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  1. Returning after a long hiatus. Are many of the FCs posted here active? Im wanting a fairly medium/heavy RP FC.
  2. I feel like a lot of the airships I see are very boat-shaped... Are any of them able to float and/or be used as boats? Seems like it'd be a thing, especially if the routes taken are over water. Run out of fuel during the trip? No prob. Land on the water and either start rowing or pull out sails/flaps.
  3. I ended up caving in and downloading yesterday. Ran into a pidgeot down the street today. Wasted all 30-something balls to catch the jerk, but he didn't wanna get caught (and still getting used to the flicking). Caught a Kingler later on, made me feel better.
  4. I haven't played the game yet (waiting for issues, fixes to be resolved), but there's apparently some secret to evolving eevees.
  5. I was wondering if or how much songs could affect the denizens of Eorzea/the world, beyond rousing and inspiring the masses (or the opposite). If someone sang a lulaby, could they put listeners to sleep? Could songs boost a mages spells? (Healing or damaging) Can magic spells be cast by songs instead of typical incantations/rituals/etc?
  6. When in doubt, blame the calamity. Or Moenbryda for going down... I mean! It's all the calamity's fault!
  7. I stand corrected.Thanks, lidian and sickety.
  8. Typically, "bound" items cannot be traded, sold on the marketboard, and probably not deposited into fc vault. I don't want any housing items, now or ever by the way housing works (I fully expect to not ever afford or even see an empty lot).
  9. I'm not on during peak US hours and my playtime is mostly early EU evening. If you're ever in during my usual hours, I'd love to RP with you. I really want to get a little something done with my young xaela lady, but no biggie if you'd prefer rping with a character that's already pretty much developed.
  10. I named my alt (Au'ra lady) Hikaru Mizuki. It's Japanese for "Shining" and "Beautiful Moon", so said the baby names and meanings website.
  11. The event itself will likely be on a weekend, and I have no problems being EU friendly, so I will try to get in touch with you! Attempts to accommodate all players is appreciated. If the event goes on when I'm off, no hard feelings.
  12. I'm interested, but my hours don't usually allow evening, US time.I'm usually on early evening EU, or mid to late morning US. What time during the day are you thinking when you get to setting the day/time?
  13. When you feel comfy starting up your first RP experience, keep a few things in mind. Don't God-mode. If you can't pull a sword out of your rectum, throw off whomever is holding you in a wrestle hold and swing said sword in RL, your character shouldn't be able to. (Of course, in a fantasy world, some things can be stretched.) Don't emote what others will do/react. This is considered rude. Emote what your and only your character is doing/behaving. I don't know if it annoys others, but I find several one-sentence posts annoying to the point of just logging out and back in on an alt. If a on
  14. Hello! I'm interested in getting my main involved in Ashen Academy. Hunfrid is a conjurer in training and knows a good bit about tinkering (doesn't really fall into gsm because he doesn't make jewelry, he makes small animatronic stuffed toys like the windup or stuffed in-game pets). Although, I have weaver at only 16.
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