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  1. Oh, welcome! My main character, Amasandji, is on Shiva and he's a Dotharl too (although he has abandoned the tribe)! Even though I don't get to RP often with him, partly because I don't speak german, leading me to creating a RP alt on Omega, I've come up anyway with a story and everything for him. You could try sending me a tell, usually I'm around from 5 pm to 11 pm server time, barring emergencies and dinner time.
  2. First of all, thank you for taking your time to write your opinion. I had almost thought my topic would just go ignored, meaning I'd have to risk trying out a potentially bad concept for a character. My fear is that people might consider this character a special snowflake because being raised by a beast tribe isn't something exactly common... we have seen some examples of this before, like that Miqo'te whose name evades me with the Brotherhood of Ash. In the past few days, I've come up with a name that might fit this character: Shailja, an Hindu name meaning "daughter of the mountain". It is
  3. So, after a long hiatus from RPing for various reasons, I wanted to come back to roleplaying in FFXIV. Sadly, it was the same week Balmung ended up being locked because of its very high population, so whatever, I decided to suck it up and see if with Stormblood Europe was finally going to get its own unofficial RP server, which apparently now is Omega. Neat. Meanwhile, I've been enjoying the new expansion on my non-RP main, and as I went through the stories and the various zones I realized I really like the Ananta beast tribe (partly because I've always liked lamia-like creatures), and even
  4. I wanted Pokèmon Moon, but I greatly prefer the Sun legendary (rumor has it its name is Solgaleo), so... Pokèmon Sun it is. Those graphics... Now that's a 3D Pokèmon game. Also Hawaii-like region is nice. Character customization is finally back! \o/ I think I'm in the minority that hates Litten (fire edgy cat) and loves Popplio (funny sea lion). But I want Rowlet (swag grass owl) the most. Also, if you haven't done that already, I recommend seeing the japanese trailer. I almost cried.
  5. So... Sun and Moon are actually a thing now. Not even a trailer, though. But hey, now we can transfer Gen I Pokèmon to Gen VII.
  6. In my opinion he'll not die. I think he'll be hit by Murphy's Law (AKA everything that could go wrong will go wrong; I mean, that has happened like 5 times already so far.) multiple times until he has a breakdown, then he'll recover and do something awesome. Then, MAYBE he'll die, likely in an heroic sacrifice.
  7. Yeah... I was kinda joking there. Even though I was legitimately scared when I realized she drugged us.
  8. So, I was right about a lot of things. 1) Minfilia would come back as a Hydaelyn's reincarnation or something like that. = check. 2) Emmanellain would screw up. Badly. = check. 3) Estinien would be back, corrupted by Nidhogg. = everyone expected that, but... check. 4) The war wouldn't end that simply, because otherwise they'd have nothing for future patches before 4.0. = check. Also, that maid was just pure evil.
  9. Psh, by the time I get a healer to 60 it'll probably be fixed, I guess. What are the rewards for doing the Mentor roulette, by the way? Do you get tomestones?
  10. Oh, well, I was leveling PLD just so I could stop caring about DPS anyway, so eh.
  11. So, PLD has the highest potency attack in the game now. Goring Blade's total potency is a whopping 640 now. It doesn't really account for buffs, but... that's still impressive. It's even more than Chaos Thrust, and it's used more often.
  12. I only have PLD at 52, but is the barrier triggered by this ability directly related to the amount of healing received? If not then I can see slotting in Cure as an extra to this and enmity generation but... yeah, lol CNJ crossclass. Clemency (that even has a shorter casting time now) says hi. EDIT: And Divine Veil is a percentage of Max HP so it's a really good change.
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