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  1. I've known Nadia for a number of years now and will absolutely vouch for her experience and gloriousness as both writer and roleplayer. Find her, meet her, RP with her... you won't be disappointed!
  2. Coming to you this upcoming Sunday night! 1am to 3am Eastern Midnight to 2am Central 10pm to Midnight Pacific This is Sunday night into Monday morning (I've gotten a lot of people asking if I meant Saturday night...) I hope to see some night owls come hang out!
  3. Coming at you next Sunday, night owls! Interested in posting a mission for our adventurers to seek out? You can submit them over at our website: http://tinyurl.com/starsrest – right on the main page! They’ll be added to our Mission Board on a first-come, first-served basis!
  4. Syranelle gnawed on her lower lip, sliding the book aside. "What am I looking for in a contact? Well, first and foremost, I am currently doing research on all the various races and city-states of Eorzea, both present and past. I'm especially interested in the ruins in the Black Shroud and their ties to Gelmorra. Oh, what's that? Why...? Well, I'll only divulge my reasoning to the right contacts. We must all have our secrets, you know." The Elezen maid smiles faintly, emerald eyes hooded briefly by a fringe of dark lashes as she lowers her gaze. "Growing up in the wilds of Gridania, I didn't have much opportunity to explore the world-at-large; I stayed close to home, especially after the Calamity. In recent years, though, that has much changed and I've seen much of the world, though there are still pockets of mystery that remain. I thrive on exploration and discovery. Ever a researcher, I'm no soldier, no warrior. I've some moderate skill with healing, thanks to my work with some Free Companies in Eorzea. Occasionally, I might be in need of some guards or security, but mostly I'm just looking to find a friendly face or two." Notable Affiliations These can be used as points of contact. ♦ Syranelle is seen often at Mealvaan's Gate in Limsa Lominsa, coming and going as she borrows various books. ♦ Having done extensive healing-work in and around Gridania, characters with the Twin Adders may have encountered her at some point. ♦ She has been studying plants with the Botanist's Guild in Gridania, using the knowledge found there to augment her healing ability. ♦ She comes and goes from Ishgard quite a bit, having volunteered a lot of her time to helping to feed the less fortunate in Brume and assist with healing during the Battle for Ishgard. ♦ Her Free Company maintains an estate in Shirogane at present, where it's well-known that she maintains an infirmary. Injured or wounded characters are welcome to seek her out. What I'm Looking For... Mostly just friendly folks to Roleplay with. I'm not particular as to character race or background, though their interactions with Syranelle and how she reacts to them will ultimately determine their fate. I'm wholly an "organic" roleplayer; I've never liked the idea of scripted relationships or allegiances, rather letting them grow as they will based on what happens in roleplay. Long-term, short-term, I'm perfectly content with whatever time a person has to donate. I'm more than happy to play a bit part in plots and personal stories. However, don't expect me to play a villain, that's not in Syranelle's personality. (Nor am I fond of playing the villain, because I'm bad at it. ) What I'm NOT Looking For... ♦ Drama Llamas. I'm not looking for drama or people who can't keep Characters separate from Players. What happens in roleplay is just roleplay; it has no regard or reflection on you or me as people behind the keyboard. Please, keep that in mind. ♦ Exclusivity. I don't expect to be anyone's sole source of RP and enjoyment, nor do I expect them to be mine. I enjoy having a robust friends list and being a social butterfly. ♦ Any kind of romance. Syranelle, as a character, is already very deeply committed to another character in the game and I'm not looking to play love-triangles or relationship drama. ♦ Passive Roleplayers. If you're the kind of person that always has to be approached, has to be given stories to write, or has to be prompted constantly to RP, then I'm not the roleplayer for you. I enjoy active, engaging characters and players who have as much interest in creating the story as I do. These are all deal-breakers. I don't have the time or energy these days to cope with people that can't respect these boundaries. I am OKAY with... ♦ In-character Conflict. Again, see the IC=/=OOC caveat. Just because my character doesn't like or get along with yours doesn't mean I dislike you on a personal level. ♦ In-character Dungeons/Questing. I thoroughly enjoy mixing PVE and RP! I like using all of the world instead of just the city or specific taverns . I'm NOT OKAY with... ♦ Roll-based Combat. I find it boring. I'm sorry! That's just how I feel. If I want to play roll-based combat, that's what my D&D nights are for. ♦ Excessive gore, violence, sexuality, or horror. I may be older in age, but these "mature" themes aren't something I enjoy roleplaying with any regularity. If you have questions or would like to add me to your Friends List, please don't hesitate to contact me -- or leave your in-game contact below and I'll contact you! About Me ♦ I’ve been roleplaying for almost 30 years now. I love discussing roleplay ideas and implementing them. I’m not worried about “spoilers” or ruining immersion by discussing and planning storylines OOC. Planning ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute ideas that are fun for *them* so everyone has a good experience. ♦ I tend to be patient with people of all roleplay styles and experiences. Just be courteous