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  1. I'd imagine it all comes down to the fact if the airship was designed to land on water or not. Too simple? Maaybe. But I'd say there exists crazier things in FFXIV world/s than that. Actually, character idea for airship engineer/designer who wants to develop ship/airship hybrids seems pretty neat! Fun general FF fact: Enterprise in FFIII was ship modified into airship, and it could only land on water. So, this is not in any way unheard idea in FF games, and I think it could fit into world of FFXIV neatly. Off-topic bonus: This thread just makes me think o
  2. Im on mobile so weird grammar incoming. Also Im just nothing exceptional with lore, so just opinions here. Always comprehended that maybe some incest was natural byproduct of such system as the catpeople have in place. Quote from ffwiki: At any time in their lives, a tia can challenge the tribe nunh to battle. If the tia is victorious, he takes the nunh's place as tribe breeding male (until he is challenged and defeated), and the nunh becomes a tia once again (if he survives the ordeal). The same system however seems to me to encourage potentially pret
  3. Hi! I am looking for new writing company for off-game FFXIV RP on Discord. I play the game on PS, and my keyboards keep on self-destructing, so in-game RP never seemed sensible choice for me as additionally when thinking with my feet I just have two left feet. I have roleplayed on Skype and Discord for the last 10 years, loving it, and I would just love to do something interactive and roleplaylike with my FFXIV characters on my current main RP platform in Discord. ...So, plsplspls god, if this is something you are looking for too, let's say hi to each other, omg I am starving...
  4. Maybe that is discussion for another thread, maybe. But I wholly agree that it helps when you know something about the thing you are going to put into your character, e.g. being trans. Like the opening suggested. Would not have immersed myself into mongolian/central asian culture hard for months if I did not believe that. But I do not necessarily think you need to be X in order to write about X well. Stuff like cultural background or gender are not part of your personality, though they can be very close to it, so they should be easier to research, at least the basics. I don't have t
  5. I'm Discord/maybe Forum preferring person as well. It's little frustrating that we who prefer RP this way have apparently little hard time finding each other I have had some FFxiv rp action on Discord with my multi-fandom writing buddy, but she has fallen into quite the horrible writing slump "lately" (over year now...), so that thread is on hold. I have been thinking that maybe agreeing to do sort of "session 0" with any new rp acquaintance would be worth it? Like, before you make vague yet ambitious plans to write 100,000 word epic. See how your narrative styles and posting freque
  6. What about, say, women (just cis women I guess) roleplaying men (cis men)? Men roleplaying women? 21th century person roleplaying 3rd century person?
  7. I would be interested in This too, because of PS4 player and just generally interested in roleplaying on Discord rather than in-game. Nothing against meeting in game and running content, even trying something small and sweet rp-wise in game, for me Discord is just matter of preference in platform and style. I used to see people looking for Discord RP in Chaos RP server, but that was looong ago and when I inquired about current etiquette about this from the selfsame server sometime ago the reply was most polite "nope".
  8. ^ I guess this says it the best. 1) Got killer character idea for whom the any GSRM identity is just the perfect fit? Well just do it, seem lore friendly. 2) I choose to view ERP+fetishs little more leniently. As in, there is worse ways to explore your sexuality than writing roleplay with other consenting adult person, just saying. Perverts will make fetish out of anything. And there is a little pervert inside most of us. 3) If you manage to find fellow roleplayer who unfortunately is mean and hateful towards your GSRM character because of their GSRM status... you probably won't end
  9. It sounds pretty killer advice to "not make plans/too specific plans, because you maybe trap yourself into rebuilding your character from ground up because you cannot sleep anymore because your rp character is not lore accurate". If you are crafty writer, and cannot wait for to start putting together your viera, then knock yourself out BY MAKING PLANS you can easily adjust to the final product because your plans were satisfying but vague in the first place. More general the root idea, more easy it is to adjust. Hingan viera may be simple idea, but... perfectly general it is not. Jus
  10. I'm animetrash who only creates cat and lizard characters. I'll welcome bunnies!! I too know people with premade characters (for potentially sweet event stuff) to maybe fanta them into viera is the race is ever introduced. ...Ok, I have other characters, and maybe I'm not that big of an animetrash after all, but I'd still welcome bunnies. Oh, but the person pointing out that high-heels explanation is BS? 110% right.
  11. V'arekai used to have bit of an alcohol problem... with cheap and potentially super shady homemade stuff you can likely find from those sad refugee slums outside Ul'dah. I mean, it is probably significant stroke of luck that he isn't blind... or dead. Err, but hey, he was pretty depressed... and total fucking idiot at that point of his life. Bad choices... I can only imagine him as this... super awkward and silent and nigh catatonic thing while intoxicated. At least, at the height of his depression. Nowadays he simply avoids drinking too much. Tricking him into drinking too much makes hi
  12. One of my character's is holding onto one MiB white whittret, because I got idea that when he finds some love, that perfect person should have white whittret as pet so my character can get annoyed by it :'D (Let's just call it weirdest kind of engagement ring.)
  13. V'arekai: What do you call erroneous convicted case whose prison just burned to the ground?
  14. V'arekai leeches his SO's family fortune. Oh, but no worries! If he wasn't so questionably lucky, he probably could look for job as blacksmith. And, well, if he would find employer, I'm afraid he would be just stupidly happy about it, because working metal is still his super mega dream job! I guess there isn't task too rudimentary for him. Make him forge nails or something, hundreds of them even and he is wayyy too happy about it.
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