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  1. It sounds pretty killer advice to "not make plans/too specific plans, because you maybe trap yourself into rebuilding your character from ground up because you cannot sleep anymore because your rp character is not lore accurate". If you are crafty writer, and cannot wait for to start putting together your viera, then knock yourself out BY MAKING PLANS you can easily adjust to the final product because your plans were satisfying but vague in the first place. More general the root idea, more easy it is to adjust. Hingan viera may be simple idea, but... perfectly general it is not. Just saying, and my prayer to all the brave roleplayers who have come up with some, small, oscure and GUTSY miqo'te tribes, who traveled to Doma few or more than few generations ago... and now they are bonafide Doman miqo'tes, dammit. (I'm preparing to pray for all the vieras, who left Dalmasca and hoppen on boat and came to Hingashi... anything between yesterday and ten generations ago.) As with Au Ra, I don't think SE is going to add Viera NPCs here and there to retcon them visibly "always having lived in Eorzea or Doma or whatever!". (Though... well, pc can be whatever race and at the beginning of the game ARR you appears from thin air , traveling to the starting city. I don't think it's bad loophole to validate your character living in Eorzea, at least, but as always don't abuse loopholes.) And, in the end, only people who are going to care of your character being lore accurate are the people you are going to rp with. Thinking that way always soothes my mind.
  2. I'm animetrash who only creates cat and lizard characters. I'll welcome bunnies!! I too know people with premade characters (for potentially sweet event stuff) to maybe fanta them into viera is the race is ever introduced. ...Ok, I have other characters, and maybe I'm not that big of an animetrash after all, but I'd still welcome bunnies. Oh, but the person pointing out that high-heels explanation is BS? 110% right.
  3. V'arekai used to have bit of an alcohol problem... with cheap and potentially super shady homemade stuff you can likely find from those sad refugee slums outside Ul'dah. I mean, it is probably significant stroke of luck that he isn't blind... or dead. Err, but hey, he was pretty depressed... and total fucking idiot at that point of his life. Bad choices... I can only imagine him as this... super awkward and silent and nigh catatonic thing while intoxicated. At least, at the height of his depression. Nowadays he simply avoids drinking too much. Tricking him into drinking too much makes him just vomit, I think, as silently and awkwardly as possible.
  4. One of my character's is holding onto one MiB white whittret, because I got idea that when he finds some love, that perfect person should have white whittret as pet so my character can get annoyed by it :'D (Let's just call it weirdest kind of engagement ring.)
  5. V'arekai: What do you call erroneous convicted case whose prison just burned to the ground?
  6. V'arekai leeches his SO's family fortune. Oh, but no worries! If he wasn't so questionably lucky, he probably could look for job as blacksmith. And, well, if he would find employer, I'm afraid he would be just stupidly happy about it, because working metal is still his super mega dream job! I guess there isn't task too rudimentary for him. Make him forge nails or something, hundreds of them even and he is wayyy too happy about it.
  7. V'arekai is likely "childhood home" kind of guy. Streets of Limsa Lominsa and... salty seabreeze and all that jazz. He loves his bae and is way too serious about wanting to be by Candra's side forever... He does not mind the extravagance and luxury and gilded EVERYTHING Candra loves and wants to live surrounded by. ...V'arekai's brain just probably wasn't build to comprehend so much MONEY to begin with! In form of furnitures and teacups and clothes and stuff! If you would make him to take responsibility about the aesthetics and scale of his home? It'd be stupidly ascetic. It's kinda sad, sometimes he has great imagination about things and other times.... just nope. But what can you do. You can take boy out of La Noscea but you can't take La Noscea out of boy.
  8. I find question "is it possible to rp as X" - how should I say it - lazy? Mind you, I'm not here to insult anyone so let me explain. I get that this question comes from underlying worry: "is this even remotely in line with lore?". And no, it probably is not - but we are talking about RP here anyway, not writing a wiki article. These situations are your challenge as writer - knowing some lore helps, it's one of the more important tools you can use to craft your character's backstory, but it's not the only tool. But what I'd like to emphasize is that molding you character, and weaving him or her backstory so that events in it have logical explanation is first and foremost creative challenge. And logical doesn't necessarily equal "probable".
  9. I relise that just slapping funny image in middle of real conversation is bit criminal... But this thread just reminded me one of my favourites: ...For real, my incredibly insightful view on this people hating archbishop business is as follows: I recognise that reasons to hate any given fictional character are as varied as are the haters --- but, if the fictional character in question is not hot, that increases his haterbase significantly.
  10. Just dropping in to say that Kieron's last idea is pretth solid. I could make comparison to NPC and his weapon, which... I think are functioning vaguely similarly. So I will. Magnai is rocking (pun intended) axe that to us players is just Axe of Crags. He... probably never killed Titan, so where he would have gotten it? Well, on meta level it is much simpler to draw conclusion that his axe is not supposed to be seen as proof of some primal slaying job done right, but just cool axe for big, bad, important NPC.
