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  1. Thank you again for the reply. Jah I've found Ul'dah on the map, thanks so much! I believe me and my friend are gonna focus on leveling and refining our character ideas and whatnot until we naturally come across that location and we'll see what's what then. Another thank you for your information on FC's and Linkshells, it's much appreciated. Diolch yn fawr.
  2. Thank you for the reply, and for reminding me of the calendar. I've used Enjin for years for RP stuff, but I always forget about the calendar. ^^; I'll be sure to check it out though. Pearl Lane in Ul'dah? I have no idea where that is but I'm sure I'll run across it going through the story. I'll be sure to keep an eye out! RP FC? FC's are this games version of guilds right? I'll be sure to check those out too, though I haven't completely figured out how linkshells work in the game. They are like a public chatrooms anyone can enter, I think? I don't use
  3. Hello! Myself and a friend of mine are new to the game and are interested in both playing and RPing. We're still newbs with only a few levels under our belts, but we're having fun so far. Now that we played a bit and have a few levels under our belt we're looking to check out the RP scene, but not sure exactly on how to go about it. Any help in that regard would be appreciated, or just help in general, or even just conversation. You can never have enough friends right? Anyway I don't wanna make this too long and give y'all a wall of text to read through, so I'll end it by sayi
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