if you need to AFK mid-RP for an extended period or reschedule the scene. ♦ I am a 40+ year old woman with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. This means I may need to cancel plans last-minute depending on my pain levels/fatigue or I may need to leave mid-scene. This is NOT an indicator of interest – or lack thereof – I have a disease that needs careful tending and I have to listen to the needs of my body before anything else. From Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, I'm usually online from 8pm (Eastern) until whenever I decide to log out for the night. I don't have a day job anymore, so I keep pretty strange hours. The latter half of the week, I tend to do Real Lifey things (D&D and Hubby Date Night, woo!) so I can be pretty hit-or-miss since things come up spontaneously. Availability & Contact Information Timezone: GMT/UTC -5 or Central (US) Time. I’m mostly available from 8pm to 8am, Sunday through Tuesday. Beyond that, my schedule gets pretty unpredictable and difficult to manage.By preference, I enjoy in-game RP, but if scheduling is an issue I don't mind using other methods of play like Discord or even Googledocs, whatever works best! Discord: theirontribe#1384 Tumblr: https://roleplay-aficionado.tumblr.com/ Pillowfort: https://www.pillowfort.social/roleplay-aficionado
  5. The Stars’ Rest Opening January 19, 2020 Adventuring Tavern & Inn Alternating Sunday Nights http://tinyurl.com/starsrest 1am to 3am Eastern Shirogane, W7 P15 Balmung :: Crystal Weary night owls, have you been looking for a place to roost? Opening Sunday, January 19th, 2020 the Stars’ Rest Adventuring Tavern will be a safe haven to rest your head and find some new companions-in-arms! Open late nights on alternating Sundays from 1am to 3am Eastern there’s a place for you here! Our amenities include a small stage for the wandering bard or dancer, a menu of light travelling fare intended not to weigh you down after your travels, and plenty of drink to wash the dust of the road from your throat. Plenty of small places to hang out or have meetings, we’re always happy to accommodate! You’re welcome to stay a night, a week, or longer as your needs require. Our Mission Board is currently in the process of being updated, so be sure to inquire with the proprietress, Syranelle Ironleaf, for more information! There may be some lucrative contracts being offered for the right adventurer to pursue! Interested in posting a mission for our adventurers to seek out? You can submit them over at our website: http://tinyurl.com/starsrest – right on the main page! They’ll be added to our Mission Board on a first-come, first-served basis!
  6. [align=center]The Shirogane Ward 7 Neighborhood Association[/align] [align=center]Presents[/align] [align=center]Our Neighborhood New Years Celebration![/align] [align=center](Hosted by The Chroniclers)[/align] [align=center][/align]
  7. My only beef with the lockdown is that I finally got my husband playing FFXIV and I was totally willing to pay to transfer him here so he could play and RP with me and my friends. We've rolled a pair of characters to level together on Mateus in the meantime, but I'm still hoping that at least paid transfers open up eventually so we can go where my friends, my main, our FC, and all the things I've spent years building are. XP
  8. If you and your organizers have the wherewithal to offer a consolation prize, then do. If not, then a "winner take all" tournament seems like it should be just fine. Anyone who says differently could just not participate. I encourage a consolation prize, however, simply because your first and second place winners are likely the people that put the most into the event (beyond the organizers) and provide the most entertainment, so both are deserving of reward. It also serves as incentive for other competitors to stay in it for the long haul and/or return for the next one. That's just my two gil pennies.
  9. [align=center]Open tonight![/align] [align=center] [/align]
  10. [align=center]Open for business tonight![/align] [align=center] [/align]
  11. [align=center]Available tonight for as long as maintenance allows![/align] [align=center][/align]
  12. [align=center]We'll be hanging out here tomorrow night...![/align] [align=center]So should you![/align] [align=center] [/align]
  13. I usually ask the person being healed what they want. Some people want a fast, omgmiracle! recovery, others prefer to have some recovery time. It's really up to THEM what they want since they're going to be the one roleplaying it out after the healing is done. I'm sure Sounsyy has a lore compilation for something a bit more lore-driven somewhere and will be along shortly, though, if you prefer something more lore-supported.
  14. [align=center][/align] Need a little healing? But don’t want to go to a public clinic or prefer to be treated in your own home? We’ll travel to wherever you need! Our knowledgable healing staff uses both aetherical healing and traditional medicinal alchemy, whatever your preference! Every Tuesday Night (Starting Oct 31) from 8pm to Midnight (Eastern) if you need us, just send a tell or a Moogle Mail and we’ll get to you as quickly as we can! Our services are on a first-come, first-served basis so please keep that in mind!
  15. Shirogane Ward 7 Plot 15: The Chroniclers' Journey is part headquarters for the relic-hunting and spelunking band of mercenaries, but also the future home The Laughing Morbol comedy club -- opening soon! [b]Plot 15: [i]The Chroniclers' Journey[/i][/b] is part headquarters for the relic-hunting and spelunking band of mercenaries, but also the future home [i]The Laughing Morbol[/i] comedy club -- opening soon!
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