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  1. So, new to FFXIV RP, but not to RP as a whole. I've recently started trying to get into roleplay a bit on Primal while I wait for my next paycheck to level/story skip an alt on Balmung, with a character I'm pretty confident in but haven't had time to properly flesh out or get a feel for. That aside, recently I was hopping between RP spots advertised in party finder, and while I was in one, someone's RP hook got taken way out of hand. It was pretty simple, x stole y from z, yadda yadda. Only thing is, it blew up completely, to the point where the people hosting the tavern actually all got up and left the estate, all because of one person refusing to let something go. When it was over, the one person sent me a tell for whatever reason, commenting on my character attitude (not an affront to me, I don't think) but they accused the hosts of metagaming, which I personally didn't see, but it might've gotten lost. Twenty minutes later, a new listing has popped up on the board, I go check it, and it's the same group that left in a completely different house, same characters, just a different bar/tavern. This immediately turned me off from the area as I didn't want what'd just happened to happen again. My only question is, do these sorts of things happen often? Like, completely abandoning a setting because someone's stonewalling in an argument? I really want to get into the RP community in this game, but if these things happen often I might not. Sorry if this breaks any of the guidelines, first time posting on here. I tried to keep it as vague as possible, and I'm genuinely curious/worried about this. Does anyone have an answer?
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