  11. Human brain likes familiarity. It's our hardwiring that makes tropes persist. Everything has been done before. Free yourself by stopping worrying about tropes and cliches and what other people think about. Opinions are still like butts on current year, everyone has one. Since I like stories, I usually focus as much into the framaework of the story I'd like to be my character's story as I focus on the character itself. If that makes sense. Just remember the basics. Write what you know about; what you like about, and you are on right path to creating character that just might stand the test of making it in RP community alive. You can't please everyone, but never forget that you are your no. 1 priority.
  12. Think of the drama. What kind of healing yourself and your rp buddy think the scene needs. That's literally the only factor I'd be concerned about.
  13. Thanks to this my tiny fc of irl friends is stuck in 2 servers. Long story short, 2 people were left behind. First had problems to get transfer working, even when Omega was still open (she tried during silent hours, but for some reason it didnt work). Second stayed willingly to try sell house+fc at old server, so that maybe getting large plot from Shirogane would be possible with that little extra gil (given stars align just right on release day. I know, such hubris....) Hmm, so so much for transferring to play with friends. Heck, I would pay for transfer, and I dont care of XP and other extras... I just want to get to rebuilding my fc. Leviathan was lovely server, but datacenter relocation really boosted my, EU players, lag through the roof...
  14. Op. Do not roleplay with people who have problem with your caracters name. You can bet your tail if they ever get over it, they find another equally pointless thing to complain about. ...I thouht your characters name was Mae As in "Clan name/hometowns name/surname"-no-"given name/first name". I mean, thats how you read those, riiiht? Izumo no Okuni, Abe no Seimei... etc. If everyone is as lazy as me, go read Otoyomegatari to get inspired for Xaela. Also there shall never be situation where Abraham Lincoln is not good name. Like how meta, there is biblical layer beneath historical person layer. Stay cool and good day to yall!
  15. At this point I feel like broken record, for thinking and writing this kind of comments whenever I see people getting shy about their Original and Different character concepts, but this is basically my true feeling and opinion on the matter. And unfortunately I'm not shy, haha. People who walk around pointing fingers at "not accepable" characters and even character traits are cancer, and do more damage than good. I have never met one, though, which makes me think they are bit of an unicorns, but boy does it kill me to see people making cool character concepts and ba scared witless of "lore police". And who cares? That is a real question: "who cares?". Lore police? I am sure they are well capable to find likeminded people to write rp of their liking. Just like... everyone else! -Have to find the perfect rp partner to bring the best out of their character. I'm big fan of lame mantras like "write of what you know" and "realiy is more unbelievable than fantasy". First is old and good and tested, and second proves to be true all the time. I'll be beefing up my first post because it was just so short and vague bit. Let's start by echoing how I like how these pieces you have chosen to create you character concept with work nicely and logically to me. This will be even more hardcore stream of thought kind of thing than before so sorry not sorry :'D For the fact that this tribe of ananta has chosen to interact with ala mhigans on level that they are fighting Evil Empire side by side, I find Shailja's backstory believable. Are her circumstances extraordinary? - Yes. Does extraordinary equal impossible? - Never. Probably not every ala mhigan has ananta friends (acquaintances, sure, but I think friend is keyword here), but Shailija's parents had. I can only image their death being devastating turn of events for Shailja's foster mother ananta too, and it is only realistic that it must have been hard decision for her to take Shailja in, and not only because she was not prepared for it. So whether there was objections against ananta taking care of Shailja, I'd think in the end her and Shailja's parents' friendship was respectable enough relationship for everyone to accept it. Darker variation of those events would be that no one but the ananta friend really cared. (Wars irl are harsh enough for childred, and thousands are orphaned, killed and going missing as I write this.)(I kept wondering how this situation would have played out if Shailja was boy. Hydaelyn is premodern world, and little sexism is common in premodern fantasy worlds. Ananta are feminine race, and though I don't really know if they are sexist at all, I'd guess Shailja being little girl made her foster mother's decision to take her in... bit easier?) Adopting the culture part of which Shailja was living about every day is just obvious. Her years growing up must have been interesting, even if she has understood early on that she is not like everyone else, and her teenage years would have had minimum angst and rebellious spirit (pun 100% intended!). On sidenote I love this link between gemcraft/goldsmithing, anantas' proficiency in magic and Shailja's RDM combat style. Seems and feels natural for the minimum hoops you have to hop through to justify the in-game job's influence in your character. And finally, for the fact that Vira just let Shailja make her own decision and leave tribe to "find herself", I get this rosy feeling of her tender years among ananta, as part of their tribe. I mean, real life is ups and downs, same must have been for Shailja as well, but her foster mom and tribe have managed to raise this lovely young woman who has feet on ground and head up clouds, good sense self-respect, and respect towards different people and things in life. In sense, I get the feeling of mutual trust: Shailja knows this was the home that shaped her, and the vira know Shailja is strong and good person who is ready to take on the world. Ok, so, these are the thoughts I had about your character concept. Only thing I have left to say is do not be afraid to write small, silly scenes with this character. There is potential for endearing misunderstanding to happen, in form of vira culture vs. common eaorzean culture. I can only imagine Shailja solving situations like that like true lady. (Sorry for about 10,000 typos and such, I did mistake and decided to reply on my ancient tablet...)
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