to. So, if anyone's interested in playing with me and friending me. I appreciate it. Though I can be pretty shy so please bare wi
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