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  1. @Thunderbolt300, thank you!! I'll make sure to stop by those discord groups and ask! I'm currently in the Aether data center, and from what I've seen there's a fair amount of people who RP here. However for my alt character I'll definitely check out Crystal. I've heard stories of people getting kicked from FC's in Zalera for being gay, and been told in previous RP groups that enby/trans characters were off limits because "it wasn't supported by canon." I suppose I've been a bit hesitant to jump into the RP community here because of that, so really do appreciate your vote of confidence!
  2. MMORPG Background: None! My former boss got me into FFXIV when we got to talking about the games we were currently playing, and I mentioned I had always wanted to try an mmorpg, but never knew where to start. RP Experience: I've roleplayed both OCs & canon characters on forums & blogs in the past, but lately most of the roleplay I've been doing is in a d&d group over discord. Character Ideas/Info: My current character is a nonbinary Roegadyn; Sygg Guolmanneyn. Since Seawolf naming conventions are so gendered, I figured that by removing the second part of their first name (since girls can only have a set few suffixes), and replacing syn/wyn with eyn (meaning "one," and unlike child (klin), looks similar to syn & wyn), I could make a canon-sounding genderqueer name! I'm hoping to make another nonbinary character soon, but this time using the "male" body model bc I'm tired of being called "she" in cutscenes. How I learned about the coalition: a tumblr user had this website listed as an ffxiv rp resource What kind of a role-player I aim to be: I wanna get INTO it. Why bother leveling every class up to 80 and riding through town on a goobue going 30 malms per bell, when I can sit on this rock and fish with my friends while reminiscing about "the good old days" when things weren't trying to kill us every 30 seconds? (Also wanna try out MRP & maybe ERP... it seems interesting!) Anything IRL I feel comfortable sharing: My name's Vic, and I'm a 20 y/o nonbinary Canadian. Now that y'all know a bit about me... I have a question. I use they/them pronouns, and since I can't use them IRL I figured I might as well live out the fantasy of having my pronouns respected here! Are there any servers with rp communities that are cool with nonbinary people & using they/them pronouns?
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