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  1. Welcome welcome! If you ever see a Branson Thorne out in the world, give me a poke!
  2. Hey there, and welcome! At the top of the menu there you should see the tabs for Free Companies and one for Linkshells, I'd give a good look over in there for Au Ra related things!
  3. You can begin RPing as early as leaving the character creation screen and progressing the MSQ out of the instanced starting quest. I have no idea why someone would claim that apart from them being an obvious troll. Although I would recommend grabbing a few level and focus on completing the MSQ to the point of being able to dye/glamour your gear, and gaining access to the other city-states. (Level15) Not to mention that people will take you a bit more serious of you are on a character with a few hours of gameplay under it's belt. ((There's a stigma surrounding "Sprouts" in the
  4. Usually the MSQ and FFXIV RP characters are kept separate. While it's certainly acceptable to say for instance you fought in the Dragonsong War or helped take back Ala Mhigo or the like, anything involving the actual WoL or a few select 'WoL Only" jobs (WHM for example) is best left alone if you want to be accepted by the majority of RPers on Balmung/Mateus. For example, you'll find a lot of PLDs who just happen to be sword & board users, or a DRG who is just a person with a lance. It's not saying you can't RP these jobs, its just that most RPers it seems RP around the weapon a
  5. ...wut? I don't know who told you that but I'd argue that FFXIV is the most welcoming of LGBTQ+ community than any other MMO I've been in. In fact, I'm betting you can't hardly find an RP guild that doesn't advertise itself as being LGBTQ+ friendly. Unless you are talking Pve/PvP/Raiding FCs, in which case can be pretty toxic for any number of reasons that related to gender, orientation or pronouns.
  6. She's absolutely gorgeous!
  7. I have played FFXIV since release almost and I'm just now learning this!
  8. I hope you didn't take this as a "NO YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT DO THIS!" because ultimately you are 100% in your right to do whatever you wish. None of us pay your sub so we really have no say in what you can or can't do. I say if you can find a group that accepts it, than go for it and everyone else be damned! I just wanted to give you a heads-up that quite a few people wouldn't be to accepting of it.
  9. While I certainly mean no offense to you, I feel as if you haven't properly portrayed how the RP community as a whole feels about these sort of concepts. I get a sort of "Meh you'll be fine, some might not like it though...." vibe from your post and speaking from roughly 5yrs experience in this RP community I'd insist it's so much more than that... While yes, it's not unheard of, you'll certainly find a majority of RPers within FFXIV being entirely against this concept. A large number of them can barely tolerate the entire Shadowbringers expansion zones as being impossible to get t
  10. EDIT: Didn't realize this post was several days dead. My bad...
  11. I have a VIera skypirate her left her village long ago and now has all sorts of crazy tales to tell to just about anyone who will listen! What are your "interesting" hours? I tend to log in around 9/10pm and play to roughly 2am or so, EST of course. Would that time suit you any?
  12. Definitely a minor chore for me. As far as the realism argument goes, I can come up with about 15 reasons off the top of my head on why it's not realistic.
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